Though Sombra was believed to be dead after being turned to shadow more to where he was believed to be nothing anymore, turns out there was still bits of him left, which allowed the returning storm of Lord Heretic, his ancestor, to restore him and help him get revenge. Fortunately, the storm was weaken back to normal during the last events and Sombra's too weak to get it back that way so it isn't like he can really capitalise on it. Thus forcing Sombra to do things himself, hoping to find a way to re-strengthen the storm back to it's former glory so he can make the Crystal Empire disappear again. However, the heroes need to rely on Aventurescence, a pony descended from friends of another legend named Crystal Lode, the first pony to learn to fight against Sombra's power and become an Equinox Master and the former protégé of the Crystal Empire's previous leader, Princess Amore, who also looked up to Sombra as a tragic figure until he betrayed him, leaving him with demons he had to face for countless years, and reportedly froze to death. Though Aventurescence helps them, Crystal Lode himself spontaneously shows up to the Empire alive and earns the Empire's respect, attempting to get them out of their fear of Sombra and help fight against Sombra, starting with blocking up the Kingdom with another sheild to keep him out. Now he relies on Aventurescence to do the rest and help the Lodgers and the Mane 7 come to the rescue, with Twilight this time much more prepared for Sombra's tricks. How will this play out?

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