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The Storm Clan Emblem (Vector by EJLightning007arts)

The Storm/Heaven Clan were a clan of yeti-Eqsed Satyrs that were the created desiples of Lord Order that were intended to be the enforcers of order and peace that were meant to keep Equestia and Beyond in check in an event of the Alicorn Gods absince or downfall, but alas, Lord Chaos desided to be a real plan wrecker and tainted the clan to have conquest happy quilities that compromsies Order's intended vision, making the Clan more ruiners then preservers. Even dispite devients that either partically left their ways or became radically different then the clan, the majority of them are still consistent congurors. This family of powerful Satyrs who are unique in one way or another, but they always traditionally carry the ability to manipulate weather along the side, as each member's staff is designed to steal magic and grant the user the power of whatever magic they steal. They have apparently been the reason why many lands outside Equestria are hostile and represent real life more than Equestria. Since the Chaos Wars left many lands independent since the ponies all centered themselves to Equestria, leaving other creatures, sentient or otherwise, to claim what was left, the Storm Clan in their homeland of Pana took advantage of it, conquering countless lands, yet Equestria proved problematic as ponies were the purest creations of the deceased Alicorn Gods, and could pose a possible threat.

Clan Members

  • The Hurricane King- AKA Subjuncta Heaven/Storm, he is the previous leader of the clan who died after the defeat of his son the Storm King in Late 2017, but is later resurrected for the final stand against the heroes that humiliated his clan through targeting the home capital of all Alicorn Gods, Alicornia.
  • The Cyclone Queen- AKA Procella Heaven/Storm, she is the mother of the Storm King and wife of Hurricane King. She was tecnecally among the storm clanners that tried to get early revenge, her plan involving freeing the occupents of Tartarus, but her plans were foiled when she was murdered by Queen Corono, decapitated afterwords to be placed on a spiked staff, eaten to the bone, and the body re-modeled into a throwne chair. The Macabe throwne would then be repocessed by the Guardians once Corono has been pasifived.
  • The Conquest King- AKA Instituidor Heaven/Storm, he is the Hurricane King's over-redundent brother but otherwise earnestly powerful and nearly unstoppable to conventional means master of conquest. He's also amongst the earliest of revenge seekers, but cruel fate would have him crushed by a stray destroyed rocket made by Professor Buzzord in a force so fast even his usual invulerablity had failed to protect him. His crushed body was collected quietly by the Guardians of Harmony to prevent his reserection.
  • The Storm King- AKA Sacana Heaven/Storm- The biggest conqueror of the family, and though he is a complete joke, he is still a force to be reckoned with for almost conquering Equestria with the use of one of their strongest weapons, the Staff of Sacanas.
  • The Valkyrie Queen- AKA Altus Heaven/Storm- Storm King's sister who's somewhat the co-second-in-command of the clan as she proved to be equally as formidable as him through her weapon, the Staff of Altus, though she no longer carries it for the moment and has a pet thunderbird companion named Morgen.
  • The Thunder King- AKA Tonitrus Heaven/Storm- Storm King's brother who is a very brutal and reckless conqueror whose more serious than his father, carrying a staff called the Staff of Tonitrus, and had been charged with watching over the clan's enemies, the Guardians of Harmony, and has an innate fear of Keyblade Wielders after almost being killed by one.
  • The Undergrowth King- AKA Chthon Heaven/Storm- Storm King's elder brother and the fat and grown Paranoid ruler of the underground world of Equestia and tormenter of the Changeling race, and conguror of the Molemen, carrying the staff that he remodeled into a pickaxe called the Pickaxe of Chthon, which he inhertited from the late "Underground King" who had a bad run-in with an underground geyser just when he was about to enter an ego-stroking speech.
  • The Sky Duke- AKA Subductos Heaven/Storm- The Storm King's cousin and brother to The Wind King who went into a life of piracy, seeking to take over by plundering and pillaging, and even lost his hand and replaced it with a hook that acts in repalcement of his own staff, espeically since it was once a staff until the Sky Duke had to refastion it since the hand he lost was his good magic casting hand, turning the Staff of Subductos into the Hook of Subductos.
