The Lodgers, in a quest to stop a Thugs-4-Less plot involving Jimmy Neutron's enemy, Junkman, they track him scavenging garbage from yet another secluded world that Thugs-4-Less rediscovered and saw had an entire treasury of scraps to salvage. This world is none other than the world of 'Artificilia', which despite looking like a polluted wasteland, has a large complex of sealed civilizations made entirely of plastic and little plants exist and no trees exist at all. Required resources, including air, water, food, and so on are only sold through the top business known as the Virtue Corporation. While searching for the Junkman, they end up in the civilization itself and meet Virtue Corp's president and the leader of the civilization itself, Mayor Pigsty, a pig who provides for his world the best he can. Unfortunately, they get distracted from their original mission when they discover that Pigsty may have played a hand in the wasted state the world is in now. Turns out, he has allowed the world to become the most disgusting and hazardous-to-your-health world ever, though not at first as his previous business and profits polluted Artificilia to the point where it became inhospitable, and after claiming that it has no hope of being restored, he found a new purpose for his business, and that's selling fresh resources to people, and he considers plants, including trees, a threat to his business, and will do everything in his power to stop anyone from taking that away from him. But while the Junkman notices that the Lodgers are onto him, he calls Thugs-4-Less for backup. And while Thugs-4-Less will be there to later tear the plastic utopia to bits to find the Lodgers, it's up to them to not only prevent that from happening, but to get the total pig of a mayor out of office, and try to introduse these people to a more cleaner lifestyle by making them embrace what the Mayor bastardized: plants.



(Artificilia Introduction Song)

The Lorax OST - 02

The Lorax OST - 02. Thneedville



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