The Speed King

Celeritas Storm, the Speed King

The Speed King, AKA Celeritas Heaven or Celeritas Storm, is an Equestrian satyr and a member of The Storm King's evil family. Though he is a deviating member who left because he is essentially not as harmful as the rest of his family, but he is extremely egotistical and competitive, and he still does legitimate harm by ruining everyone's reputation, and getting them to serve him as soul slaves upon his victories, which when done with his Staff of Celeritas, allows him to cheat his way to victory, especially when it comes to those he already enslaved, though he has some servants in the form of attractive hummingbird harpies, and a bumbling Grubber-like underling named Slowpoke. However, he has only one threat: A Pegasus named Godspeed whose racing skills are so legendary, he can dodge, undo, and counter cheating advantages and expose them in the blink of an eye, and had been the only one to best Speed King and nearly ruin his reputation, but put a curse on him to ensure he never tells anyone about what he knows, or his soul will be his and he will die. He has ways to ensure that his magic chariot brings him to victory as it is enchanted to predict opponents' moves by watching them, and even copy them, flawlessly, and his charms, jinxes, hexes, and potions allow him and his staff to work together in harmony to ensure he wins. He also wears the Shoes of Hermes that gives him his incredible speeds. He's also prone to shout "WA-ZAM" as an overused catchphrase.


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