The Sanctioned Pure Organism Evolution Machine or the SPORE Machine is a machine that was created during the First Cartoonian War by immortal higher-ups and creators of evolution itself called the Evolution Masters, and served as the source of artificial evolution and genetic manipulation. After the war, the device was hidden somewhere in the SPORE world, and only Gods were given access to it. It wasn't until the Second Cartoonian War that the device was found. Cobra briefly used this device to create his Abominations which turned on him in the end when Shenzi smashed his medallion. Since then, the machine was guarded by the High Council, the United Universal Police Department, and several others. To this day, the SPORE machine still serves as a prohibited device that wasn't allowed to be used by anyone no matter what side it was on. Monty and Seven11 were also made part of the Guardians of the SPORE Machine as well as Cobra's Abominations.


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