the Serpent Lord, one of the monsters that resided from the outlands.

the serpent lord is a giant eel that ate the frog fish in the spongebob squarepants movie. it is not allied to the villain league, and is usually the monster who gets rid of zira in every final battle with her. though for some reason it's offen temporary, cause Zira offen later appears like it has not even accured, simuler to that of Kenny from south park, and everyone hardly even talks about. however, Spongebob did briefly mentioned that the Serpent lord could not "Stomich" Zira, meaning it could not fully comsume Zira. it apearently has a memory problem cause it always seems to eat Zira every time she falls, propbuly meaning that Zira does not taste bad, rather, something living in Zira's fur could of upset it's stytem. it is not a villain or a hero, acting purely on animal insticnt, making it neutrol at best, though thankfully it has a taste for Zira then the Shell Louge Squad, however. it first appeared in Spongeob's adventures in Lion king 2, rehreaseing it's exact role of eating the beast, only to later comsume Zira at the climax. In Spongebob and Friends meet Aladdin, it also ate the giant komodo dragon in the way the the beast was eaten, right after the patty wagon was comsumed.
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