  • The Joke Prince- AKA The Chaos KingJack, or Ineptias Heaven/Storm, or even Jack Storm- A hopelessly insane but powerful younger brother of Storm King that ended up like this thanks to accsidently swallowing a relic of the Chaos Wars and ended up an extreme devient to the family to the point that he only wants to drive everyone mad and insane, and when combined with his staff that was refashioned into a jester scepter called the Sceptre of Ineptias.
  • The Speed King- AKA Celeritas Heaven/Storm- The Hurrcane King's Speed Nut Younger Brother prone to saying "WA-ZAM" all the time to everyone's annoyence and only cares about being the fastest in the world, devianting from the clan's conquest plans, and while he does have a staff called the Staff of Celeritas, his real trademark is his sandel-eqsed speed-shoes known as The Shoes of Hermes.
  • The Promised Land Baron- AKA Opus Heaven/Storm- A passive aggressive semi-devient of the traditional conquesting of the clan's ways and the late-mid brother of the Hurrcane King, who with his business savy and ability of silver tonguing, as well as his staff that he converted into a cigar called the Cigar of Opus, aims to "Beat them with kindness" through creating an ultamate promise land known as "The Land of Promises" where every desire comes true. This is so because he personally doesn't believe in being as violent as his brothers, but clearly as deludedly evil as them.
  • The Rumor Lord- AKA Situs Heaven/Storm- A sort've nega-verson of Promise Land Baron and Hurricane King's mid-brother, but the most scaringly infamous member of the clan to even Storm King because, while having the same silver tongue abilities as the Land Baron, as well as his Staff of Situs, he uses it in a way that breaks people's hearts by saying obvious lies that magicly sound like truths. Alone these powers are capable of ruining a person's life, but with somehing like the legendary and infamous Rumor Mill, he would become the greatest life destroyer in Equestia.
  • The Wish Sultan- AKA Litus Heaven/Storm- The Hurricane King's lost brother, who was once named The Sand Swami until an ambitious attempt to claim a legendary oil lamp of Saddle Arabia ended with his own self-imprisonment into the very thing he wanted to contain, condemning him to now be the Wish Sultan as a result. Basically, a devieant, but not nessersarly by choice but because of cruel, ironic fate.
  • The Drama Queen- AKA Decus Heaven/Storm- The baby sister of The Hurracane King and one of the extreme semi-devients to the clan who is more into becoming the conguror of the fastion world as suppose to the world itself. But she still maintains that traditional family cruelty by making the best designers become her slaves and not even letting death to allow them to escape inside a Pan-Pocket Sweat-Shop Dimention, wielding Inspiration Manifestation magic through her weapon, a staff converted into a cigar called the Cigar of Decus.
  • The Love Queen- AKA Fantas Heaven/Storm- The illegitimate beautiful yet deadly daughter of The Drama Queen who conquers in a very strange way: By ruining through romantic means. She ends up trying to avenge her family by ruining the life of Fluttershy, a target of flirts, including a defect of her family's storm creature slave army named Monson.
  • The Order King- AKA Encomedas Heaven- The eldest brother of the Hurracane King and the only clan member who's devient to them to the point of having a glimmer of goodness because of the clan's greatest secrets, but because of being dominated by sadness thanks to Hurracane's betrayal, he is at risk of being no better in his own way, as his newly-forged staff, the Staff of Encomedas, can still be lethal.
  • The Opera EmperorCamenas Heaven/Storm- The Hurracane King's embarrising Opera Obcessed Father but over all powerful former Patriarch of the Clan. He started the clan tradition that only the strongest will lead, thus allowed Hurracane and later Storm King to take over as clan leaders. He tends to have a humoriously sadistic sense of humor, so you can guess where The Storm King got his assets from, and his music stand-like staff called the Stand of Camenas ensures that he can be taken seriously as a Shakespearean villain.
