The Stand-Lone Kidz are a fictional group of Superior children heroes published in Kratos' XD Comix. They are all the members of the Conquest Children after they were reformed and freed from the control of their corrupt fatherly figure, Dr. Insantino, who has been constantly tackling them and their main allies, the Challenger Children. After the Challenger Children saved them from Insantino's control, he vowed revenge on both of them, and the Stand-Lone Kidz moved to Zorba City where they retreated to an undiscovered sea cave which they converted into their own hideout where they would protect both Zorba City and New Sparta, the place of their origins, even changing their names and sometimes even their powers. They never bothered joining their Challenger Children brethren after their past battles and their behaviors. The entire sea cave base's architecture and design was made by Brainstorm, and it matched the architecture of the Challenger Children's hideout, only it's much bigger and much more advanced. The 10 kids have since been battling other enemies besides Insantino, and some often bring them and their Challenger Children brethren together to the fight.


Publication History

During the early days ot the Challnager children, a fellow comic writer was a fan of the main writer's work. Barnwell Kam, who was already a worker friend of the main writer. His faverite characters were ironicly enough, the CC's main enemies, the Conquest Children. While the original writer did planned to reform them, she didn't actselly know what to do with them afterwords. He offered to adopt them as his idea for an anti hero spin-off called The Stand-Alone Kidz, and he would based the series on his own childhood exspearience, being inspired by her work. The original writer accepted under conditions she worked with Barnwell to make sure the spin-off stays in-universe to her idea and to keep her original characters from changing TOO much, considering Barnwell's bad hapits of making characters WAY-out-of-characters, a hapit that had him given a respectful but firm resignment from Generations Comics when he made WAY too much radical changes to some of their comics and he was given a recimendation to XD since they're more "forgiving" on extreme changes more or less. After the canon reformation, the new spin-off was announced and release with promising results.

Like it's original counter-part, it didn't suffered too badly from XD's momentary controversey with trying to make characters "edgier" and "darker". It pretty much had the same villains, with obvious exceptions to it's own creations like a villain gamer based on the childhood warning that you shouldn't' obcessed over video games too much who wasn't THAT dark and would turn out to be a joke. It recovered the quickest from the controversey storm and resumed as if nothing happened. Barnwell and the main arthur are still friends and the spin-off is still a big considerable tag-along hit along with it's counterpart.

