The Tranquility Zone is a single universe sanctuary that Alternate UUniversal humans evacuated to in 1997 thanks to their Alternate UUniversal Interdimensional Portal technology on Planet Breezso Prime after the Villains Act threatened to destroy them. In this dimension, the 4 human breeds: Original, Territun, Khuroot, and Nardiraythe, have been living here in mostly peace, give or take non-voilent conflict. They kept many remnants of their old worlds with them, thanks to an entire library of animal and alien DNA called the BioCodex in case it would be safe to go back to their original home, and used the Codex and their cloning technology to restore any speices lost, and perhaps create less harmful versons of previously hospite speices that were killed for whatever reason like they did to creatures that used to be evil in the past from exspearimentation, and populate habitable planets. When it is revealed that it was safe to return, the humans will still keep this dimension for many reasons like the safe-keeping of the BioCodex, top secret research facilities, and so on.



The Tranquility Zone was discovered in 1993 by the AUU humans with the help of their companion Teadr 1 Yatoran race building an interdimensional transporter on Planet Breeszo Prime. They discovered that this wasn't like the AUU, because it was just a single universe. The humans had no idea what to name this universe, so they decided to call it Single Dimension 001, or SD-001. The humans and the dominant races have spent years studying SD-001 and over 56 habitable planets were discovered. It wasn't until 1996 that the humans decided to colonize SD-001. Their first terraformed planet was a Super-Marbon planet they named Arlar, where they discovered a vast variety of life. But in 1997, when the Villains Act was mysteriously founded and threatened the humans' safety, the humans were forced into fleeing through the dimensional porter to the only place they knew of: SD-001, and because they required tranquility, SD-001 was named The Tranquility Zone.

Rise of the New Human Government

After all the humans successfully evacuated, the 1st President of the Tranquility Zone, Lord Mandarious, decided that it was time for them to rebuild their human government. They sent drones to their villain-dominated former worlds to collect DNA from trillions of individual lifeforms, a process that was called The Codex Program, which lasted for over a year until the humans were sure that every single individual creature's DNA was brought to the TZ. Mandarious stored these DNA samples on the moon of their 2nd terraformed planet, Zolnora, calling it the BioCodex. With this library of DNA, they founded a terraforming team called the Genetic Population Circuit, which was meant to clone and breed multiple creatures from the AUU, and release them on other terraformed worlds, starting with Arlar and Zolnora. Mandarious named their government the Human Tranquility Government, a democratic-oligarchic system which would assume that humans would be in peace. After that came the Tranquility Zone Space Command (TZSC), the HTG's military branch, and the Tranquility Zone Currency Troupe, the HTG's currency branch.

After the HTG began to exist, the other 56 discovered planets were immediately ordered for terraforming. The teeraformation program lasted only 2 years (A year after the BioCodex was built), and several new communities and technologies were formed. New forms of alien life was discovered, most of them being more alien-like than the creatures of the AUU. The humans were not sure if they would encounter more intelligent life like their old AUU alien allies, but they decided that if they did, they would form a new alliance, if they can make friends with the races that easily. And thus, the Alien Era was born.

The Alien Era

The Alien Era began in 2000, when the humans discovered their first race: the Aars. The Aars were hard to communicate with at first due to most of them not knowing proper English. Luckily, humans were able to learn their language with their translation technology, as well as from the Aars which were able to learn to speak English. They studied the Aars' behavior in the hopes that they would get along. It wasn't until the humans were able to ride on a flying animal on the Aars' home planet called the Ptara Syu, which the Aars worshipped as 'Creations of the Sun', that the humans were worshipped. And so, they formed an alliance. After the Aars, there came other sentient creatures on several other worlds. Humans were able to tame and domesticate a variety of animals, and make an alliance with several other beings, doing favors for a few of them to do it.

Then in 2003, the humans discovered the most noble beings in all of the TZ: The Quygans. The humans discovered that the Quygans had a whole understanding of the humans' appearance in the TZ. They depicted in myth that there were near-God beings called 'The Dream Beings', which had arrived from worlds not of their own, and came to offer intelligence and tranquility. The humans were, of course, surprised that they had an understanding like this, and doubted that they were the 'Dream Beings' they speak of. But nevertheless, the progress they made in terraforming almost every part of the TZ had proven otherwise. Quygans then became the humans' closest allies, and were amazed by how much knowledge they possessed. They thought of the humans' AUU history as a mythological event called 'The Black Banishment', where the Dream Beings were cast out by a chaotic being and forced them to retreat to new worlds. Humans were both confused and amazed, thinking of their beliefs as a kind of prophecy. The Quygans were happy to explain the myths all the way through, and shockingly, the humans were intrigued that the myth said that the Dream Beings would triumph over an evil overlord that threatened and damaged their way of life, and that it took a great and godly feat to repair it and bring peace once more.

Quygans, being proud of meeting their 'Dream Beings', honorably joined the humans' TZ Alliance, and they were given new worlds to colonize. But the last world the humans would terraform would soon turn out to risk the fate of both the TZ Alliance, and the humans' existence as they knew it.

The Dark Ages

In 2006, the humans had enough technology to try and terraform their last Marbon-like planet: Ubelune. However, the Quygans, recognizing it's appearance, had feared for the humans' safety, claiming it to be a place called 'The Blue Badlands', which is the banishment site of Quygans who commited horrible sins, including a horrible Quygan warlord named Lord Inachitin-Boe, who had learned science that he used to try and take over the TZ 20 years ago. The humans, still respecting their Quygan allies, had promised to never set foot on Ubelune. But things change when a TZSC human commander named Commodore Arnstone, who had hated the Quygans and thought their beliefs were just ways to take over the humans' government, had argued that since Ubelune was discovered to be a Snowball World, that it couldn't possibly be used as a banishment sector. So, without permission from his superiors, he established secret TZSC colonies under the ice of Ubelune, which catches the attention of Inacthitin, who has become an old wore-out person still seeking revenge against his race.

A month later, Inacthitin comes to Arnstone's main base to form an alliance so he can share his technology with the humans. Arnstone doesn't know he is the warlord, confusing him to have traveled to the planet on his own, and agrees with the alliance. Arnstone informs Inac of the humans' origins, their relationship with the Quygans, and in return, Inac gives them temporary access to his discoveries, and asks that his body be rebuilt. So, on Planet Toranade, they fit him with a cybernetic 10ft body which gave him his old flexibility back, and gadgetry. They even gave him full access to a project that would revolutionize labor and combat. He named the robotic soldiers 'Zurkulites', promising that his works could make the project succeed. But another month later, Inac betrayed Arnstone after he finished the project, having the Zurkulites programmed to create a world where extinction was impossible and ruled entirely by cyborgs and robots. He murders Arnstone, and with his new army, began his first invasion on the Quygan's homeworld, announcing that humans were responsible for his return and destroying the Quygan's capital tower. As a result, the Quygans were made to believe that the humans were not the Dream Beings, and were users and traitors. They banished the humans from the planets they gave them, and their home planet was left to be conquered by Inac.

The humans, after they were banished, had placed blame on Arnstone's superiors, and had them immediately discharged from the TZSC, and sentenced to life imprisonment. And so, The Cyber Revolt War had begun. The humans, Quygans, and the other alien allies were nearly destroyed. The war lasted over 3 years, robots and cyborgs causing mass invasions and attempts to destroy the humans. Inac was proud that the humans' incompetence lead to his victory. He turned the inhabitants of his own home planet into his slaves, and the other sentient alien races were usually captured and brought to zoos.

It wasn't until 2009 that the humans had found the opportunity to restore tranquility again. They learned that the Quygan prophecies, after all these years of war and chaos, was in fact true. Their way of life really WAS damaged (in the worse way possible). They learn more about the Prophecy, finding out that the Dream Beings were incompetent as well, and made mistakes that lead to a few conflicts in their own world, but what caused their evacuation was not the result of a mistake. And it was true. The origin of the Villains Act was from an unknown origin. Nobody knew how it began, or who was responsible. Thus, they remembered that they had long ago considered themselves near-Gods like the Dream Beings were, and that they could do anything. They've made it this far, and that's all that mattered. So, they build a machine that the Quygans considered impossible to discover: a transportation machine that had the qualities of an entire planet, referred to the Quygans as an Omn'v'porque. Within 5 months, the machine was finally built, naming it the 'Omniverseporter'. They brought this machine to the Quygans, and they were amazed by the complex designs and architecture that it had. The humans were proud and ready for tranquility to be restored once more.

