with Or-Gan captured, because he's a machince, he has only been sentence to be repaired back into his former programing as a simple bot. Or-Gan, because of his sentience, can't have that! he escapes again, but now runs alone in space! he has an unknown, uncertain future. how long can he run? where is he to go? he has no one now. it all started with a robot with a dream and a good number of allies, but everything crumbled so badly.... Or-Gan is without a home. suddenly, on a trip to the intergalactic super market, his own biologicly created daughter, Shell Louge Omega, has the heart to keep her father a secret in her room in the equestian reforming monistairy, finally giving him a home, and thus, a crumbled family is only pitifuly stitched togather in unition. Or-Gan learned that the others, even False-Sayer against her free will, have now fall under the serveitude to Professer Gloom to Or-Gan's surprise. but Or-Gan calulated he doesn't care. all he disires now, is to be togather with his daughter again, figuring that his inner-cirle was on the verge of falling apart.... but, what will fate hold for Or-Gan? And will a certain purple dragon's kind words of wisdom and a Princess of Heart's caring compasion help Or-Gan put his former evil past behind him and begin a sea of change, a tearful reunion with Shell Louge Omega and start a future of good now that his now treacherous follower, Professor Gloom has taken everything he once had away from him? also, how will the lougers be able to reason with the still always by the book laws of the Galactic federation, who still think Or-gan is a ticking time bomb of a villainious threat waiting to burst?

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