Comic History

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  1. Dura Child (Nega Child)- A Superior baby lion cub who is the leader of the Stand-Lone Kidz, and brother of Turbo Child, leader of the Challenger Children. When he is reformed, he no longer hates his brother for being smarter than him, and he is the most adult member of the Stand-Lone Kidz. His powers include super-strength, super-flight, invulnerability, heat-vision, X-ray vision, and telekinesis.
  2. Mindteaser (Parental Mind)- A Superior baby duck who had once been one of the most challenging adversaries of the Challenger Children. When she reformed, she is the one who helps most of the team around like a caring mother, but she can kick butt anyway. She is calm, collective, and intelligent. Her powers include mind-control, telepathy, and a psychic shield.
  3. Lucidity (Nightmare)- A Superior baby bat who has been known to be a living nightmare for the Challenger Children. When he reformed, he became a fearful opponent to any criminal. He usually spends his weekends going to Insantino's hideout and giving him nightmares. He is one of the members who gained more powers than the ones he had as a villain. He is a real jokester with a face that intimidates even Turbo Child. His powers include dream-manipulation, a psychic shield, a sonic scream, force-field generation, and invisibility.
  4. Punishment- A Superior baby serval who has great strategic intelligence and child-like playfulness. Being reformed, he has a less-ominous personality, and has a wide array of superpowers and weaponry provided by Brainstorm, said to be 'the perfect punishment', earning him his name. He didn't bother changing it as a hero because his name was still good. His powers include super-strength, super-agility, super-endurance, power negation, telescopic vision, a healing factor, and X-ray vision.
  5. Brainstorm- A Superior baby chimpanzee who is a child genius, and is the brother of Pablo the Smart. Just like his brother, he has invented the Stand-Lone Kidz's various machinery and highly-advanced lair. Aside from his various advancement of gadgets and weaponry, he has his own array of superpowers. Being reformed, he considers himself the smartest of the members, even smarter than Dura Child, leading them to having a rivalry. He never bothered changing his name due to being good enough with the name. He also gave himself some additional powers than before. His powers include super-strength, super-mentality, telepathy, omnilingualism, psychometry, and super-flight.
  6. The Twist Twins (The Trickery Twins)- 2 Superior baby red-tailed monkeys who both share a telepathic link to each other, and can only communicate with each other in their minds, and no one else. Their love for entertainment allows them to secretly visit an amusement park called Mimzy World and create their own customary machines. Being reformed, they occasionally have sibling rivalry with each other, some of them being gender wars. They like being hilarious and usually like doing karaoke together. They are excellent hiders and eluders, and are smart and complete pranksters. They share the same superpowers: super-agility, telekinesis, a telepathic link, X-ray vision, psychic shields, and color-manipulation.
  7. Ontogeny (Cheater Boy)- A Superior baby macaw who is a master at gaming, and is considered to be a 'cheater' with his superpowers. He enjoys adapting well to a criminal's moves, and his powers ensure that there is possibly no way to stop him. Being reformed, he had his super-mentality removed, but not enough for him to not be a strategist. Now he just has the power of reactive adaptation.
  8. Troglodyte (Beastly Bully)- A Superior baby dingo that has one of the most brutal tempers of any of the Stand-Lone Kidz, even after being reformed. He is mostly an aggressive person who, if he stays angry for too long, he not only slowly matures, but he mutates into a giant beastly monster that is nearly-invincible. He has had Brainstorm give him anger management classes so he can learn to control his anger so he won't go berserk again, and he even gives him serums that allow him to keep his self-awareness when mutated. His basic superpowers include super-strength, super-agility, near-invulnerability, and wallcrawling. When he mutates, these powers increase.
  9. Pantomime (Cootie Girl)- A Superior baby tuatara who used to be a power-infectious girl who amplified someone's superpowers at such a high rate, they are unable to control them with just a touch. And what's worse was that when that amped Superior touches another, a major superpower of theirs is amplified at the same level. She had this power removed, and replaced with power mimicry, a power which she heard was discriminated in the past. Being reformed, she is still a very naïve child, but smart, and is a master of tactics and knows where her targets will be with her powers. Unfortunately, she gets terrible hallucinations of her old infectious power being used on her, and when she sees them, she either gets scared, upset, or even cries. Her powers include power-mimicry and night-vision.



  • Challenger Children- A team of superhero children who was in the same lab accident that the Stand-Lone Kidz were in. They went in a brief fight with them the first time they met with intelligence. They were able to discover what Dr. Insantino was doing to them, and stop him. As thanks, they vow to do herowork, but when they are scared to join them, they go to Zorba City, and they become allies instead. The Challenger Children and the Stand-Lone Kidz usually defeat a villain together at the exact moment they bump into each other. They usually visit each other's hideouts and have playdates together.
  • Dr. Sanitaide- A Superior sheep scientist, the owner of Sanitary Techs, and the creator of the Challenger Children and the Stand-Lone Kidz when they were still evil. He was able to help the Challenger Children defeat Insantino and free them from their control. He has since served as a fatherly figure to all 20 kids. His powers include super-mentality and electrical manipulation.
  • Katren Kittrina- A 25-year-old bobcat who was born with a rare condition that kept her from growing, leaving her to stay the rest of her life looking like a kitten. She is the sister of Bad Kitten who has been trying her best to help him with little success. She eventually helps the Stand-Lone Kidz and the Challenger Children battle her brother and defeat him. She has since earned the affection of the 20 kids with her determined, calm, and sassy personality, and her striking body (Which is pretty hot for baby standards). While she's trapped in a kitten's body, she and her body are still matured. Her powers include super-strength, super-agility, wallcrawling, teleportation, telekinesis, and invisibility.
  • Victorians (Rarely)- The Stand-Lone Kidz have never met the Victorians, but have heard about them when The Challenger Children tells them the story of how they defeated Ursina together. They don't meet until a battle against both Insantino and Black von Skull, who have both teamed up. The Victorians respect them despite their pasts, and is happy to help in the case that they bump into each other.
  • Titaneers (Fictional versions)- The Stand-Lone Kidz only know about the Titaneers by reading their comics. They thought they were fictional as well until they surprisingly bumped into each other when the Challenger Children first met them and have been helping them defeat their enemy Master Hecatomb. They don't seem to help them, however, because they were on a mission to defeat another villain.


