strange accurences have been spotted on goverment restricted areas, the people in charge have strange lidquid on them and a lined circle on them, and the valts to the most power weapons and impourent info has been stolen. and Ignitus knows what it is: an anicent form of the combination of a Snake, and a praying mantis called the Changatrons, a race of creatures that once have control of the dragon realms, which at some point, was once called "Sanatron". In those times, dragons were enslaved by the creatures and were forced to do demeaning and often embarising labor for the Changatrons, but the great guardian dragons of before rebeled, and imprison all of the Changatrons underground. Until this day. Now, the lougers are entrusted to look after a super great desendent of the leader of the long ago guardians: An obnoxious texting she-dragon teen named Double Flame, who believe or not, is the daughter of Tri-Corn. Can the lougers learn to over look this brat's attatude in order to prevent the Changatrons dominating again, this time for good? Maybe if someone is able to tell the ignorent Icky that Double Flame is more then just some brat, but Tri-Corn's daughter, because Icky fails to see the connection and family relation. Cause of that, now Double Flame ran off, prefering in doing something else, and basicly, Icky becomes a twat again. And then there's the strange behavior of the Water Buffilo bodyguard named Jebadia.

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