So the final battle waged on. TZ Alliance vs. Zurkulites. The Zurkulites were being picked off quickly, but Quygans and humans were being killed slowly. Outraged by the crisis, Inac decided to take matters in his own hands, and kill off Lord Mandarious, as well as the other leaders of the other races, and bring the TZ Alliance to it's knees. But before Inac can do such, despite killing hundreds of the allied beings, was killed by Mandarious being unexpectingly powerful, and the Zurkulites stopped serving him at that point, and returned to loyal programming with the humans. The war had officially ended, the Quygans and humans were allies again after the humans explained that a rouge xenophobe was respondsable. and with this, the superiors of the idiot respondsable were forgiven the apawn the realisation that it was not their fault, Ubelune was colonized, and order was finally restored in the TZ. However, the Arnstone name was forever damned as a result, and Arnstone's son, Genloid Arnstone, was deemed a disgrace, and was sentenced to life imprisonment. Genloid, feeling unfairly wronged, embraced the dark spirit of Inac, the same jerk that ruined his family, into his body, becoming the next overlord: The Dark Human.

The New AUU Era

In 2010, a month after the Shell Lodge Squad brought down the Villains Act, rumors have somehow started going around that the AUU has been saved from villain destruction, especially for Grand Duke Kafar-Ja, who knew it to be true. The rumors leaked to Lord Mandarious, who was thinking about checking the place out. But unfortunately, Kafar lied to Mandarious about sending a surveillance hyperdrive drone to the AUU, and discovered that every planet was turned into wasteland and was ruled by the Villains Act. Mandarious was shocked, and thought that there was no hope for returning again. So, he told the Genetic Population Circuit to populate every colonized planet with AUU life from the BioCodex, and they made sure each biosphere matched the atmosphere of each planet through genetic engineering. The Tranquility Zone soon got a new nickname called 'New AUU' (In Original UUniversal terms. In AUU terms, it's 'New UUniverses'). After hearing Kafar's lies from Mandarious, thousands of humans were left sad, disappointed, depressed, and maybe even confused. Regardless, they accepted that their lives were changed. The TZ life is already perfect, and it remained perfect for the next few years, even to present day.

The Return Back to the AUU

(TBA after The Mystery of the AUU Humans' Disappearance)

Indigenous Life

The life here is not like that in the OUU or AUU. There is no sentient animals that could be found here besides the ones that come from the DNA of AUU citizens. The indigenous wildlife looks more alien-like in nature, having qualities including a wider range of color, alternate organ systems, and most animals have a seventh sense called tracing in the form of antennae, which serve as the animal's main method of sensing their surroundings like a radar. Other qualities could exist, but these are just the prime differences.

Sentient Beings

  • Quygan- A species of Teadr 2 humanoids native to the Planet Quirth. These 8.1ft tall beings are the only Teadr 2 race in the Tranquility Zone, having a society similar to humans, but they have an ancient Chinese-like culture. They have a similar appearance to humans, having similar tannish skin, but instead of another skin being brown, it is cerulean blue. They also have more hair on their bodies, and hair colorations similar to humans, as well as similar eyes, faces, hands, feet, have barely-noticeable ultraviolet spots on their skin, have antennae which allow them to sense their surroundings like a radar, and pointed elf-like ears. They have the ability to see in much better color and sight than humans, they have 4 lungs and 2 hearts, blue blood, a strongly-built skeletal and muscular system, they have two livers which give them more body heat, and they have moderately-longer stubby tails than AUU humans. They are more agile, reflexive, durable, and tough than humans, and their physiology allows them to jump higher, swim and run faster, and climb with much more accuracy. These are the humans' most well-known allies who's myths actually predicted the humans' appearance in their universe and were forced into war with a dark overlord who turned the Quygans against the humans, and that it took the humans years to fix their legacy and execute the dark overlord. They are fascinated by advanced technology, even technology that's beyond their capabilities. They have a code of honor, and have been excellent fighters in their past against any machine or alien, whether it be through their complex martial arts or their weaponry. Their technology is similar to the humans, though it has a few differences. This technology includes ground/hovering vehicles, touch-screen mobile or wearable devices and computers, digital display, advanced cybernetics and AI, laser/disintegration/projectile-based firearms and vibroweaponry, enhancement serums and medicines, virtual/augmented reality, and lightspeed interstellar travel.
  • Aar- A species of Teadr 6 fairy-like humanoids which are indigenous to the Planet Aarnula that shares a close resemblance to bats despite the fact that they look like primates. These 1.6ft beings have bat-like ears and tiny noses, human-like heads, torsos, arms, legs, hands, feet, hair, and eyes, they have 4 translucent-blue fairy-like wings, antennae for sensing their surroundings, skin coloration ranging from tan, cerulean, teal, and purple, rarely have dark-colored spots, and they have stubby tails. Being the first sentient beings that the humans have ever discovered in the TZ, they are 'cute' by alien standards. Their lightweight bodies and hollow bones make it easy for them to fly long distances at a speed of 62 mph, they can see in better sight and color, they can squeeze through anything they can get their heads into, they have their own language similar to the Breezie language, they are pollinating beings that harvest nectar and pollen to create a sweet honey, and they are capable of living for hundreds of years. These omnivorous beings have little technology since they mostly rely on magic for environmentally-friendly methods, but they have a dominant culture. They believe that the miracles of nature have given them the powers they wielded, and that all animals that surrounded them were the miracles that mostly inspired them. By taming their greatly-worshipped Ptara Syu animal, the humans were able to make an alliance with these creatures.
