The Lougers are shock to discover the Guild of Thunder Members are Nega-ZeusGrunty the WitchThe Panther KingDr. EggmanProphet of Truth, and Merasmus. Dispite using every known stragity the lougers ever used, the Guild is capable to perfectly counter-act all the lougers attempts to disban them. Even time altering failed miserably thanks to an invention of Eggman's. The lougers might not get to enjoy to take down the villain teams for good after all.... But, why are the Guild are so determined to be like, a protacter for villain teams? And how will the lougers feel they are the harbringers of doom for a villain apopgoliptic doomsday that is "The Pathway of Peace" from the Counicler and that Nega-Zeus is in procession of another book of predictions? Ultamately, can the Lougers deside that the Pathway of Peace is no better then the Great Cycle, and that the united universes is to be the universe of balence, and that both good and evil desevre a right to co-exist, even if they don't get along, but at the same time, be able to find away to rid themselves of the Guild? cause it doesn't look like Nega-Zeus would be reasoned out of his madness and they would make it hard to maintain the balence of good and evil if the Guild over-favers evil. But since they can't be stupidly disbanned like most previous villain teams, I guess our heroes can look forword to another villain team that's gonna be here for awhile.

(Your addition, Tman, if your still here?)

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