The Revolution Zone is a twin dimension to The Tranquility Zone. Like the TZ, this is where Alternate UUniversal humans relocated in response to the uprising of the Villains Act. However, these humans turned out different. These humans went here as the result of a quantum malfunction that caused a singularity that not just sent humans there, but sent duplicates of the others that went to the Tranquility Zone to the RZ. This resulted in an anomaly that took away 75% of their rations and resources, causing them to struggle in colonizing other worlds, and went through a period of poverty referred to as 'The Second Great Stagnation', to where the humans suffered crime and poor humanitarianism. They had more battles and feuds than in the Tranquility Zone. It also made the humans insanely ambitious because the physical laws of this dimension are wildly different to that of the AUU and the TZ. It assimilated them into ambition as it induces different reactions and trauma to harsh circumstance and endangerment. This sent the humans into times of renaissance, sadness, depression, and finally anger and ambition, and thus began the birth of The Humanitarians, lead by an independence family that sought to bring the best of humans, discovering their genetic anomalies quicker than their TZ counterparts, improved themselves in every category, and initially intended to return to the AUU and get revenge against the Villains Act. But since they discovered the Villains Act was disbanded, they formulated a new plan to ensure history does not repeat itself, intending to build a device meant to ensure human survival.


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Unlike the TZ, the Revolution Zone has 24 sectors in it's unigalax, each identified by the Greek alphabet. (More coming soon...)

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