During a rotine visit from her parents Snap Shutter and Mane Allgood, Scootaloo ends up discovering from her parents that she's not the only one in the family that has a cutie mark specializing in cutie marks, as she discovers her family's ancestry studied them and helped bring them out. But this came at a time where a rogue Pure Hippogriff named Claw-Mark and a collection of Impure Hippogriffs in a mercenary miliita that still practice Cutie Mark Communisum, are aiming to track down the shorce of where all Cutie-Marks come from, to track down the famed The Cutie Marker. Claw-Mark had captured Scorpan for the fact he pocesses knowledge of where the Cutie Marker is, and Scootaloo's parents were also contained. At first the Crusaders were confused as the only Cutie Marker they knew was Cutbeak, but even that just turned out to be a ploy of Lord Blankslate. With the Mane 7 and even the Lougers having the misfortune of being caught up fighting a giant Tar-based Taranchula, the Students of friendship offered to help since school is closed due to monster attacks and basicly "Have nothing else to look forword to", thus the students ventured forth with the crusaders for a quest to the fabled Cutie Island, the home of the True Cutie Marker, but would the students and crusaders prepare for a surprise of cosmic proportions when the Cutie Marker turns out to be an Infinitary that makes Cutie Marks via what is known in anichent Equestrian Lore as The Cute Stamp, a Cutie-Mark making object that can be granted to any that found their life purpose, espeically when Claw-Mark wants it for the misguided aims to make it that ponies can be able to choose their own desteny, viewing flaws into the way Cutie Marks work, all the while, one of Claw-Mark's Impure Hippogriff henchmen, Captain Betrayo, may have ulterior motives to use the stamp to revive Cutie Mark Communisum on a mass scale?

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