The Revenge of Ravenshadow

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Xandy, Hudson, and Clifton decide to blast off from Vinzotyx to get a break from the oppression left over by their mission with Xandronian. They decide to go to a world called Vaarcovania, a world which is generally the most picked at besides Grim Night's birthplace of Wraemontir for being the holder of multiple horror stories about monsters, especially from the planet's endangered race, the Pteraveuses. After being told of one of their widely-known stories, Ravenshadow, the story about the infamous Count Deathimir Ravenshadow, the notorious Pteraveus Scourge of Vaarcovania that haunted everyone there with nightmares and fearful memories every night, but was imprisoned in silver. Xandy says she has a friend here that she once saved from Pteraveus-haters when she took off-planet trips during the Villains Act, and that friend is Princess Amber Ravenshadow, who is secretly Deathimir's good-natured great granddaughter, and the princess of a Pteraveus-occupied land. However, things turn awry when Amber's parents start getting weary about her appearance after news of the Xandronian incident reached them to the point where they are distrustful. However, something strange occurs when someone mysterious frames Xandy for a crime she didn't commit, causing an argument that banishes Xandy, and as a result, causes an outburst from Amber that forces her to run away and search for Xandy. However, she is unable to search for her and just ends up lost and crying, asking to herself how it could've come to this. However, an old hermit comes by and offers her a chance to get what she wants, and she ends up getting lead to a familiar castle in the middle of a stormy dark wasteland, as it turns out is the home of her great-grandfather. She even discovers that her great-grandfather is free, having been released from an underground tomb following Amber's raw emotion and despair being strong enough to release him, and after admitting the incident that rendered her there, Ravenshadow manipulates her into using her despair as a weapon, and easily says she can use that to force her parents to reconsider their choice of banishing Xandy, tricking her into believing that Xandy will be so despaired of this shock that she'll eventually die unless she accepts his deal. Despite deciding to leave and never come back, not even to save it from a disaster, Clifton and Hudson are able to convince her to apologize, reminding her that the only reason the majority of the other sea squirrels went along because they were corrupted by Xandronian, the only sea squirrel who was truly evil, or failed to realize it sooner. Thus, when Xandy decides to confront Amber and her parents, they discover that she is missing, and that Amber's parents have discovered evidence proving that Xandy was framed, apologizing and admitting that maybe they jumped the gun a little bit, but aren't afraid to say that until the controversy dies down. Thus, Xandy agrees to help find Amber, under the condition from Amber's parents that Xandy and any other sea squirrels are to lay low for a while and never speak of that incident again. But it doesn't go unheard as the incident is leaked and the race is utterly shunned, and thus Xandy, Clifton, Hudson, and Nytrox go to find Amber, yet discover too late that she may be in bigger trouble, discovering that she was lead to Ravenshadow's castle, and discover while entering that Amber has become Ravenshadow's protégé, as he reveals that the one who framed her was his 125-year-old flightless bat henchman and the hermit that lead her to his abode, Humpgore, hoping that it would easily set him free and wreak havoc on Vaarcovania once more, and thus Amber is too filled with despair-fuelled hate to listen to her friend. After nearly getting killed, the two decide to call their teammates and the Lodge for help. Now, with villages under the brink of mass hysteria and a plague of nightmares, it's up to our heroes to stop Deathimir, rescue Amber, and bring things back to normal. However, they discover that fighting him given his growing power is very difficult. Amber's parents, feeling guilty for allowing Humpgore to manipulate them into doing this by treating Xandy poorly over something they should've related with, desided to go to an old tomb and get help in the form of a long-obscured and feared heroic vampire Pteraveus named Count Goodblood.


Xandy Gets Framed

Meeting Humpgore

Spooky Forest

  • Amber: (She continued flying and sobbing to herself as the forest got more spooky as she continued, as she finally found a place to rest, crying hysterically)... XANDY, WHERE ARE YOU?!? (The tragedy-filled yell echoed across the forest unanswered as she cried)...
  • ???: (A figure came out of the shadows, recognizing Amber, seeing her through a strange line of sight)... (Gollum-like voice) She sme-ell like Mass-Teer! Purr-Feet! (He jumped out with great agility, revealing himself to be an eyeless flightless sapient bat creature)... What wro-anng, Pter-Aveus Fee-Male? (Amber noticed her)
  • Amber: WHOA!... A Combiront!... I thought they were very rare in this part of Vaarcovania!
  • Combiront: Me get ta-hat lots. Me a 125-year-old, bor-rowing time me has, me lost soul, me barely feel age.
  • Amber:... I kinda figured that would be because of an extended lifespan. A lot of animals have 'em.
  • Combiront: No off-tracking! Me, Hump-gore! Old, old hermit! Why Up-Set?
  • Amber:... (Sighs shedding a lot of tears) I don't wanna talk about it!
  • Combiront (Humpgore):... Is it bout Sea Squirl?
  • Amber:... You heard that, huh? Well, I'm not surprised given you're a chiropteran.
  • Humpgore: Yes, it curse. Me can tell the sit-u-ation already. But... Me feel fa-milli-er with you. You Ravenshadow clan?
  • Amber:... I am their princess.
  • Humpgore:... Prin-cess Am-ber? (She nodded yes)... Why like sea squirl? Me heard peo-peel hate Sea Squirls.
  • Amber: Well picture me as the minority then. Let's just say, some creten framed her for something she didn't do, and my parents kicked her out, and I ran away to find her. She saved me from an angry mob long ago, and we became friends since.... Could you help me, by any chance?
  • Humpgore: Me can't say. Me can't even speak properly. Let lone speak to peo-peel. But me know a Mass-Teer who can.

