The Revenge of Grouse is the 50th Episode of Season 3B of the SpongeBob and Friends Adventures Chronicles series. For a long while now, Grouse was thought to be dead by Boar Trolls, which allowed his greed focused brother Boss Grogan to lead the Griffin Mafia away from wanting to follow the path of making the Underlink family the rulers of the Griffin Kingdom and just focus on becoming a profitable underground empire, like how Grogan realisticly thinks is all a mafia should ever care about, and independently it did well away from the grip of the Mafia Allience in thanks to Grouse making it look bad in front of the Mafia Allience leaders suddenly changing their minds about the Wonderbolt Secrets as if they never wanted them.... Which turned out, they never did wanted the secrets, nor do they even care about the Wonderbolts' existence, espeically compaired to the Mane 6, the Wonderbolts are "Ineffective Heroes" at best, and "Over-rated Fools" at worse. Natorlly, the true loyalists to Grouse's fallen reign, The Razor Feathers and OrchidTrillium, and Bart von Stellar, can't help but to feel it's too inconsisent for the Mafia Allience to suddenly dump their allies even for a misunderstanding, even if one of them is infamous for being punishing like that for wasting his time. Eventally, they captured two Changling Mercenaires and threaten their lifes to admit that they framed the main Mafia Allience leaders into tricking Grouse to even make that mistake of going after the Wonderbolt's secrets for basicly nothing. After one more threat, they discovered that it was all because Grogan hired them through the irresistable bribe of a pony's love. Angered that their real leader died because of a scam, they confront Grogan and exposed what what he did to his brother! Just as Grogan was about to fall victim of a violent Mafia Revolt, suddenly, a Cyborged Bodied scratched up head Grouse appeared with the Mafia Allience Enforcers bursted from the roof of the Griffin Mafia lair. Grouse, though briefly enjoying the fact that the members of the Griffin Mafia turned against Grogan, has came to punished Grogan himself for what Grogan did to him. Tricking him to going after the secrets of a hero group that the Mafia Allience didn't really cared about and making him look like a reckless idiot was one thing, but not caring that it almost lead to his death by a pissed off Wonderbolt was another, though it was argued that it was Grouse's own fault on that, not nessersarly Grogan's. But Grouse is still beyond mad that Grogan did this just to forsake Grouse's dreams for power over a contrey. Because of Grogan's trick, Grouse is in no condition to ever become king now, in light of being abominable to the eyes of griffins that he's a cyborg, though Grogan also impudently brought out that the fact he's a crime boss also ruins that chance, to Grouse's obvious anger and dispain! Grouse aims to slaughter and destroy Grogan for his crimes, to the sudden protest of even his loyalists' protests, insisting that the Underlink name is dishonored enough as it is! Grouse angerly stated he no longer gives two fucks about that anymore, already viewing himself as a disgrace cause of his predicerment then angerly flat out proclaims that all of the Griffin Mafia shall perish!? As Grouse flat out destroys the Griffin Mafia and brings death to all members but the escaped Loyalists, Grouse ended up being the destsruction of his own criminal empire.... And gave no fucks about it. He considers it a figment of his past that he'll move on from. He doesn't even want to be king of his people anymore. Now, he just want to flat out rule the world, ditching his bewildered fellow enforcers and proceeded to invade Equestia! Can the Lougers and the Main 7 stop a monstrosity from ruining all of Equestia because of an asshole brother's sins?

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Chapter 1: Boss Grogan

Chapter 2: Grouse's Payback Against Grogan

Chapter 3: Grogan's Treachery Revealed

Chapter 4: Grouse's Predicament

Chapter 5: Grogan Vs. Rainbow Dash/Stopping Grouse

Chapter 6: The Fall of a Reign, But Not a Mafia


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