The Eastern Lands of Equestia are being tormented by another Storm Clansman, this time, going by the name of The Terror Shogun, where he and an army of ninja monkeys have been the bane of the Eastern Lands existence and thus needs to be stopped. However, the Lodgers and the Main 7 need to be cautious about the Shogun because he processes two legendary powerful katanas, named the Katanas of Peace and War, where separate the powers are great, but combined, they can wipe entire lands out of the face of existence, and now they're in the procession of a very vengeful honor-bound to his kin Storm Clanner, and to our heroes, that cannot fly. But they go back with Mistmane to find out with Gibson and the Kirins to find out where these katanas came from so they can put a stop to him. Turns out that Terror Shogun had finally acquired the Katana of Peace from it's true master, Illustris' son Zodiac, who is guarded by a relentless Samurai Jack-style Qilin warrior named Chu Han and his pet Fenghuang Niao, as he cannot be met because he guards the Qilin Sword, as protecting him has become #1 priority since the Terror Shogun stole Qilin magic with his Bō of Caecus, which is similar to the Staff of Sacanas, but is more of a polearm and like any Storm Clan custom staff, has collector crystals that steal magic, as Terror Shogun takes their magic and weapons as trophies, which is what happened when he stole magic from Eastern Land ponies and Qilin, specifically the strongest warriors there, which allowed him to finally take the Katana of Peace from Zodiac and use it for evil. Though Terror Shogun proves further that he's one of the only Storm Clansmen that haven't lost their edge because in spite of the name, he's actually honorable which is why he always challenged his foes to a fight to win what he wanted instead of just stealing it, as he stole all that power because he couldn't beat Zodiac with the lost Katana of War because he possessed it's counterpart and he needed to be stronger. Now with all this power, including the Bō that he still carries along with the Katanas, the race is on to stop him once and for all and return all that he took.


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Samurai Jack vs Afro Samurai (Death Battle) music

Samurai Jack vs Afro Samurai (Death Battle) music

Terror Shogun's Final Fight

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