  • Ryzean- A species of Teadr 3 thylacine-like humanoids that are native to the Planet Ryze, a name which the humans refer to them as after naming their planet before knowing it had intelligent life, and they kept the name because of both the Ryzeans and their planet's original names being hard-to-pronounce, originally being called the Lyxboxymes and Planet Lyxboxyt. Most of the Ryzeans have eventually adopted that name. These marsupial 4.7ft beings have a striped fur coloration ranging from white, yellow, gold, brown, mahogany, maroon, tan, and orange, and do not wear clothes because their fur covers up most of their bodies and warms them, they have medium-length tails, sharp retractable claws that make them good climbers, they have faces similar to those of mandrills, and they are very strong-willed fighters. They also have a carnivorous diet consisting of meats including poultry and seafood. They are known mainly for their athleticism, their high-grade military technology, their culture, and their alien senses. They had eyes that could see in perfect color vision, and they were able to hear and smell accurately, and their antennae were useful as a radar system. They were the second beings the humans have ever encountered, and they serve as their military allies, considering them 'The Cunones of the Tranquility Zone'. Their technology was even a match for the Quygans during a 15-year war against the two races. They have been the only race during the Dark Ages that have been able to persevere grandly against the Zurkulites and adapt to all of their new models. Their military technology included a massive number of firearm types, vibroweapons that include vibrodiscs, vibroknives, and vibrokatanas, energy shields, nuclear weapons, powerful gunships and air carrier fleets, advanced robotics and durable armor, and cloaking devices. Other technology includes touch-screen mobile or wearable devices and computers, teleportation, and holography.
  • Traxon- A race of Teadr 4 humanoids that are indigenous to the Planet Traxus. These 10.3ft beings are similar in appearance to mermaids, though they are more in origin to pinnipeds, having large and broad seal-like tail-fins for swimming, human-like torsos, heads, and arms with webbed hands, eyes with nictating membranes, gray-to-teal skin color with red, green, aqua, blue, and purple spots, antennae, and expanding fin-like structures on their backs and arms, as well as a colorful display of structures underneath their arms. These beings have a complex autocratic society where their castles are chrome or black in coloration, can often make their homes across rock formations and grottos, and they live under a council of several kings and queens all lead by the Supereme King, and their primary police force is called the Naval Guard, consisting of armored chrome-colored knights with vibro-tridents or energy firearms. They only come to land for mating seasons or if it's an emergency. They are omnivorous creatures that feed on aquatic fruits and seaweeds, squid, fish, crustaceans, and other sea life. Their other technology includes bubble-based display, high-powered aquavehicles, sky satellites that use a water-cell to allow easy access to computers underwater, and advanced robotics.
  • Xataur- A race of Teadr 4 centaur-like sentient beings native to the Planet Xathon. These beings, despite looking like centaurs, are actually different from them in several ways, including their smaller size of 4.9ft, their front legs end in hand/hoof-like feet, and the back legs ending with just normal hooves, their shorter lower length, and their monkey-like tails. Other qualities include human-like torsos, heads, arms, hair which ranges in coloration from orange, gold, white, brown, black, gray, scarlet, apricot, and sometimes bronze and silver, their skin color ranges from tan to dark-gray, their pointed ears, antennae, and their alien-like eyes. These beings live in a high-tech medieval society where there were seven united nations that shared an alliance with each other. They exchanged technology, and changed the world like never before after a long period of civil war, and they put the planet into a revolutionary period. They formed a central knight force called the Circumstantial Knighthood, which consists of the greatest high-tech military technology the race could provide. The planet was ruled by a council of 7, each councilor leading each nation, and they were all lead by a Headmaster King, who ruled the planet with a wise grip. Their technology included ferro-liquid display, ground-based vehicles, limited robotics, advanced architecture, genetic farming, projectile/plasma-based firearms and energy melee weapons, augmentation serums and advanced medicines, and virtual reality.
  • Siagan- A species of Teadr 5 semi-arboreal humanoids whose home planet of Siag was lost by an asteroid strike, and this left the race to take a lone Worcusor spaceship called the Cutting Edge to colonize the planet Ozidia, which despite it being the home planet of the Twargs, have made it a good enough place to call home, despite a small non-violent feud that spawned from a 1-month war between them and the Twargs due to their conflicting skills, which ultimately ended with a truce because of them being evenly matched, which ended up giving them superiority complexes, believing one is superior to the other, often making wages and willing to fight their enemies the best just to prove something. These 5.6ft alien beings have mandrill-like faces, elf-like ears, human-like heads, torsos, hands, semi-prehensile feet, arms, legs, small tufted tails, small amounts of hair that are almost the same amount as humans, with coloration ranging from blonde, brown, orange, scarlet, apricot, tan, and black, and skin color ranging from deep-tan to coco-brown, antennae for sensing their surroundings, and had their own native language. They live in a semi-technological kingdom with a king, some sages and soothsayers, and a praetorian guard, where they have had a habit of studying the many Worcusor monuments and city ruins that are scattered across the planet, yet the Twargs share the same goals which leads to another conflict goal. Luckily, the humans were able to do a few things for the race to stop them from doing anything considered unfair like segregation laws, prejudicial behavior, among others. The Siagans are agile creatures which can see in brighter colors, can hear with their bigger ears, can move and climb at vast speeds, and are omnivorous, having an expansive cuisine. They are also capable swimmers and they can use their natural shrieks and loud screams to intimidate hostiles. Their technology is often salvaged from Worcusor ruins, granting them programmable matter display, advanced vehicles, medicines and cybernetics, touch-screen mobile or wearable devices, and particle-based firearms and vibroweapons.
  • Twarg- A species of Teadr 5 wolf-like bat humanoids which are native to the Planet Ozidia. They are a 2.9ft race which has large cat-like ears, dull-gray-to-brown fur, hair ranging from blonde, brown, white and black, human-like torsos, arms, legs, clawed hands and feet, short tails, small structures underneath their arms, and their own native language. They have excellent hearing and sight, they can use echolocation to navigate in the night, they are naturally agile, and their natural shrieks can show off some intimidation. They live in a semi-technological society with a king, some sages and soothsayers, and a praetorian guard, worshipping the extinct Worcusors as gods for their technology, and ever since a 1-month war against the new inhabitants the Siagans leading to them discovering they are evenly-matched, they soon grew superiority complexes, pushing themselves to limits they feel they can break in order to prove superiority. Luckily, the humans were able to regulate their rivalry through a few rules and regulations. They are carnivorous beings which eat meat, fish, and eggs. Their technology is often salvaged from Worcusor ruins, granting them programmable matter display, advanced vehicles, medicines and cybernetics, touch-screen mobile or wearable devices, and particle-based firearms and vibroweapons.