Ravenshadow's Deal

Bellpathian Castle

  • Humpgore: (They arrived)... Re-can-nise it, Am-Beer?
  • Amber: "(Looks at a old forsaken sign)..... (Reads) Ravenshadow Castle. (Speaking) I didn't know my family had two castles."
  • Humpgore: "It old-dar cas-teel. Be-long to Gree-Ate Leg-End! Your Ant-Cest-Teer!"
  • Amber:... Are you saying that... You're joking, right?
  • Humpgore: May-be, I AAAM, May-be, NOOOT! Why doesn't Am-Beer check it for self?
  • Amber:... I... I feel a little unnerved right now, but... I guess if it means I find Xandy, then it's worth the risk. (She entered the giant castle as she saw the setting very similar to the story).... It's... It can't be! Surely this doesn't mean Ravenshadow is real!
  • (???): Oh, I'm as real as they come, great granddaughter!
  • Amber: Wha... Whose there?
  • Humpgore: Your grandy-daughter has arr-rived, mass-teer! (A deadly Pteraveus figure showed himself in the shadows cackling, and opened his wings to show himself as Count Deathimir Ravenshadow)
  • Amber:... (She panicked at the sight of him)..... I admitly regret this decidtion! Look, if your mad about Goodblood, he couldn't cope with how people behavied around him, so-
  • Ravenshadow: Now, now, child! I mean you no harm!
  • Ravenshadow: HAH! Charming idea, but that's what Humpgore's for! (Humpgore laughed nasially). Great granddaughter, this is not about me seeking revenge. This, is for the future of our species. Our species has been roughhoused as much as your Hydrocabiais friend in recent times.
  • Ravenshadow: (Laughs) You know my legend, so surely you know that I can read minds. Well, that, and I can access wifi and look up current events with my inpeccable sonar, but besides the point. I know everyone's fears and hates by just looking straight into their eyes. And you? I see hate, regret, guilt, disappointment, and redemption! You wish to make amends with what just occurred. Well, I have the power to fix that. But I can't say that it doesn't have price.
  • Ravenshadow: "Tch, and just given up and hiding in the shadows' any better? Thanks to relijustus hacks, our once proud race are treated poorly! The only other race worse off then us are those Ompyr folk! At least all WE DO is drink blood and that's about it?! But those stupid Ompyrs wasted good blood as fuel and coat their money into it! They had to join an allience of aliens with a beef against another allience as a result! But our kind.... We never went that far, and yet now, we stand closer to the brink of excintion! And there won't be an allience of isloationists to help US out!"
  • Amber: "Well, sure, it's not perfect, but-"
  • Ravenshadow: "NOT PERFECT?! Imperfection is the LEAST of it's problems! Letting those savages rule this world has lead to no serious good change besides tec that pales in compairision to the universe at large! We don't even have Omninet yet! Our once proud ansistery would've never let that happened if it wasn't for our cowerdly elders!"
  • Ravenshadow: "But at least I tried to FIGHT BACK to get our once glorious home planet back!! None of those bloodsacks were even native here!! They were brought here for slavery and sustenance, and they had the NERVE to usurp our planet from us!"
  • Amber: Look, while I can argue that what they did was wrong, you were no better! That's what happens at time period like that! Religion make bad decisions!
  • Ravenshadow: HAH! Religion was more than improved back then for us! Them? They started out the same way, making religion blind their viewpoint of the world. They called us monsters! Demons! They said that no good could come from something as 'beastly' as us! Do you have ANY idea how it felt to put up with that? They murdered my parents! I kept their crucified bodies in my graveyard, and they destroyed my graveyard of the crucified bastards who harmed our race! Believe me, I agree that what I did to protect our race was not very well-conceived. But part of that is because I myself was treated poorly because I was born with a vampiric condition that made me feared by even my own species. To have people do the same to our species? That's when I couldn't stand by and watch harm come. I gave into the condition. I EMBRACED it! The infamous legend you are looking at right now, was born that day! But the one thing I look after more than anything else, is my family! You, are no different. You must trust me, child!
  • Amber:... And why should I?
  • Ravenshadow:... Believe it or not, I'm glad you asked! Because there is a GOOD reason why you should trust me. You have nobody else to turn to, dear Amber! I'll tell you EXACTLY why you sympathize with poor Xandy: Because there's one word that sums it up quite nicely: PURGE!
  • Amber:... For some reason, that word gives me shivers!
  • Ravenshadow: Because that's what happened to the Pteraveus species centuries ago! (He showed her a mental view of the past) Here, is the REAL story, of Count Deathimir Ravenshadow!...