  • Dr. Insantino- A Superior bald uakari scientist who had been the Stand-Lone Kidz' adoptive father who raised them to do crime when they were still the Conquest Children, and to give him the love he never had as a kid, being abused by his parents. He was the one who caused the accident that made them and the Challenger Children by adding a drug to the substance which causes a chain reaction and explosion. Unfortunately, his evil drug only lasted a week, and he had to give them the substance every week until he was defeated while trying to gain a substance that would make the drug permanent. Since he was defeated by the Challenger Children and lost the Conquest Children, he swore revenge. He's constantly been attacking the Stand-Lone Kidz and became their main enemy. His powers include super-agility, super-endurance, telekinesis, and omnilingualism.
  • Bogeymenace- A Superior black panther who started out to be an entertainer for Mimzy World, the same theme park where the Challenger Children battled the Trickery Twins. When their battle caused damage to his attraction, he was fired for not being able to pay back the damages, and he swore revenge on the Challenger Children and the Stand-Lone Kidz ever since. He was then told the location of both the Challenger Children and Stand-Lone Kidz' hideouts by Insantino, and immediately injected himself with new superpowers and put up a haunting fight with them. They were haunted by him until the Challenger Children told them he was a supervillain they had to deal with, and they were embarrassed and put him in his place. His powers include super-agility, super-endurance, self-detonation, invisibility, ghosting powers, intangibility, and memory manipulation.
  • Pacifier- A Superior 16-year-old Pacific loon who once worked for Sanitary Techs. 16 years ago, she was originally a scientist who made a device called a Youth Probe that was meant to do the job that the Pedokinea would do years later. But she was actually creating it to turn all the scientists into 6-year-olds so she can enslave them into helping her take over the corporation, then all of Kratos. Once the conspiracy was discovered, Grotch fought her for the Probe, and when she tried to use it against him, it malfunctioned and turned her into a newborn chick, whereas Grotch thought she was dead. Since then, she waited 16 years to get revenge, gained an internship in the same lab with no one recognizing her, and managed to re-create the Probe, giving it a new design, and disguised it's true purpose by designing it to make things younger and fresher, calling it the Refresher. When her plan was ready, she turned the entire lab into babies. She turned the Challenger Children into adults, and because they were not used to having grown-up bodies yet, they lost their comfortable fighting skills. It isn't until they get help from the Stand-Lone Kidz that they are able to return to their young ages, and defeat Pacifier, sending her to jail. Her powers include super-agility, teleportation, telekinesis, and force-field generation.
  • Youthenasia- A Superior aardwolf who was known for being sentenced to death for child slavery until he escaped before the sentence could be carried out. He aimed to get revenge on the child who ratted on him, and that child was the mother of Turbo Child and Dura Child. He set a trap for the Stand-Lone Kidz and threatened to blow Dura Child's mother up with an exploding slavery collar if they didn't cooperate. They were forbidden to tell anyone, including the Challenger Children. While he hoped that their forced actions would ruin their reputations as heroes, the Challenger Children had already been in on it after hearing it on the news. Unfortunately, they were caught by the collar's alarm system while trying to free the mother, and Youthenasia has them all captured. But they manage to escape and fight him, only for Youthenasia to try and kill their mother. Unfortunately, when the Challenger Children removed the collar from the mother, they had it sabotaged, rendering the collar unable to be detonated. Angry, he tries to kill her himself, only for him to get a heart attack and die. His powers included super-strength, super-longevity, super-endurance, super-flight, X-ray vision, and heat vision.