  • The Torment King- AKA Algos Heaven/Storm- The worst and infamous of the clan and Hurricane's maternal grandfather who molded them into ruthless conquerors, and his Staff of Algos, which is now split into the many staffs and/or converted weapons the family uses now, gives him the power to torment and mentally destroy his opponents in boundless ways, and is believed to be dead but is actually in a healing coma after absorbing magic to give him near-immortality.
  • The Death King- AKA Obitus Heaven/Storm- The Hurricane King's father-in-law who is a harbinger of death, as his scythe-converted staff called the Scythe of Obitus is capable of killing within an instant, and grant him the abilities of those he slays and using their bodies within his army, and is like Storm King if he had the mindset of TFS Alucard.
  • The Crime Kingpin- AKA Scelus Heaven/Storm- A member of the clan who considers himself the top kingpin of crime in the world of Equestria, wielding a staff that was converted into a wine glass called the Glass of Scelus that has alcohol derived from unicorn magic to make him formidable.
  • The Bestiary King- AKA Brutum Heaven/Storm- A missing bastard son of the Crime Kingpin who was the one in charge of supplying mythical monsters and creatures for the Storm Clan including his own raijū named Fulgur, but was eventually turned into a cobra by the Guardians of Harmony, which was able to free his control from Lord Chaos and subtly reform him.
  • The Singularity King- AKA Opibus Heaven/Storm- The scientist member of the clan who conquers through using interdimensional magic, and studies the anomalies of magic for his own nefarious purposes, and for those of the clan, as well as providing knowledge in science, math, magic, and potions, especially through his quarterstaff-converted staff called the Quarterstaff of Opibus.
  • The Paradox Prince- AKA Tempo Heaven/Storm- The direct son of the Singularity King, albeit born illegitimately, that went beyond dimentions and became more focus on time. With his magical Time Stopwatch, he can travel into any part of the main time stream and even get into alternate timelines without having to change anything. This would enable him to allow villains of alternate timelimes to come to the main timeline to really cause trouble.
  • The Rustler Outlaw- AKA Obcasus Heaven/Storm- Another Cousin of the Storm King who went a devient path and became an outlaw leader of his own possie of netourious bandits and outlaws, with the use of his weapon, the two pistal-like weapons called the Guns of Obcasus that turns it's targets into coal though bullets derived from the same power as Obsidian Orbs, as well as his Blunderbuss of Obcasus that absorbs magic and allows him to control it to his will. He's pretty much the only member who didn't get a diffrent weapon from getting a staff cause he never accquired a staff because he left before such would happen. This would be because, like the Sky Duke, he wanted to be different then just being another conguror. Unlike the Sky Duke, he still maintains some form of respect for his family that the law of the west he came to adopt will lead him to avenge his kin.
  • The Wind King- AKA Ventus Heaven/Storm- One of the members of the family that went past weather-based magic to use the raw power of the elements. Wind King harnesses the power of air to blow his foes away through his staff converted into a feathered fan-like spear called the Fan of Ventus.
  • The Typhoon King- AKA Ros Heaven/Storm- One of the members of the family that went past weather-based magic to use the raw power of the elements. Typhoon King harnesses the power of water to drown his foes, using his trident-converted staff called the Trident of Ros.
  • The Fire King- AKA Impes Heaven/Storm- One of the members of the family that went past weather-based magic to use the raw power of the elements. Fire King harnesses the power of fire to incinerate his foes, all with the use of his weapon, the torch-like staff called the Torch of Impes.
  • The Ice Queen- AKA Gelus Heaven/Storm- The beautiful yet menacing sister of Typhoon King and one of the members of the family that went past weather based magic to se the raw power of the elements. The Ice Queen harnesses the power of ice and snow and sends lands of enemies and future slaves into a desolate winter kingdom more intense then even the frozen north. She mainly resides in the mountains of said Frozen North in because she has grown to like the cold and that she can no longer be unable to bare with anything less then super below celisus. She deemed the christail empire to be an insult to her frozen kingdom and thus aims to dispose of the christail heart so it too can become a proper part of a winter kingdom. Then she would proceed to turn Equestia into a winter wonderland to make sure her Freezing Empire Plans can't be easily thwarted.