  • Cyran- A small golem-like 1.6ft primate which hail from jungle climates in the tops of trees. They have red-brown-to-red-pink skin, black-to-brown hair, fire-colored cat-like eyes, prehensile hands and feet, antennae for sensing their surroundings, regenerative teeth which can chew through anything, and long ears with acute hearing. They are known through military forces to be very annoying due to their loud squeaky calls, their knack of stealing food, their stupid senses of humor, and their tendency to cause mischief. They are an invasive species and are the gremlins of the TZ, and with new technology comes new things for the Cyrans to play with.
  • Wargolf- A large horse-sized wolf which are among the greatest pets in the TZ. They are lovable and feel emotions like a dog, and their size makes them good for riding on. They travel greater distances than a wolf or a horse, and they are omnivores that prefer to mostly eat meat.
  • Clomust- A horse-like mammal with a large colorful crest, is 1/2 taller than a normal horse, has six legs with hoofs that look like toed feet, medium tufted tails, furry necks, antennae for sensing their surroundings, mostly-black eyes, gray skin with colorful spots, and a loud neigh-like noise. They are used as steeds for both the humans and Quygans, capable of carrying up to 3 humans and 2 Quygans. They can be aggressive when provoked, yet gentle when handled properly.
  • Dolvhaur- A dolphin-like aquatic mammal which is capable of waddling on land with it's 4 limb-like fins, has smooth skin that ranges in gray coloration and pattern depending upon the species, and are very friendly and curious. Quygans and humans have interacted with these intelligent animals greatly. They can learn to mimic speech, they can come in various sizes depending upon the species, and they are excellent at tricks and fighting.
  • Rancobeast- A giant primate which is noted for it's red skin coloration, it's alien-like appearance, it's spiny back, it's small amount of hair which range in color depending upon the species, and it's brutal strength and aggression. They are often hostile creatures which could use their antennae for sensing their surroundings like a radar, and had unique smell and sight. They lived in groups of 50 or more, and is incredibly territorial. They are omnivores which eat both meat and fruit.
  • Zarrigon- A buffalo-like glyptodont with a shell like a turtle's, a turtle-like beak, bison-like horns, and short tails. They are herbivores that graze on low-ground plants, and they are protected from predators by their shells. They are not good at seeing, but they share a symbiotic relationship with troyeeks which lay on it's back and fly away from danger, alerting the zarrigon. Like a turtle, it can tuck into it's shell.
  • Kolarmir- A white-coated raptor-like mammal which evolved from creatures similar to the kangaroo rat, and are noted for their feather-tufted colorful tail tips that are meant for intimidation and mating rituals. Their skin is dark-blue in color, and their eyes can see in better color than humans. They have sickle-shaped claws on their hands and feet for killing prey, and they can run at a speed of 40 mph.
  • Heedie- A deer-like mammal which is noted for it's long neck, it's thin body with foot-like hooves, it's antennae for sensing it's surroundings, it's 8 antlers which go down the back of it's neck, a short tufted tail, and for it's gold-to-apricot body with black, white, or brown spots or striped depending upon the species, and for it's quick speed. They take the niche of deers in the TZ.
  • Tynx- A lynx-like feline which is noted for it's large dark-blue mane, it's dark-gray fur with dark-blue stripes, it's six legs, it's long striped lion-like tail, and it's red face. Their red faces are meant for mating rituals, and the brightness determines the health of the animal itself. They can either be social creatures which hunt in packs, or they can be solitary ambush/scavenging predators.
  • Dracture- A lizard-like ape which stands over 7ft tall and are precious and curious creatures with a small amount of fur, a brown coloration, a large lizard-like prehensile tail, a muscular build, and vicious teeth. They are only hostile when provoked or disturbed. They are incredibly-agile creatures which are omnivorous, eating dead meat, bugs, and fruits.
  • Zakkon- A pterosaur-like cat which is hard to keep as a pet for their elusive movement, their shy nature, and their tendency to attack when disturbed. But proper training can get them to their good side. They are usually found flying in suburban areas or in forests. They make their nests in high altitudes where they feed their cubs leftover meat or fruits. They can jump at a height of 5ft in order for takeoff, and they fly through the air like bats.
  • Flox- A nocturnal bat-like canine with a black coloration and the ability to fly for a limited amount of time with their wings. Their coloration gives them camouflage in the night, and they usually prey on garl rats or other smaller animals. However, they are aggressive creatures which attack at the first sight of trouble with their acidic saliva that they can either fire at far distances or bite with.
  • Arlog- A squirrel-like rodent which are often aggressive when their nest is disturbed. They had 6 limbs, long bushy tails, durable dentures, antennae for sensing their surroundings, and a eusocial caste system consisting of workers, soldiers which produced a foul-smelling liquid for defense and are the most likely to bite, drones, and the superior queen which the drones impregnate to reproduce. Workers are often kept as pets and are easy to socialize with.
  • Neeque- A pterosaur-like monkey which is noted for it's dull-gray coloration, it's two pairs of wings, it's long tufted tail, and it's echolocation system. They have the same intelligence as chimpanzees, being closely intelligent, and has been seen using tools often. They have the ability to display ranged colors based on genetics, using them for mating rituals. They make their homes on cliff sides and mainly inside trees.
  • Flav'neer- A dragon-like rat with small bat-like wings instead of front legs and large ears native to the moon Aji. Adaptable like humans, they are a disturbance to the human community for their property damage and diseases. They are usually found flying around the skies of the moon, but can sometimes get caught by bigger predators. They are omnivores, eating a wide variety of food. While they are seen as cute, they are hostile and will bite anything that gets too close, so none of these creatures are kept as pets.
  • Vircoon- A bear-sized raccoon-like creature which hangs out in forests, and rarely appears in urban areas. They are omnivorous creatures with red-and-yellow-colored fur, antennae for sensing movement, have 6-fingered front hands with sharp claws, and they can often cause a mess in garbage searching for food.
  • Zipergirph- An alien-like wolf which is noted for it's 6 legs, it's hiss-like snarls, it's predatory aggression, it's venomous bite, and for being roughly the size of a Velociraptor. They attack in coordinated formations due to them having improved brains for strategic moves, their teeth can extend to inflict more pain to whatever it bites, and it can camouflage itself with it's dark-blue-to-dark-purple coloration.
  • Smasik- A giant rhino-like mammal with a hammer-head and large durable cranium with spiny sides, 4 strong legs, a small vestigial tail, layers of fur, leathery gray-or-black skin, and eyes on the sides of it's hammerhead and on the bottom of it's cranium. This is a herbivore which is difficult to take down, being the size of two elephants, and weighing up to 4 tons. It's hide is really thick and difficult to penetrate, it's underbelly is the softest yet hardest to reach, and it's charges are absolutely fatal.
  • Thasma- A mammalian-like creature which is distinguished for being semi-quadrupeds. They have the personalities of dogs, have tufted tails, hairy backs and manes, are predatory by nature, hunt in packs, can stand on two legs like a kangaroo but mostly on four legs, have excellent vision, smell, and hearing, and has a coloration ranging from blue, apricot, red, and brown. They are often kept as pets by the Quygans and humans, or even the other sentient races.
  • Parukmon- A predatory mammal which evolved from sea-lion-like creatures. They have evolved their fins into legs for high-speed chases and they have serrated teeth for tearing flesh out of their prey. They have a gray-and-white-striped coloration, a small amount of fur on their backs, red-or-blue faces and snouts for attracting mates, antennae for a radar system for locating prey, and they hunt in packs of 16-34. They still have a trace of their aquatic lifestyle since they can still maneuver well underwater. They mainly prey on eggs, fish, and animals that are big enough for them to tackle.
  • Oikio- A quadruped mammalian creature which has a thick body structure, long durable legs, a golden-orange-and-brown-striped coloration, and large foldable crests going down the back of the neck. They have opposable digits which allow them to pick up anything they find, and use it's sense of smell to identify it. They are omnivores which prefer to eat insects and fruits.
  • Geemlim- A giant predatory bat-like mammal which has a 5-meter wingspan, a brown and fiery coloration, a large black mane, a crested tail, large ears and blade-like teeth. They have 4 wings which are used for quick turns across their mountainous high-altitude homes. They have occasionally attacked sentient beings, but they primarily eat other forms of meat.
  • Phyxar- A giant feline-like ape with dull-brown skin, black fur on their backs, heads, and long bushy tails, dexterous hands and feet, antennae for sensing their surroundings, monstrous snouts with retractable teeth, and a muscular build.
  • Zorlice- A giant predatory thylacine-like creature with saber-teeth, hundreds of spots around their middle and upper areas, tufted tails, antennae for a radar system for detecting prey, opposable phalanges on the front legs with sharp serrated retractable claws, and colorations ranging from gold, brown, yellow, and white depending upon the species. These creatures are solitary cave-dwelling beasts which raise their young in deep caverns, and only go out to hunt for food. They will kill anything that trespasses in their caves or disturbs their young.
  • Theerake- A giant ungulate-like creature which is similar to the extinct Irish Elk, being just as big, having large serrated elk-like horns, 6 hoofed legs, short tufted tails, a small crest around the back of it's head, antennae for sensing it's surroundings, and a dark-brown-and-white coloration which ranges depending upon the species. These creatures were hunted nearly to extinction by prehistoric Quygans, yet they regulated their population when they got smarter.
  • Zybralk- A bull-like creature with zebra-like coloration, a bulky body, massive and durable horns, and a leathery and thick hide. Their coloration makes them indetectable to predators that are big or numerous enough to take them down, though when it doesn't work, they'll use their skills to defend themselves. Their charges can kill through unbelievable trauma.
  • Wiman- A giant whale-like mammal which has the body of an ichthyosaur, long thick spines along it's back for defense, a massive brown marrow-composed structure on it's head for efficient echolocation, and a bright-gray coloration. These creatures are harmless unless provoked, and they have very few predators. They come in various sizes depending upon the species, and humans and Quygans consider them a good animal to interact with.
  • Gargoxon- A predatory horned mammalian creature with deadly impaling curved horns, saber-teeth, a massive bulky body, a short tufted tail, 3 alien-like eyes, a brown-and-gold-striped coloration with colorful faces for the males, and a massive roar. These creatures hunt in groups of 3-5, attacking anything they can find. They are the apex predators of their territories.
  • Agoon- A marine hippo-like mammal which can be found often underneath the seas of certain worlds. They are dark-gray in coloration, have little hair, antennae for sensing their surroundings, thick hides for protection against aquatic predators, and they can be very aggressive against any that get too close. They feed on the sea grasses that can be found on the sea floor, and only go to the surface for air or for mating.


