Ever since the mess in Icky and Iago: Birdbrains in Las Vegas, Mike Foulcheeserson made the mistake of trusting Prince Archie who turned out was more interested in usurping Derek of his control of the Derek Glidester Black Market then actselly help him get revenge on the bird brains for ruining his life and espeically for reforming Mike Jr. against him in Soda Jerks. Now Archie has complete control of the market, fired out Derek and all his allies established in The Derek Glidester Market, except for the Dart trio for their actual usefulness, and the Glidester Market now becomes The Arch Empire, a black market proven more powerful and fierce then even that of the Mythos Black Market. Mike is now considered an outcast by his now former friends, who were not hestient to boot him out of the circle for his mistake, leaving Mike to be a loner. However, he was then encountered by the much more supervillainised Wraith who offers to turn him into a Illicit Superior with help of his new assisent, the exsiled Colonel Kyne and his now skectical but still loyal Igranadon troop. Now Mike will go from Mike Foulcheeserson, to the illicit superior super villain: Bad Cheese. Can the Lougers and the people of Kratos survice a new threat against them?

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