The Poster

The Lodgers and the crazy mute strangers have been captured by Junjie and Pete, and have been caged. As a result, the Lodgers have been mocked because of 'their new friends' by most of the League and Xigbar except Saix who seems to look strangely resmorseful and apologetic. Since the Lodgers are gonna be stuck here for a while, The Lougers bare no hard feelings for the strangers (Though Shen and Icky were a tad quick to be abit vocal for their troubles), and wanted to get to know them better. Though, Ed Otter seems to recognize them as Oscar, Poppy, Buck and Harchi, who had their own show that aired in Brazil, Asia, and on Disney Junior, and have lived in the desert all their lives and are only conflicting with each other just because they just don't view each other very kindly since Oscar steals the others' food a lot. Despite the Lodgers explaining who they are and telling them they might need help from them, Oscar and the trio don't seem to agree with each other. Oscar insists they should help, but Poppy thinks it's not a good idea to mess with things they don't understand, with lack-of-free-will support from her idiot cronies Buck and Harchi. With them constantly getting angry with each other, the Lodgers must act fast and get these conflicting critters to get a truce before this desert world is history.


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