A legend of sentient animal culture is revealed to be true upon the reveal of another Teadr 1 race. Turns out the UIS-territory race known as the Zoogues in the Gabinity Sector of the Theta Universe are regressed descendants of this new extinct Teadr 1 race, which are referred to as Zoobranians, who were the reported creators of sentient animal kind and the curators of zoobrainium who sent the building blocks for the Zoogues to the nearby Theta Universe prior to their extinction. Now the secrets to their resurrection lie in the Zoogues' home system of Zoogo. The Zoogues are animal-like beings that have animal senses and abilities and survive like animals, but are not willing to give up the secret of their ancestors for some mysterious reason. It's discovered that the Zoogues believed that their ancestral race were cruel judges of sentient animal kind that did whatever they wanted to them like slaves, and it's discovered that the leak of eventual resurrection for them was from Dorrkus De'Fuckery, an Axirlan and remnant follower of the late Zurkury, who believes them and wants to enslave the Zoobranians and revive the Zoopremacists Teadr-1 style. But all of them are wrong as the Zoobranians, as animal-loving animal people, were only generous folk that gave animals the gift of sentience feeling that, given the love shown from sentient beings to animals, they should share that love back by becoming sentient. With this information being discovered, De'Fuckery has to be stopped before he gets himself killed for desecrating their people and their zoobrainium.


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History of the entire world, i guess

History of the entire world, i guess

Sentient Animal History... I Guess

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