The Rustler Outlaw, AKA Obcasus Heaven or Obcasus Storm, is an Equestrian satyr who is of the same evil family as The Storm King, as he is another cousin to him. He is an outlaw who ended up stranded in the raw arid Moojave Desert, a cow country not too far from Equestria to the West. He wanted to become a netourious outlaw and corner the black market on cows, but the only one to stand in his way for all these years was a pony vigilante named Tremor Dust, who had been able to withstand his powers and weapons, incuding his Guns and Blunderbuss of Obcasus, as the pistols contain bullets derived from the same energy as the Obsidian Orbs as they turn their targets to coal, and the blunderbuss steals magic and allows him to wield it in any fashion, especially as a weapon, through it's Collector Crystal chamber. He has an entire bandit team of mixed non-pony mythical creatures at his backing call as they agree that they didn't get any satisfaction from what their home did to them, and thus helped him on his mission as long as it meant they raid for more than cows. Outlaw and Tremor continue to battle to this day, and Tremor maintains peace in this cow territory. Outlaw has a Clint Eastwood feel to him.


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Like The Sky Duke, he traded his family armor for a typical outlaw outside of wearing a cowboy hat, a vest, a wool woozen shirt, cowboy pants and snake-skinned boots. His belt was made from the leather of a terrorfying Sandswimmer Crocadile, basicly like a Saltwater Croc that swims in the sand, of which is where he hosters his Obsidian Orb Firing guns. Unlike the Duke, he did not removed his loyalty to the clan in part of the code of the west, as he branded his own face with the family symbol to still show he is still loyal. It may left him with a perimently damaged face with his eyes EXTREMELY lucky to not go blind from the process, but he deemed it worth the cost, giving that he acknowledges that no one would "Take Kindly to his kind" anyany.


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