Mental View

  • (Ravenshadow):... In my time, I failed to avenge our race for our endangered status. We were rendered that way, because we had a quest for greatness! We were looking to be the most revered race ever, through the art of magic. But over time, everyone else called us monsters, even if we had or hadn't done anything wrong. The Purge was a horrible time of genocide. The people who hated and feared us, shunned us, and felt we were better off dead. They hunted us to near-extinction. If it wasn't for priests who declared us to be separated to avoid the risk of being accused of a hate crime. Everyone won that day, for the most part. However, I watched in horror as everyone looked over this act as if it wasn't that big a deal. Our friends and families were taken from us by xenophobes! We were at death's doorstep, and it was expected to be forgotten that easily. Well, I wasn't gonna stand for their blindness and went back to our long-awaited goal for greatness! My growing hate for this, allowed me to tap into the medical condition that haunted me since childhood, and I became, the legend standing in front of you today! I sought revenge for those who chose to destroy us, by haunting them through mental horrors that were like a comeuppance of reverse-psychology. I tricked them into thinking we were going to take our planet for ourselves, by killing them off, and once they learned their lesson, we would be respected and we would never be threatened like that ever again. I wished to not cause any bloodshed and risk repeating history. But then, my brother betrayed me! He intended to have us stopped by getting in the way of my revenge. But I assured that, for the greater good, he did not get far. But he wouldn't give up so easily. So I had no choice but to put him within a coffin imprisonment. As a result, my revenge WAS complete, as everyone was scared of us, and respected us. They had no idea I did this for the greater good, and to ensure that my race didn't step out of line, I posed as their noble leader in this very castle.


