Goldious Maximus and Lord Toss and Tort has been assigned with Xerxes and his reserected forces to contain the armor of the Ultamate Warrior Deathmatch to combine with an upcoming abomination they are making. with the successful containtment, Goldious however falls into the machince with the Deathmatch armor as suppose to the planned expearimental creature made of Candece's DNA, Goldious had fused with the armor, and became superior! as such, Xerxes granted Goldious half control over his returned forces as Goldious goes out to punish his own family for shunning him. the Lougers are already on to the newly powered Goldious Maximus, and are already working on an anti-mutant ray to reverse what has been reaped apawn, but will they be ready to faced the new and improved Goldious Maximus?

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