The Poster

Villain League activity has appeared in an uncharted and unknown desert world which, at first glace, is of little value and worth to them. Junjie and his usual cronies, Saix, Xigbar, and Pete with a platoon of Villain League Shocktroopers appear to have some sort of mining depot on the planet. The Lodgers are present as well, and are curious of what the League wants with this empty desert with hardly-interesting life just doing about their respective business. That was when the Lodgers discover that this seemingly-harmless world is holding the possibility of a currently-unlocked Keyhole to Kingdom Hearts which is the prison of an unknown Heartless unlike any other. While trying to figure things out, the Lodgers seem to have caught themselves in a endless, and somehow humorous, conflict between a lizard and a misfited trio of a vulture, a hyena, and a fox over something as mundane as farm-raised food from a local dog. It might be possible these 4 trouble-makers will attract unwanted attention from the Villain League.


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