Xe-Geter. A lava moon belonging to Xerus as it has large lava wastelands, mountains, volcanoes, and canyons, tectonic wastes, Teadr 1 ruins and monuments, native and introduced fauna and flora, active storms, geothermal, lava, and toxic valleys, rock and lava formations, and tons of Teadr 2 ruins. This world shares a similar history to Seegen, only it suffered a worse apocalypse that turned it into a terrible wasteland, much of the life adapted, yet none of the uridium the Uridians left survived and became a part of the moon itself, making it brew with energy, an energy of which is harnessed by space pirates and later the inhabitants of the system. The Xerus sorrowers tried to claim this moon, but were outspend and overwealmed by a Grutt named Grundel the Slugass. The now since defunted Xerus group wanted the moon more then the left behind Teadr 1 tec and the Urdian engery, of which the Xerus group neglected to care about, as their true reason of wanting to seek out the moon is because it's where the silverifived king of the Xerus family was placed in after the war against the USRA was lost. The silver statue has since been kept as a personal trophy by the victory drunken Grundel who is also enjoying the moon's reshorces of which was the reason why he wanted the moon, but when his Pharcum and Gruid thugs found the statue by dumb luck, Grundel understood well enough why the Xerus group was futily persistent in wanting the moon even dispite not giving a fuck about it's reshorces. However, Grundel's smugness is finally gonna end up being a downfall, when a romeo and juliet eqsed couple, a xerus member named Baterium Xerus, a rebelious smartass who never supported his family's Xenophobic habit and one of the few unsteilised males, and Salmenilla Tibella, the daughter of the long gone lord Tyberious who hated what her family was doing and only feels half-remorse of their ineditable downfall and uncursed Tibella family member, as the star-crossed lovers aimed to redeem both their shamed family names by creating a new Xerus/Tibella allience, but not to be xenophobes, but to encourage openess and kindness to all other communities. However, they were mistakenly encouraged by the returning Har D Har Xerus and Dumas Tibella into doing this by breaking into Grundel's fortress and getting the silver statue and freeing King Xerus in what they thought was to reform him, but only for Har D Har and Dumas to double-cross the lover duo and left them to be captured by the angered and vengeful Grundel and his thugs. Fortunately, the HA and the Lougers intervined and kept Grundel from doing his worse in return for the return of his trophy: The freed King Xerus. And they may as well too, because the return of King Xerus will risk the founding of an even worse xenophobe group, this time with the unity of both Xerus and any un-cursed Tibella family member under a king with no respect to the USRA races. Can our heroes, even the somewhat unsure and sceptical Libby, help Bater and Salmen redeem their msitake and put the Xerus King back in his silver prison and put Dumas and Har D Har in their place once more?

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