Coming soon...


  • Garl Rat- A bipedal kangaroo-and-rat-like synapsid which is usually found scavenging in trash in search for food. They are dark-brown with white spots, and they have long snouts which gives him higher senses of smell than rats. They were also good climbers with their dagger-like claws, and were fast runners that could move as fast as a wallaby. Sometimes they can be kept as pets not just by the humans, but the other TZ races, and are often a delicacy that could be eaten with proper sterilization and tenderization.
  • Varak Lizard- A semi-arboreal monitor lizard with a semi-prehensile tail, the ability to change color when provoked or in mating rituals, have retractable teeth, and commonly raise their young inside burros right near trees and ward off cannibalistic adults. They are also found in city alleys scavenging for food, being omnivorous, and males have brighter colors on their necks for attracting mates.
  • Rhaiak Lizard- A gigantic monitor-lizard which is a close ancestor to the Varak Lizard who is still terrestrial and hunts creatures with a poisonous mouth, color-changing necks, powerful bites, and a loud shriek. The Quygans have been known to tame this carnivore and use it as a riding animal that can plow into even enemy tanks. Their young spend time in the trees for protection, and grow up fending for themselves.
  • Ptara Syu- A 15ft long 4-winged dragon-like lizard native only to the Planet Aarnula. It's name is Aarian for 'Sun Wing'. It is named after it's 4 red-and-yellow-colored black-striped wings. It's a vicious carnivorous animal that glitters in the sunlight, and it's color-changing head and neck crests are used for mating rituals. Humans have learned how to ride them through the skies like a fighter plane. They usually prey on smaller creatures except for the Aars, which worship them as 'a creation of the Sun', and their beliefs that other beings who tame them were all-knowledgeable lead to the humans and the Aars becoming good friends.
  • Mangaus- A theropod-like reptile which is known for being roughly the size of a T-Rex, being able to tackle anything in groups of 5-8. They have spiny backs, short tusks for impaling, retractable and regenerative teeth, deafening roars, a long lashing crested and spined tail, and a white-to-apricot-and-green-spotted coloration. They are aggressive creatures that will eat almost anything they find edible. They are a game animal for the Quygans, and humans have proven to be just as successful at hunting them as the Quygans.
  • Vivsix- A raptor-like reptile which is distinguished as being the size of Utahraptor, hunting in packs of 10-15, have antennae for sensing their surroundings, spiny backs and crested tails, dark-gray skin with orange-to-dark-green spots, can have feathers depending upon the species, have 2 sickle-shaped claws each on both feet, have retractable and regenerative teeth, and were masters of stealth and surprise. The Quygans, back in their ancient days, hunted these beasts for sport, but were able to restore their population when they ended up becoming endangered, and made it a protected species.
  • Phlyght- A pterosaur-like reptile which had bat-like wings, large foldable crests on their heads and chins, long frog-like tongues, crested tails, and long antennae for sensing their surroundings. Their shrieks are loud enough to be heard for miles, and they can fly in high altitudes, though can naturally turn blue to protect themselves from the UV radiation that comes from being so high. These creatures were rode on by the prehistoric Quygans, as well as other sentient races, and the humans have learned from the Quygans to do the same thing.
  • Terrasaur- A sauropod-like reptile which is noted for it's massive size of 120ft and 7 tons, it's long necks, it's back which has algae that it shares a symbiotic relationship with, giving it sugar to sweeten the plants it eats with it's two tentacle-like limbs on it's head, it's loud bellow, it's long lashing tail, and for being seen even in space. These beings are gentle enough to interact with, and humans have been the first creatures to interact calmly with them, as the Quygans have had trouble with such a thing beforehand.
  • Lurkosaur- A mosasaur-like monster which has spiny backs, shark-like tails and fins, clawed ichthyosaur-like flippers, mosasaur-like jaws, antennae for sensing their surroundings, retractable and regenerative teeth, and were either social of solitary depending upon the species or lifestyle. They came in various sizes and colorations, and hunted sharks, fish, other reptiles, and even mammals and sentient beings. They were apex predators which killed anything they sensed in the water. Though they are a game animal which are valued for their teeth.
  • Rhuuodon- A Troodon-like reptile which is known for having a vicious reputation of killing and brutality. They attack in groups of 8-30, and they are noted for their bellowing roars which are the result of the large sacs on their necks which also allow them to communicate with a complex language. They have feathers on their backs and on the tips of their tails, and they have retractable and regenerative teeth.
  • Zorger- A predatory sea turtle which has large gaping jaws with regenerative teeth, comes in hundreds of species and sizes, have large clawed flippers, spiny shells, and short tails. They had fearsome roars and could communicate through clicks and groans. These creatures are sometimes passive depending upon the species, while others were as aggressive as sharks. These creatures eat anything that smells delicious, including sentient beings.
  • Turtophant- A colossal tortoise which comes in various sizes depending upon the species. All species have an armored shell hide, 6 elephant-like legs, antennae for sensing their surroundings, could lay massive eggs, and were sometimes gentle. Though some were aggressive and had deadly charges, others were too massive for that.
  • Cipber- A dog-like reptile which is more related to synapsids, having cobra-like hoods, hunted in packs, had regenerative and retractable teeth, came in up to 18 species, and were known to be often kept as pets to the Quygans and other sentient beings. Humans have quickly learned how to interact good with these creatures. They can learn how to mimic speech, and they are very efficient hunters.
  • Laxur- A slender dragon-like lizard which is noted for it's 12ft long body, it's small legs, it's crocodile-like snout, it's chameleon-like eyes, it's dark-blue and green coloration, it's frill-like head spines, and it's spiny back. They are flexible creatures that are assumed to have evolved from snakes, and their poisonous bites contain a toxin that immobilizes prey and allow it to constrict it to death like a snake, and swallow it whole like a snake. They are usually hostile against humans, but do tend to be friendly once bonded.
  • Ravanork- A large 7ft bird-like synapsid with a small amount of hairs, long rough legs, medium-sized fingered limbs, an arrow-shaped head with a black beak filled with razor-sharp teeth, and a yellowish-tan-to-sand-blue coloration. They have no eyes and instead senses it's surroundings with hearing, smell, and sonar. They are very hostile to humans and other aliens, and are impossible to ride because their backs are not built to handle heavy objects.
  • Laconile- A mosasaur-like crocodilian with bioluminescent spines, boney jaws which can bite down on prey hard, large paddle-like tails, and clawed flippers. They are omnivorous creatures that eat strong aquatic tubers and shellfish, and they are very shy creatures which are often scared of intelligent creatures.
  • Gimor- A quadruped synapsid which is noted for it's semi-muscular body and it's long neck, it's short tail, and it's lizard-like face with backward-facing horns and a rock-hard skull useful for scaring off predators. They use their tough skulls to duel for mates, and the middle of the heads have varying colors which signify the most attractive mate. These creatures are only hostile when threatened or disturbed during a mating ritual.
  • Bronk- Large lion-like synapsids which are noted for their muscular bodies, their mane-like structures, their long spiny tails which are used for stunning, and the large retractable crest of the male which attracts mates. These creatures are often seen as creatures that one can ride on, and in the wild, they are very hostile. It is difficult to tame one of these creatures without being attacked or killed.
  • Thaikit- A terrestrial reptile which is omnivorous, eating fruits, insects, and leftover meat. They are apricot in coloration, have ultraviolet purple-or-cyan spots, alligator-like back spines, small head horns, a long striped tail, and antennae for sensing their surroundings. They are mostly scavengers who have often stolen food from even sentient beings.
  • Shaaig- A snake-like creature which came in a thousand species, and are common for their crested tails, antennae for sensing their surroundings, spiny heads and backs, and for their various sizes and lengths. Some were poisonous or constricting, and came in various colorations.
  • Gaugink- A lizard which is known for coming in over 5,000 species, each with different colors, shapes, sizes, antennae for sensing their surroundings, sticky forked tongues, and for their quick speed. They are difficult creatures for predators to catch, yet those that are quick enough can pull it off. Quygans sometimes make these creatures a part of their diet.
  • Thaagar- An aquatic monitor lizard which is a carnivorous creature that doesn't attack sentient beings, instead preferring to eat aquatic animals. They are gentle enough to be rode on by humans and Quygans, and they can be as passionate as any marine mammal. Though there are times when they cannot be disturbed. They have a dark-blue and white coloration, a shark-like tail, a crocodile-like head, 4 flippers evolved from legs, a poisonous bite, and antennae for sensing their surroundings.
  • Placidon- A crocodilian creature which evolved from the Laconile, having the same bioluminescent spines and paddle-like tail, except they have evolved a terrestrial lifestyle, turning it's flippers into legs, and it's formed a more carnivorous lifestyle. They come in several different species that occasionally attack sentient beings and are often aggressive.
  • Serpedon- A large snake which had evolved to look like a sea serpent. They come in over 50 species, and they are distinguished for their 14 flippers, their length of up to 100ft, their frill-like head structures, their serrated retractable teeth, their large tail flippers, and their carnivorous diet of sea mammals, other sea reptiles, and anything big enough they can eat. But they are also passive creatures that can get along nicely with sentient animals, and humans were the first to do it in no less than 2 months, impressing even the likes of the Quygans.


