Sinu Su Ming, a very smooth talking Python that can talk anyone to do eveything to his disire, escaped Sure gum prison and is on the run. he is wanted to assulting a disinquish member of the imperial council and Master Chao enlisted the lougers, Po and the furious 5 exspically, to capture him. little do they realised he may have a reason. a not at all sinister reason, as it turns out, the member he assulted, Duke Yin Ying, a mandarian duck, was about to murder Sinu's daughter for screwing up an order, and Sinu slapped Yin into falling down a series of stairs. cause of this, Yin thinks Sinu tried to murder him and fired him as his adviser, had his wife to be married to him, his daughter exsiled, and Sinu to be arrested. Can Sinu be able to reason the lougers withou them assuming it's a lie because of his imfamy of smooth talk, or will a corrupt duke unrightfully gets revenge?

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