The Scarlet Dancer Revamp

Stacy Uhuy Ohlala, AKA The Scarlet Dancer

Stacy U. Ohlala, AKA The Scarlet Dancer, is an Alternate UUniversal Paradisoid from Planet Paradisum. She is a slender and elegant avian being who is most famed for saving a planet from a neighboring sector from a VA attack lead by the infamous warlord Mongrel Warmonger, foiling the would've been infamous invadtion by seducing Mongrel into loving her, causing him to cheat on his life partner, which caused the armies to fight eachother and left the two at the mercy of enforcers. Though while the dancer didn't nessersarly improved the appeal of Polygamy as her methods only seem to prove a point, the Universes grew to appresiate her heroics reguardless and realise that something good can come from the so-called "Worse Race to Marry", starting to make the AUU feel as if maybe it wasn't fair to mistreat a race poorly over their extremely different beliefs and even over their still unproven "secret socity" misdeedery, whether they're true or not, it's ultamately agreed that the AUU did overjudged the race and that it's time to be mature and civil about it. the Scarlet Dancer is also a major Heroes Act fan-girl, speaks volumes on how the HA are well-reshived in Para culture, even dispite binding to the rules of "Singularity". She would be unrelentlessly thrilled to be come part of the group.


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Her UIS Identity, Diane DeScarles, is a sentient being called a Tintwen, which has long ear-like feathers on the sides of their heads, large wings that have long feathers on their lower parts that act like a cape, and they are a seductive race in their own rights. Though Diane is misandrist, she is still a capable and sympathetic fighter even when it's hard to find her compassionate center, especially when she wields multiple energy blades.

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