In an incredable turn of events, Drakzar has betrayed all of the villains and forsake his maga empire plan to save his own skin from the Original Guardians of the United Universe, lets Tri-Corn go, and takes refuge in Shadowcrown Citadel in Shadow Foreboding City like the coward he is. Also The Judge of Darkness has finally forsaken his personal ambition to hunt down Cobra after realizaing that it is now Drakzar and his siblings who are the traitors to both the Light and Darkness with Dormus the Ancient telling him that hunting Cobra will only allow the conflict between Light and Darkness to get even worse then it allready has been plus he'll be right back to where he began when he betrayed his fellow guardians. Things are more or less normal, Tri-Corn rules everything again, the villain teams, other established villains and indepenent OC villains back as they were, as well as the heroes involved. but, there's still the chore in going after Drakzar, the Foreboding Clan's final survivor and it shouldn't be too hard now that the orc and troll clans, and the dopplerganger louge (with the Judge of Darkness's return) are against him now. Drake on the otherhand, is too smart to be over-welamed that easy.... Well, mainly because of dumb luck. he goes to the anicent barial of the Formoding clan to reserect the original formoding army: the shadow drakes. Ol' Drake ain't done yet.

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