The Snake Tribes' Return Part 2: Boan is the 55th Episode of Season 3B of the SpongeBob and Friends Adventures Chronicles series and the 2nd of the 4-Part Season 3 Finale. With Ray revealing his true egotistical strike, he is kicked out of the Snake Tribes' circle, and this gets the attention of the hidden threat, Boan, the last of the race of armed Boas called the Contraiters, who supposedly 'befriends' Ray after he was kicked out. He was known to have had a link with the armed Anaconda wrestler Queen Snakera (From the pilot episode), and his true intentions lead them to the Castle Tower of the Snake Tribes hidden somewhere in the Forbidden Forest in Camelot. While they search for it, the Shell Lodgers find out about Boan, his past, and his long-awaited intentions. They discover that Boan might be after something that might lead to some serious danger, but there's something else. Fu-Xi, in pitiful regret of certain events in The Revenge of Lord Fu-Xi, began to get visions about the return of a horrible abomination, and fears for all of snake kind. He becomes desperate, and must put a stop to it. However, he needs to get a ship out of China first. How will this play out? Will the Lodgers be well-forgiving of his actions? What is Boan after, and what does he want?

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Prologue: Recap

Previously on SpongeBob and Friends Adventures Chronicles...

Chapter 1: An Egotist Out The Door

Chapter 2: Boan

Chapter 3: The Journey Through The Forbidden Forest

Chapter 4: The Lodgers Trail Goes Cold

Chapter 5: Boan's Intentions Revealed


To be continued...

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