With Substitutioner being reverted back to normal, the Dark Order discovers another person worth kidnapping. It's a rhino space-biker named Melvin Jerkoff, who was known to be an insulting influence against people for his foul words, language, and atrociously dirty sense of humor. They capture him, and use the Morphogen to combine him and his astrobike together, creating an abomination named Motormouth Melvin. Not only did he have a massive bulk, yet agile maneuverability, but his insults had been developed into a weapon since his brain seemed to get bigger during the transformation. When confronting the Shell Lodgers, his dirty and insulting words were enough to weaken their spirits. Luckily, Lord Shen and Sandy remained unaffected by his words since Sandy had a Texan philosophy that words can't hurt you, and Shen had gotten use to insults since his days as a villain. As Melvin goes further in defeating the Lodgers, the Lodgers end up turning against each other after what Melvin had said about them. Even Shen and Sandy couldn't stop the arguments that erupted from it. If they don't get the Lodgers back on track soon, the Lodgers might end up breaking up for good, and Melvin might be free to do whatever he wants, as well as the Dark Order. How will this play out?

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