  • The Quake King- AKA Casso Heaven/Storm- One of the members of the family that went past weather-based magic to use the raw power of the elements. Underground King harnesses the power of earth to crush his foes. He was the mentor of the Undergrowth King, using a warhammer-converted staff called the Hammer of Cassos.
  • The Terror Shogun- AKA Caecus Heaven/Storm- The terrorstriking conguror of the easten lands of Equestria, where he and an army of ninja monkeys have been the bane of the Eastern Lands existence. He is armed with the Katanas of Peace and War, where seperate the powers are great, but combined, they can wipe entire lands out of the face of existence. Thus, his conquesting was met with little resistence. Inspite of the name, the Terror Shogun is actselly a very honorable foe, he only takes what he needs and rarely takes away the life of anyone that isn't a threat, implying that some traces of the Heaven Clan still reside with him. However, the terror part is justifived soon enough when his honor-boundness for his clan begins to make him more and more dark and hungry for revenge.
  • The Yōkai King- AKA Iapon Heaven/Storm- The Terror Shogun's brother and a half-yōkai onmyoji that currently attempts to take over the land of Tochia with his spiritual powers which he obtained after dying trying to steal the country's magical ultramagical crown jewel, Hoshi-no-Tama. Unlike his more honor-bound brother, the Yokai King is basicly an asianised verson of the Storm King, along with being riddled with an ego bigger then the biggest creature in Tochia.
  • The Sea Beast Viking- AKA Chifrar Heaven/Storm- A Drago Bludvist-minded Storm Clansman and perhaps amongst the darkest of the Storm Clan, and the one most utilising of sea terrors, who has been able to use the Pike of Beast Mastery to control the mind-warped sea monsters to do his bidding, as he aims to seek out The Mouth of Bermuda.
  • The Nature Queen- AKA Ser Heaven/Storm- An extremely hippie minded passive-agressive mistress of nature Storm Clan member and armed with a flower known as the Flower of Gaia Everfree that enables her to grow even trees as quickly as a few seconds. Even though the Nature Queen looks as if she is incapable of betrayals, that doesn't make her less of a threat, as somewhere under all that peaceful zen awaits a proper storm clanner waiting to be released by an act of prevoksion. Aside from that, Nature Queen seems to be amongst the least corrupted Storm Clanner until prevoked, which also makes her the most alinement unstable.
  • The Magic Master- AKA Meden Heaven/Storm- The Storm Clan's top magic user and provider of spells and mana, not being around due to being a benefactor working for the Spell Services that prove hard for the clan to use, but can be overconfident and overestimating, wielding the Wands of Medes.
  • The Voodoo Shaman- AKA Maleficum Heaven/Storm- A younger brother of Magic Master who tries to overpower his brother out of jealousy, getting exiled for being too reckless with his voodoo powers and his Scepter of Maleficum.
  • The Gold Monarch- AKA Ouro Heaven/Storm- The more tragity striken member in some extent in thanks to his cursed Midas Touch he was once proud of, but it left him suffering with starvation with barely any ability to drink as everything he touches keeps turning to gold! Though it was likely he gotten those powers with selfish intent, it's obvious he ended up paying for it harshly to the point that it's really hard to hate him. Reguardless, in being congured by uncontrolled grief and rampent pitiness, the Gold Monarch is a threat of his own accurd because he can't exactly control his touch powers as everything becomes gold apawn touch, driving the poor fool to beg for his suffering to end in anyway possable.
  • The Happiness Prince- AKA Gavisus Heaven/Storm- The Storm King's very young little brother and perhaps the least corrupted or deluded of any of the storm clan. The Prince is powered by the happiness of others, and cause of it, he wants to bring happiness to them in return, to not only feel the happiness he never got from the storm clan, but to make a new toyland-like nation with the children of Equestia and beyond to make the world a better place as an act of redemption for what the clan has done. As much as the Prince himself isn't trying to be a problem, he does run the risk of being targeted by undesireables to malmitulate him, whether from Equestria or another world.