  • Arwill- An orange-and-gray-colored flightless bird which is noted for it's crested dark-orange sharp beak, it's long legs, and it's impressive running speed of 56 mph. It's big enough for humans to ride on, and humans are good at doing that. They are mostly carnivorous, but will eat fruit every once in a while.
  • Troyeek- A bat-like bird with no feathers, sharp claws, long tails, beaks that have different shapes depending upon the species, and strange coloration. They range from red to violet with black or white stripes. Each species eats a number of different diets, and they are fast fliers. They have mammal-like ears for good hearing, they have feline-like eyes which can see in perfect color vision, and they have their own radar system packed in their beaks for locating anything good to eat.
  • Gnain- A flightless griffin-like creature which is noted for it's feather-like structures, it's sharp bird talons, it's fast running speed, it's sharp beak, it's medium-length tail, it's black, brown, or white coloration, and it's ability to glide long distances with it's retractable wing-like structures resting on the sides of it's body. They are carnivorous aliens which hunt in packs. They can see more in the light spectrum than humans, they are good at hearing and smell, and they have agitating bird-like calls.


  • Infernox- A fire-red glowing-yellow species of wasp which are known for their lethal stings which can cause internal burning, painful bleeding, and even death. They are very aggressive, attacking anything that approaches or disturbs their nests. Their wings and abdomens are bioluminescent and flash to identify the caste.
  • Trab- A crab with spiny pincers which can easily sever a finger. They come in a million species all over the TZ, and come in different forms.
  • Kalchid- A scorpion-like creature that is eusocial as they consist of a queen, hunters, soldiers, and drones. They commonly hunt smaller insects, rodents, amphibians, and reptiles, and maybe even people. They can take on other eusocial creatures that are much tougher than them with their poisonous stinger tails and poisonous claws.
  • Zury- A 4-winged fly which is the most common house bug in the TZ. They come in over 58 species all across the TZ, and they can be found nearly everywhere.
  • Plazfly- A firefly-like bug that illuminates the dark night through it's bright yellow-orange long-lasting lights, flashing them only when there's danger. They have 4 wings, a cute appearance, and are often caught by Quygan children as sport.
  • Wegpod- A spider-like insect which comes in various sizes and species, all commonly known for their green acidic and adhesive webbing, their apricot abdomens, and for their poisons that can either be lethal or non-lethal depending upon the species.
  • Gargothrox- A giant scorpion-like solitary beast that can be common on many worlds across the TZ, known for being predatory creatures with commonly-green flourescent appearances, and have long flexible tails with a venom that inflames the endocrine system and kills the victim, which is how the predator itself likes it's food.
  • Cont- An ant-like eusocial insect that comes in millions of species. They have 8 legs, are very small, live in large 3ft mounds, and are good at combat with other insects and larger animals.


  • Carchana- A large carnivorous fish that can be found in certain lakes or rivers. They are vicious creatures that are the size of cows, and have been known to swallow a human whole. But after it eats an animal whole, it will regurgitate the indigestible parts like the bones. They are also sneaky swimmers that can regrow their razor-sharp teeth like a shark or dinosaur.
  • Merm- A fish-out-of-water which looks like a mermaid, but is actually a fish that evolved it's front fins into hand-like structures, has many-finned tail fins, had a language of gurgles, and were mischievous creatures that stole food and teased other creatures, yet were not smart enough to sabotage any large underwater structures. They could also do this on land for a limited time and have limited motion. They were basically the Cyrans of the sea.
  • Shrake- A shark which looks like a blend between sharks and rays, having large ray-like flipper wings, shark-like tail fins, and deadly jaws. These creatures are vicious and aggressive, with jaws more powerful than a great white or a Junja Shark. While this is not the strongest shark in the seas of the TZ, they are still feared just the same. They have white-and-midnight-black colorations give or take unnoticeable spots, antennae for sensing their surroundings, and can swim at a speed of 28mph.
  • Kronox Shark- A species of shark which is the TZ version of the Great White or the Junja Shark. They are creatures that have a similar coloration, have retractable and regenerative teeth, 4 eyes, antennae for sensing their surroundings, and can appear at a length of 12 meters. They were highly-aggressive creatures that ate almost anything they came across, inflicting damage with their devastating bites, scare people with it's intimidating shrieks, and for their sharp spiny skin.
  • Ittack Shark- An ichthyosaur-like shark which has 4 large flippers, a large back fin, several rows of retractable and regenerative teeth, antennae for sensing their surroundings, and a brownish-gray-and-white coloration. These sharks are just as fearful as many of the other sharks in the TZ, being able to swallow a human or Quygun whole, using it's 2 pairs of jaws for accelerated chewing and grinding. There is only 4 species of Ittack Shark, and all are very deadly.
  • Metrofish- A particularly-small zebra-striped fish of various species which is famed for it's gargantuous schools. A whole school can consist of up to 560 million individuals, and these creatures are capable of reproducing quickly. Scuba divers have been known to get lost in these schools looking for any companions. This behavior is possibly a greater way of controlling their population as over 50,000 individuals are eaten a year. They are a good cuisine choice for even the Quygans and humans.
  • Nurgeus- A large sturgeon-like fish which can be roughly the size of a saltwater crocodile. This is a game fish which some races have fun trying to catch, though with a few injuries in the process. This fish is carnivorous, eating smaller fishes, cephalopods, shellfish, and crustaceans. Their coloration ranges depending upon the only 5 known species.
  • Uglyfish- A frogfish-like fish the size of a grouper which camouflages itself as sea grass and waits for prey to come close to it. Their name speaks for itself as it looks like something from a horror movie, having tiny monstrous teeth, horrifying eyes, and some scuba divers have claimed to be frightened by this creature. They can attack anything that it deems a threat.
  • Flutterfish- A kind of flying fish which has adapted to life in the skies, feeding on insects or other tiny fish. On some worlds, they take the niche of birds. Though they are also preyed upon themselves when wandering too close to the sea.
  • Socimis- A kind of golden-colored fish which comes in various species and is noted for being a eusocial and pollinating species which comes in several castes and pollinates underwater plants and invertebrates. They consist of workers which pollinate and build with their specialized storage sacs and fins, soldiers which have painful bites and attack in massive schools, drones which are fertile males, and the large queen which reproduced and commands the grotto colony. Solitary individuals are kept as pets in fish tanks or a whole colony can be used as decorative creatures for the Quygans and humans.
  • Crystalfish- A lionfish-like fish which is noted for it's poison, it's large wing-like fins, it's transparent glittering bodies, it's bioluminescent antennae which helps it sense it's surroundings, and for it's glowing eyes. These are gentle creatures that eat smaller fishes and algae, and they give live birth.
  • Gineit- A floor-dwelling angel shark-like ray that actually filter-feeds on dead organic material from the sea floor. They are passive creatures that will only attack with it's electric tail when it needs to defend itself.
  • Douder- A long fish that is among the most edible and healthy in a diet for the Quygans and humans. They are chrome shiny fish that appear in giant schools that can cover miles of the sea. They are very passive creatures, but can easily hurt a person on some occassions.
  • Slapper- A colorful trout-like fish that is named for easily slapping people when being caught. These fish are noted for their colorful stripes and translucent fins.
  • Groober- A large grouper-like fish that is known to be hostile to any who enter its turf. They can swallow anything whole and it can digest them very quickly. It's teeth is bizarre as it is double-spiked and curved, allowing for easier grips with it's bites. It has been sparsely related to sharks since prehistoric times.
  • Lood- A large color-changing fish that eats it's prey by disguising itself as a small cave through it's mouth, and trapping anything that enters it. It even stores it's young in it's mouth.
  • Threst- A long eel-like trout which has long sail-like fins, a poisonous bite, it's bioluminescent patterns which allow identification among 28-62 schools. They are frisky fish that will not take kindly to strangers in their crowded space, and will bite multiple times and many directions, poisoning their victim.


