The Snake Tribes' Return Part 3: Daggers of the Great Eater is the 56th Episode of Season 3B of the SpongeBob and Friends Adventures Chronicles series and the 3rd of the 4-Part Season 3 Finale. Boan has finally gotten his hands on his long-lost Staff of Great Powers, killed Ray, and recruited the other Snake Tribes. Boan had revealed that he intends to accomplish what his own kind failed to do: awaken the Darkspawn snake that is The Great Eater. To do this, they need to go to the forgotten snake tribe worlds: Firea the Flame World, Coldaron the Ice world, Juju the Jungle World, Poi-Son the swamp world which was already visited before, Rocen the Rock World, and Airia the Air World, where they would find the 6 Daggers required to free the Great Eater from his eternal prison on Skabbis, the Planet of Scales. Now it's up to the Shell Lodgers to stop them from doing so. But they are unaware of Fu-Xi not being far behind thanks to a lone traveler's spaceship he managed to snag. At first, they seem to be failing, but they are able to obtain one of the Daggers first. But the Snake Tribes have already gained the rest of them. Now, the Lodgers must keep the last one safe at all costs.

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Prologue: Recap

Previously on SpongeBob and Friends Adventures Chronicles...

Chapter 1: Boan's Quest for the Daggers of the Great Eater

Chapter 2: Fu-Xi's Journey to Stop Boan

Chapter 3: The Lodgers Learn of the Great Eater

Chapter 4: Stopping Boan

Chapter 5: Protecting the Final Dagger

Chapter 6: The Great Eater Awakens


To be continued...

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