Another Teadr 1 race has turned up on Planet Creed, and the Lodgers and Heroes Act have joined with the Reddles and Blumes to bring them back by clause. But they don't know that this is one of the races that had a reason of being dead to begin with. This race is amoral to a troublesome fault. They are revealed to be beings of pure light called Photids that evolved in a temporal nebula capable of creating life without the need for a planet. Considering themselves gods, they were good allies to the Xomn and gained the power of time and space. They were capable of crafting holograms and paradoxes on a whim, but the Xomn prosecuted them for abusing these powers for the purpose of judging life in the AUU, seeing life as faulty, self-destructive, and disrespectful to the natural order, and when the Xomn refused to allow them anymore access to time and space manipulation, the outraged Photids stopped being allies to them and stole most of their power, and as punishment, the Xomn put away their leader Phovton in a black hole prison, and banished the entire race into their temporal nebula under a strong temporal field out of time's bounds or sync forever, never existing and never being able to interact with anything or anyone so they would never abuse their gifts again. And as luck would have it, Cart was stupid enough to free them and Phovton because he was offered candy and eventually became their temporal double agent screwing over the heroes through paradoxes, especially Grough by erasing pangza (AUU pizza-calzone hybrid food) from existence, which is starting to crack the Photids' temporal prison. Now the Photids seek revenge upon their eventual freedom by threatening to destroy the entire setting of the AUU through paradoxes, described as 'unmaking', and remake it. With the help of a defect Photid named Jiggins who was cursed into a Schrödinger effect, can our heroes be able to pacify the Photids before the Xomns are the first to suffer their wrath, espeically when their intense amorality is because of a god-complex advisor to Phovton, named ArchDuke Lightbulb, that corrupted his race, is the one pulling the strings here?

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