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Despite fighting back hard, the strange but brave heroes could only do enough to stop Junjie from freeing the unknown heartless: Tarantulord, a giant tarantula-like heartless monster about to bring even greater destruction upon the world. It destroys their homes, and eventually traps the group inside a tainted volcano. The Heartless has already consumed half of the world into darkness. But things get downhill when Tarantulord turns against the Villain League after revealing that the reason why he is a Heartless is because he hated the Villain League for destroying his family when Dark Cynder was still with them. He then became a double-agent and had long-awaited to double-cross the Villain League even after his imprisonment in that Keyhole. He locks up the villains in a dark prison in the volcano, and wants to take over this world himself, and eventually become the new main villain leader of the UUniverses. With all the heroes apparently defeated, it seems that all hope may be lost. But it turns out that Saix has freed the Shell Lodgers and allowed them to help save the day after knowing that Tarantulord was trouble from the start. With Tarantulord closer to ruling the world, the heroes and their new acquaintances must stop it. They might even consider adding the 4 critters to the Shell Lodge Squad.

(This will be played in the climax)

Toy Story 3 soundtrack - 14. The Claw

Toy Story 3 soundtrack - 14. The Claw.

(This will be played in the final battle)

Kingdom Hearts II Music - VS Disney Boss (The Encounter)

Kingdom Hearts II Music - VS Disney Boss (The Encounter)


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