Tyranious is at it again. He still wants to make his old friends pay for ruining him, and even though his Holo Hunters are back again, and every villain on Kratos hates him for his last 2 plans, he has discovered an old war machine that Superior telepath scientists have abandoned long ago.  The weapon was a 30ft vehicle called the 'Heavily-Enhanced Recreational Chariot', or HERC for short, which was a large mobile command center prototype that was designed to charge into buildings, hold a vast phalanx of soldiers, and be built for nothing but combat. Tyranious decided to repair the HERC, and he uses it to cause major damage to Prometheon and it is powerful enough to allow Tyranious to steal tons of quantonium. Because of this success, Tyranious intends on duplicating the HERC and using them to steal the rest of the quantonium on Kratos and use them to take over Kratos. So, the Penguins, Icky and Iago are by dumb luck, forced into the quest to stop him with the help of Tyranious' old friends. Who knows what will ensue?

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