  • Glowan- A small bioluminescent larva-like worm which are usually found inside dark caves feeding on the fungi and bacteria that dwell in them. They are roughly the size of a human hand, and because they don't eat meat and are basically harmless, they make good pets.
  • Psychopod- A cephalopod which is known to have massive brains and multiple antennae which, when combined, actually grant the animal telepathic abilities including psionic pushes, telekinesis, and for detecting surroundings. Their heads are translucent as their glowing large brains can be seen, they have 5 alien-like eyes which circle the creature, it's tentacles anchor it into the ground and share a symbiotic relationship with algae which feed and hydrate it. These creatures are rarely passive, and mostly get angry when anything approaches the overly-cautious creatures.
  • Helior- A gastropod which has a parasitic relationship with trees. It feeds on their sap, and it inflates itself to attach itself to the next tree when it needs to feed again. They are named after their bioluminescence, and their coloration ranged depending upon the species.
  • Itidarg- A land cnidarian which is known for floating across the sky like a balloon with it's inflatable canopy. It fills it's body with hydrogen which allows it to fly, it has float bladders which balance it's floating, and it feeds with it's stinging tentacles. It mainly eats insects. There can rarely be a whole group of these gentle creatures during mating season.
  • Anemonax- A water/land-dwelling anemone which feeds through toxic stingers which can reproduce like plants, releasing spores from pollinating animals. They only sting anything they find food, and allow those animals they recognize to carry around it's spores. They range in coloration and behavior depending upon the species.
  • Gopper- A one-legged gastropod which is often found in desert landscapes hopping and searching for plants and shrubs to feed on. They are very delicate creatures that will only attack when provoked. They still have the ability to retract into their shells, as their shells are durable and provide it with plenty of protection. They can sense their surroundings with the 4 antennae on their mouths, and they can survive a week without water.
  • Ragetak- A flying ray-like creature related to cnidarians. They are distinguished for being semi-translucent, has colorful transparent and delicate wings, antennae for sensing their surroundings, come in various sizes depending upon the species, have a translucent snake-like body, and communicate through low-frequency bellows. They float gently through hydrogen sacs below their lungs, and they feast primarily on other cnidarians and sometimes spores.
  • Craxamane- A tunicate which lives either on land or in the sea depending upon the species. All species are distingushed by retracting their long spiracle-like structures when disturbed by noise or touch. This can possibly be as a means of defense against animals that try to consume them. They consume spores from plants or other invertebrates through a suction system. They are often synthesized and farmed by the Quygans and humans as decaration.
  • Pyrizome- A mushroom-like tree-sized anemone which can live in both land and sea depending upon the species. All species share a firey coloration, and they secrete a corrosive fire-colored substance which aggravates any who try to feast on it. They reproduce through spores, they eat through suction systems which suck anything that comes too close to the top of their canopys, and the stingers underneath it's canopy function like a jellyfish's stingers, catching and paralyzing anything that enters them aside from any organism that lives in them.
  • Iribit- A giant bioluminescent tunicate which looks like a willow tree, having a dark-blue-to-indigo body with ultraviolet glowing spots, and bioluminescent vines that form a canopy that retracts when disturbed by noise or touch, though it can form a symbiotic relationship with certain creatures. It also has a large funnel-like flower on the top which captures water from rainfall which often serves as a pool or bath for animals or sentient beings.
  • Glussir- A butterfly-like cnidarian which has bioluminescent and transparent wings, translucent bodies with tails ending with stingers, antennae for sensing their surroundings, and bioluminescent red streaks on their backs. They are gentle and can be kept as pets for both the Quygans and humans.
  • Skquarp- An aquatic squid-like cephalopod which evolved itself to look like a plesiosaur, having 4 flippers on a large head, and the end of the head has eyes and a large beak and large tentacles. This creature comes in up to 502 species, each with different structures and features, all being carnivorous and coming in various sizes, shapes and forms. Some species are like manta rays, some look like fish, some look like whales, and others look like dragonflies. Some of the smaller species are eaten by sentient beings.
  • Iymo- A cnidarian which has evolved to live permanently as a polyp, firmly attaching itself to the sea floor and feeding on tiny plankton by filter feeding the water. They were also predatory, eating any small sea life that swam too close and shocking it with inside stingers, then digesting it. They look like a large fat flower stalk, and come in several species.
  • Essek- A transparent predatory cephalopod which resembles the vampire squid, only it is much bigger and more dangerous. It's tentacles are surrounded by flabs of skin, and have suction cups that are capable of retracting poisonous spines that paralyze whatever it traps inside it's cloak. Then it swallows it whole with it's flexible beak. They can tackle almost anything, but it too has it's own predators in the form of creatures that are either bigger or have the same size as it.
  • Flaracle- A barnacle-like creature which is actually related to molluscs, and is known to attach itself to even vertical or horizontal surfaces. On their tops, they look small flowers. They come in different forms depending upon the species. Some are more mobile through spiny flippers, others don't have them and are just as mobile as barnacles. They use their flower-like structure to suck in tiny plankton or eject small larvae during the mating season. They have occasionally bitten the hands of sentient beings.
  • Tiykie- A bryozoan which has retractable leaf-like structures which share a symbiotic relatonship with algae, which allow it to get food through their photosynthesis. They come in over 600,000 species, coming in various sizes, colors, and shapes. They retract their leaf structures when disturbed or touched to prevent them from being eaten or stripped of it's algae.
  • Ciph- A species of cephalopod which has become like a polyp, firmly attaching itself to the sea floor with 4 glue-covered tentacles, and it's eyes have disappeared, relying only on it's antennae for sensing it's surroundings, and catching prey with it's four free 5.9ft tentacles with suction cups that come with retractable spikes that inject a poison. These tentacles apprehend it's prey, poison and paralyze it, and consume it in it's large central beak. These creatures have even been known to attack scuba-diving sentient beings and paralyze them for a limited time. They are capable of movement, though only slowly.
  • Gibitame- A giant tree-like anemone which has a large stalk that stands up to 25ft tall, and has many large stinger-like canopies which it uses to stun prey and consume it with it's many mouths. These creatures can live on both land and under the sea, and comes in 39,500 species around the TZ. Some creatures have formed a symbiotic relationship with these creatures.
  • Ssokember- A giant tree-like coral which has stalks that look like branches, and each of them ends with large hairy structures that can either take the form of furry balls, or even canopies. There are over 52,000 species of these corals, all living either on land or underwater. They come in various sizes, colors, and forms.
  • Phrower- A phoronid-like creature which comes in over 9 million species, being spread throughout land reefs and coral reefs throughout the TZ. They are dubbed 'sea flowers' because of near-similarities to flowering plants. Some species eject their spores from their central vents during the mating season, and some require pollination. Some species retract any structures when disturbed, and they are considered a minor delicacy to the Quygans.
  • Grijim- A chiton-like mollusk which can engorge itself when disturbed to scare off any predators. They come in over 850 species, and some species lack the ability to engorge for several alternate forms of defense. They come in various sizes, colors, and forms.
  • Spirapod- A nautiloid-like cephalopod which is can often come from the size of a fish to the size of a city bus. They are predatory beasts that can kill anything it finds delicious. Their venomous bites contain a neurotoxin that paralyzes and eventually kills. They also have tentacles with suction cups that come with retractable spines that can impale anything it attaches to. They are quick swimmers that, despite being very hostile, hardly attacks sentient beings.
  • Quimegax- An elephant-sized cephalopod which has evolved a terrestrial lifestyle, it's 8 tentacles forming strong legs, it's 2 longer tentacles forming flexible limbs, and it formed an omnivorous diet. They are solitary beasts which are best left alone, and were almost threatened with extinction until the Quygans successfully replenished their population, and marked them as a protected species.
  • Megaster- A large gastropod which has evolved 6 legs, and can come at the size of a sauropod. They have gargantuous shells which can often be used by other creatures as shelter when they exit it. They feast on plants, they have 4 antennae on their lips for sensing their surroundings, and they can spit a noxious fluid that blinds or poisons depending upon the species.
  • Iurchin- A 10-legged sea urchin which comes in various species, all living on either land or in the water. They were mobile creatures that were often kept as pets by sentient beings. Some species had poisonous bites or spines, and they could regenerate their spines. There are some animals that can feast on these creatures, yet the ones that have the right defenses prospered.
  • Glowopod- A bioluminescent gastropod with no shell, has stalk eyes, small thorny legs, and is capable of glowing neon-green through contianing bioluminescent bacteria. They eat algae and worms, and they can stick along any surface. They are often kept as pets by sentient beings.
  • Blasg- A blastoid-like echinoderm which is known for coming in over 6,000 species around the TZ, and they are often very mobile, hopping whenever it feels like it to feed on the algae of the ground it inhabits. They can exist in colonies along shores or in shallow waters, and reproduce by mixing it's own sperm and expelling it through it's center as small slimy spores that fertilize on it's own when it finds a spot to land. They are often eaten by sentient beings as blasg biscuits.
  • Gastrodike- A species of gastropod which actually evolved from 4-legged gastropods which had their legs merged into two, allowing for quicker turns when running from predators. Their shells also shrunk in size, and is used as a defense structure which it can use to jab anything that comes too close. They have 4 antennae on their lips for sensing their surroundings, they feed on meat and fruits, and they take the niche of deers.
  • Teeracle- A tree-like crinoid which can only go as tall as an average trees, at a maximum height of 20ft, coming in up to 43,000 species across the TZ. They can live either on land or underwater, and can often be carnivorous or require pollination.


