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Algos Storm, The Torment King

The Torment King, AKA Algos Heaven or Algos Storm, is an Equestrian satyr and the great grandfather of The Storm King and the one who molded the conquering image of his family in the Storm Clan since they were corrupted by Lord Chaos, representing the worst quality of him, as he actually betrayed his grandson The Hurricane King, seeing himself as the strongest member of The Storm Clan and was jealous of Hurricane for being chosen to lead, overthrowing him for 20 years, and had the power and image to mold the Storm Clan. With his Staff of Algos, whose offspring are all the staffs possessed by the entire clan, he has all their abilities, including the ability to steal magic and use it as his own with the Panan Collector crystals, but his most notable ability is the ability to torment in boundless ways with his dark magic, using mental attacks, debunks occlumency, causes physical and mental pain, reduces his foes into fear and tears, exposes them to their worst fears, shows them dark outcomes and dark truths, essentially doing anything to make him the most praised and feared member of the Clan, including overthrowing the Storm Clan. However, he was believed to have died, being the first of the Clan to fail, when fighting the Guardians of Harmony with the unwilling help of the Hurricane King to get back his position as leader, but they didn't know that he gained the power of limited immortality, which allowed him to heal within a healing coma, and even in his grave, he never withered away, and he'd have more than enough power to burst out of the ground and get his revenge, and heal his Clan from what was reaped on it since the death of his hated great grandson. He has a grumbling mad villainous voice like Rasputin's, and has four underlings in the form of Nyxes from the moon that used to be victimized by Pitch Black and Nightmare Moon during her exile: Drauma, Somn, Nox, and Trist, who are all as silly as Grubber, but as skilled as Tempest Shadow as their abilities of shaping pony dreams into pleasant ones and away from nightmares had been switched to the opposite.


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He wears the traditional magic-proof armor of the Storm Clan, but modified with embedded collector crystals, and at will the armor displays the markings of his victims magically. The collector crystals on his armor allow him to steal magic even without his trademark weapon, the Staff of Algos, but this ability isn't as strong as it is with the staff. The staff has the combined power of all the other staffs of the Storm Clan and can steal magic from everyone in a 100-mile radius. He is also one of the most cunning and clever members of the Clan and can fight very well despite his age, which is nullified by his magic.

He has an expansive knowledge of black magic, which is his trademark magic ability that fits his theme and title. With this power, he can debunk magical defenses while having his own, and he can attack people with the strongest of mental spells, particularly those of worst fears, insecurities, hard truths, and so on. His spells also allow for physical torture like levitation-choking Darth Vader style, telekinetic internal injuries, nausea, and so on. He can also slowly corrupt with his power or silver tongue.