  • Thaddeus the Toymaker- A Superior Uganda mangabey toy inventor who was well-known by the Stand-Lone Kidz, but not as much as the Challenger Children. But some rumors have went around that he has been committing acts of evil with the toys he makes. Of course, nobody, not even the authorities, believed them. Some have even been sent to insane asylums because of these claims. But the Stand-Lone Kidz, at first not believing these claims, find something off with a crime scene where a kid is blamed for the murder of a babysitter, which they find that the design of the toy he kept didn't match the toy's original design, and comes alive to try and kill the kids. They eventually find out that Toymaker has implanted a special military chip in millions of toys all over Kratos, and has made a satellite to turn all the toys into invading killing machines that overwhelm even the Stand-Lone Kids and the Challenger Children. Toymaker was intending to use these toys to enslave all of Kratos after it attempted to shut down his company for stealing designs from other toys. He had all the agents killed, relocated his company, and plotted to take over Kratos. Fortunately, the Stand-Lone Kidz and Challenger Children are able to shut down his toy machines, confront TT, and send him to jail. However, he escapes several times, plotting more schemes, making more menacing toy machines, and even got his hands on a reality-manipulating energy to turn Kratos into a dystopian world where he was never stopped, and he rules with his stronger and unstoppable toy army. He has entire armies of toys, his main ones being Sentinel-like toy soldiers called Sentries, which come in multiple versions. His powers include super-strength, super-mentality, telekinesis, merging, psychometry, and heat vision.
  • Lord Nowhere- A Superior gerbil who has been known to be a griefer who took down a game's popularity and was immediately arrested for it, gaining a probation to never go on role-playing online games again. That is until he discovered the VBox 9000, and when he was caught violating his probation, he winded up transferring himself into the VR console, and he was able to become the ruling gamer who was never defeated in the virtual game, but gave rewards to satisfy. Unfortunately, these rewards were devices that would give him the power to digitally take apart Kratos and remake it into a similar virtual kingdom. He was able to come across the Stand-Lone Kidz, who discovered his origins, accomplishments, and plans for Kratos with the use of his virtual kingdom's technology. He promised his residents that this world, that he names the 'Third Dimension', would become theirs for the taking, and they all help him take over, only for the Stand-Lone Kidz to reveal he was a griefer, whom they considered like a 'demon', and they exile him back to the real world where he is arrested. Despite his size, Lord Nowhere is a hapkido expert who has killed people in both VR and reality. His small size ensures that he is impossible to grab, and his virtual control over his world ensures he can manipulate his own body 100%. His Superior powers in reality is super-strength, super-flight, and light manipulation.
  • Bad Kitten- A Superior 30-year-old bobcat who was born with a condition that kept him from maturing, remaining the appearance of a bobcat kitten until the day he dies. Because of this, he has been bullied for it, and his oppression lead to him becoming a supervillain who studied gymnastics and martial arts. He has proven to be one of the skilled and toughest villains the Stand-Lone Kids, and maybe even The Challenger Children, have ever faced. When he first appeared, he gained control of Sanitary Techs and re-created the Pedokinea serum, turning both the Challenger Children and the Stand-Lone Kidz back into their normal baby selves. He stole all the machinery in their hideouts and used them to create his own robotic suit to make him bigger and he planned to make all of Kratos' inhabitants his size and allow him to dominate them. Luckily, his kind-hearted sister, Katren Kittrina, who has the same condition her brother does, is able to bring the 20 heroes back, and help them stop BK. She has since become the object of the 20 kids' affection. Bad Kitten still appears and devises more evil plans for the 2 teams to defeat, especially with Katren's help. His powers include super-strength, super-agility, wallcrawling, teleportation, telekinesis, and invisibility.
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