  • Ravenshadow:... Then, that's where Hellman and his rotten friends came in!
  • Amber:... You mean those five characters who stopped you?
  • Ravenshadow: More like, insensitively ruined everything! When they discovered my actions, they intended to ruin it all. But thanks to my freed brother, they succeeded! I was sentenced to dwell in that molten silver statue ever since. But, the five never got that far. Though the truth was brought out, the Pteraveus were hated more than before. But the Hellmans started a church to get this fixed, and our race had to move on. But eventually, while the families would be executed by a xenophobic church fanatic for 'blasphemy', my brother went back to the coffin not being able to tolerate the prejudice. With all the hate proving not enough to have me freed, my assistant Humpgore here, assured that we'd have a chance to redeem the Pteraveus name. And that, is where you came in, great granddaughter!
  • Amber:... It... It does explain why my late grandfather never bothered to talk about my great grandfather.
  • Ravenshadow: "Tch, not surprised to hear that. Our clan has grown too weak to fight back the TRUE Pteraveus way. Now thanks to them and my incompleted quest, only the xenophobic church was left to rule those idiots?! Now hatered for our kind is at it's worse?!"
  • Amber: "Well YOUR the one who-"
  • Ravenshadow: "KEEP IN MIND, That I aimed to destroy that xenophobic church, had it not been for Brother and his blind hope to change minds?!"
  • Amber: "..... Well, why didn't just destroyed the churches actselly harming our kind and leave any peaceful ones alone?"
  • Ravenshadows: "BECAUSE ALL OF THOSE CHURCHES WERE NOT MEANT TO EXIST?! Those "peaceful" churches are just as guilty as inaction and failure to punish those that violate to vow of leaving us be?! And don't forget! Alot of them were related to SLAVES?! They were not meant to have a civilsation in OUR HOME PLANET?! That means their claiming of this world is HIGHLY illegal?!"
  • Amber: "And, not, that I don't agree, but, based on you said, then clearly this xenophobic church, The Holy Globalists, need to be disbanned! That, I can agree to! But, our race is too weak to just, KICK everyone out?!"
  • Ravenshadow: "Then I shall make them so afraid of us, numbers will matter little?! They'll all leave in droves of ships and never come back?!"
  • Amber:... Kicking their civilization out, slaves or not, is still not any better. It's considered force re-location! I mean, I know the rulership here is illegit, but, there has to be proper measures to restore a rightful race's rule then just, BOOTING them out! Look, I agree that the Globalists need to go, but, what about people that are too de-attached from their world origins that can't properly go back? Relocating people is not as easy as just making them leave?! Besides, they're NOT all gonna cower at you so easily?! People resond to fear in different ways! All you'll do is make history repeat! And the 3rd time could be what does us in as a spieces!
  • Ravenshadow:... You just don't get it, do you? There's a lot you need to learn, Amber. They were brought as slaves. And those slaves, when they rebelled, were VIOLENT! They killed for no reason other than hate. They forced the issue of coexistence. Who wants to co-exist with barbaric assholes who responded to a crime of owning people, by doing worse than any whip could possibly inflict? The SMART way to respond to that, is by kicking them off-planet, back to where they came from, hopefully until their crimes get them sent to jail! But no! They were allowed to STAY! The people back then, felt SORRY for those barbarians! Who wants to live with people like that? Well, that's the reason why people like me were on this quest of greatness to begin with. To repent the illogical we did in the past, even if civilizations not of our kind had to be caught in the crossfire. Don't you see, Amber? Our race were hurt by those people, as they inherited the barbarism of those slaves! They were willing to kill us, and that's why they formed this Purge! And the people of the past who welcomed them are to blame! They welcomed them blindly with open wings, and it bit them in the ass years later! Well, I aim to correct that blind mistake! Will you help me make that happen?
  • Amber:... I'm still not convinced I can trust you.
  • Ravenshadow:... Well, think about your current situation, then! This 'sea squirrel' friend if yours, has been through a lot of pain, since before she came here. She came here with her interspecies boyfriend, her former crush, and her pet Troggle, to escape from that pain, only to walk into it again. It's too clear that no matter where she goes, it's going to haunt her, the same way it did for us! And believe it or not, it's no doubt going to end the same way. HUMPGORE?!?
  • Ravenshadow: Bring in, the Mirror of Fate!
  • Humpgore: Your weell is mah comm-moond, Mas-Teer! (He brought out a large mirror)...
  • Ravenshadow:... You see, Amber, this is one of my most valuable relics. I allowed me to see how our future would play out. At first, I started disbelieving, but after it actually happened, it's time we relied on it more than ever, if we are to save our race! If you wish to see what the future has in store for poor Xandy, then say the magic words, and take a peek!
  • Amber:... What... What will happen to Xandy in regards to her species problem? (The mirror showed urban fields and sea squirrel communities coated in blood, robot-like figures causing mayhem, an unknown figure cackling, and Xandy crying as her aunt and uncle were crushed)... Wha... Wha... What is this?
  • Ravenshadow: It's just as I suspected. The rise of her species' tarnished reputation will get worse, and like us, it will result in a period of genocide! No doubt, even if Xandy is helped, she will share the same fate. (Amber shed a tear)... You see, great granddaughter? The Mirror of Fate never lies! I learned that the hard way, so no matter what we both do, there's nothing in our, or anyone else's, power that can stop this future from coming true. So, you're no doubt fighting a lost cause. After all, nothing lasts forever. That's the natural order. The strong survives, and the weak dies. That's how it's always been. The best you can do, is wait and cope with the inevitable, because futures are simply impossible to avoid.
  • Amber:... (She started sobbing even more and cried in a Church chair)...
  • Ravenshadow:... Oh, there, there, dear Amber! It may not end well for her, but it CAN end well for US! I shall see what fate has in store for US! For it is time to see, what fate has in store for OUR species! (The mirror shows that coexistence has been made possible for Pteraveus and the inhabitants)... So, you see, there is STILL hope! We can make it possible! If you agree to help me, we can ensure that we do not share the same fate! And who knows? If we play the game right, maybe we can ensure that your friend, can be immortal, and forever unkillable. Unable to share the inevitable fate. So, it's time to make a choice granddaughter!... (He sings this)
Trust in me, Child

Trust in me, Child. Original song

Confronting Evil Amber

Turned Against The World

Awakening Count Goodblood

Ravenshadow's Final Battle


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Ty the tasmanian tiger sondtrack cass crest

Intro/Evil Amber Battle Theme

Intro/Evil Amber Battle Theme (Ty The Tasmanian Tiger Soundtrack- Cass' Crest)

Chapter 1: Heroes Act Vacation/Planet Vaarcovania

Chapter 2: Meeting Princess Amber/Hostile Relations

Chapter 3: Xandy Gets Framed/Amber's Outburst

Chapter 4: Return Of Ravenshadow/Enter Humpgore

Chapter 5: Ravenshadow's Deal

Chapter 6: Amber Turns Evil/Redemption And Damnation

Chapter 7: Count Goodblood

Chapter 8: Final Confrontation At Bellpathian Castle

Chapter 9: Final Battle


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