Burger-Beard is back after SpongeBob and his friends humiliated him in their new movie. This time, he's going after the Shell Lodgers. He intends to do this by trying to recreate his magical book all from the single page that Plankton had been keeping in his lab for safe-keeping back in the Villain League HQ. He ended up recreating the book by complete accident and is barely able to avoid the Villain Leaguers by writing himself away. With the book back in his possession, he intends to rewrite the story of the Lodgers. But the seagull SpongeBob fans that despised him before end up warning the Lodgers. But they arrive too late and see that the Lodgers are turning against each other. Events start to take place that result in our heroes on the verge of ending, and when the seagulls finally warn them just when Burger-Beard was about to write 'The End', the Lodgers decide to make him pay for nearly destroying them. Even Plankton, with permission from Cobra and Mirage for knowing what that book was capable of, is going to be a temporary ally to this. How will this play out?


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