Plants and Algae

  • Epgirot- A small tree which has bioluminescent flowers and ferns. The color of these leaves range depending upon the species, and all species flare when anything gets too close to it.
  • Purgule- A purple plant which has large spiracles, and a few flowers around it's stalk. These plants produce a sweet-tasting nectar which is often used as a beverage or other cuisine.
  • Tichen- A species of lichen which has evolved to be like trees, and can generate itself greatly in places of moisture. They come in over 80 species, and come in various forms. Their trunks, built from dead fungal fibers, are very rubbery, and often stand on a series of stalks. They rarely bare fruits and edible parts.
  • Skartan- A fruit-baring tree that stands only 6.7 feet tall, and has been known to produce purple-to-indigo sweet fruits called skarts, which have an intense taste, like it was a blend between the hotness of peppers and the sweetness of citrus fruits. This is the most well-known fruit to the Quygans and the humans find it delectable and the best fruit they've tasted in their history.
  • Jelline Plant- A large tree which has leaves that turn sky-blue during the fall, and bares a fruit called the jelline, which is known for it's inner protein-filled jelly. This fruit has been originally thought to be poisonous until proven wrong by a Quygan daredevil.
  • Thigmolot- A large flowering tree which is noted for retracting it's leaf structures and various others in response to touch. Their flowers sprout several spores which go vast distances in the winds, and then shut during the night time. They come in over 51 species across the TZ.
  • Curlice- A tree-sized pitcher plant which feeds on anything that falls into it. It fills with digestive acid, and then digests the prey. The pitcher is extremely durable and cannot be stabbed easily. It reproduces through several small flower stalks.
  • Xilta- A large leaf-like plant with bioluminescence and can make up large prairies in inner areas of jungles. They are a decorative plant for Quygans and humans alike, as they can often be seen in display in cities across the TZ. There are only 4 species of xilta in the TZ.
  • Paggar Tree- A fruit-baring tree which is known for growing it's fruits, called paggars, inside a layered chrysalis which is harvested by the Quygans and humans of the inside fruits. They are covered with over a hundred leaves and flowers, and it has a time when it releases about a hundred spores during it's fertile season.
  • Gargaitya- A tree which is noted for standing up to 200 meters. This is a tree which comes in different species, and produces up to seven edible fruits, and is famous for creating structures that allow it to be climbed rather easily. The Quygans during their prehistoric days, made these trees their homes. On some worlds, they still are.
  • Ajija Pepper Plant- A pepper-baring plant which produced a hundred bunches of peppers called ajija peppers, which are not so hot in taste, but hot in different other species. They are consumed by all sentient beings in the TZ.
  • Surphag- A large tree which is known for it's large plate-like structures which contain soil-like filling which can nurture symbiotic plants and grasses which satisfy this plant's smaller metabolism and greater need for food. It has it's own irrigation system in the form of a funnel-like container which rainwater can fill and can be drained to nurture the symbiotic plants. This plant can function as a platform for many animals and sometimes sentient beings.
  • Fexmerry- A large flower which stands on a small stalk, and has a large colorful many-petaled flower with an intense aroma. Some deodorants and lotions have been made from the wax of this plant.
  • Milgyst- A large species of kelp which can come in various sizes, often reaching the surface. They are the greatest wildlife that makes up the reefs of worlds where corals are extinct, along with several underwater plants and algae. Undersea wildlife can make a grand living in the kelp forests that are made up primarily by these giant kelps.
  • Urwig- A bush that doesn't look like the traditional bush, looking like a small tree with a wide canopy. This is a plant where small animals can take shelter in from flying predators. Some species are flowering plants, creating flowers that require pollination.
  • Danderry- A large flower similar to the Fexmerry, almost sharing the same evolutionary branch, being much larger, has a longer stalk, a larger flower, can produce a small ball that produces seeds that fly across the wind like dandelions, and can be golden in color. They are the most invasive plant in the TZ.
  • Flax Pepper Plant- A species of tree-like plant which produces dangling vines that bare the flax pepper, which is similar to the jalapeno, only hotter and has a fire-coloration, being the hottest pepper in the TZ that leaves an enflaming taste for a full hour.
  • Vilyx- An urn-shaped carnivorous plant which is known to trap small animals into it's red flower-like structures, and let pollinating animals pollinate it through yellow flower-like structures. There can be more than one of these flower-like structures. There are over 54 species of this carnivorous plant.
  • Seephyr- A pod-like plant which is known to expel spore gases every beginning of the month, and is filled with a brew of spore and other chemicals which fertilize and feed it. It comes in over 400 species across the TZ, in several sizes, colors, and forms.
  • Nersum- A small glowing stone-like plant which nurtures itself in salty conditions like along shores or humid areas, and actually feed on animal wastes. They grow in clusters and form glowing valleys that can span for miles. They can be found along beaches, and in moist areas, and are harvested and eaten for their juicy and salty taste, which is somewhat like a pickle.
  • Lumchen- A bioluminescent lichen which forms on old surfaces or trees. They can often form large structures and come in various appearances, but they mostly have a putrid smell due to the acrid substances they excrete when feeding or dying.
  • Negipen- A moss which is known to appear in very dark colors as the result of their ability to use a tar-like substance to consume any insect that gets on it, given it the nickname 'carnivorous tar'. They can also tend to be soft, but can start to tingle when touching it for too long. They can often form bubble-like structures when expelling air from making the sugars that make it's food sweet.
  • Girmogola- A tree which consists of large multi-colored leaves which change colors every 3 seasons, the colors ranging depending upon the species. These trees can stand up to 20.5ft tall, and over 45 species of this tree are known, and planted in gardens across Quygan and human cities.
  • Erythrog- A red algae which makes up the beautiful reefs of worlds that have little to no corals. They come in over 560 species, each with different forms and sizes. The most well-noted species are the red grasses which make up large red fields, tree algae which look like trees with red stalky shrubs, anemone algae which form a flower-like stalk structure which looks like an anemone, and the giant red algae which makes up a part of several kelp forests. Some species are even consumed by sentient beings.
  • Somiria- A wisteria-willow-like tree which produces large white bushes of vines and white flowers. These white trees can be common among several worlds across the TZ, and comes in 15 species. This is often named 'heaven's tree' because of it's cloud-like appearance.
  • Oio- A giant flower which comes in different species and is low on the ground and is almost as flat as a rug. Some species can disperse their spores whereas others require pollinators. Their coloration also ranges depending upon the species.
  • Azunalil- A blue-colored flowering shrub which has beautiful blue flowers, large blue leaves, and comes in over 70 species across the TZ. These plants can often be carnivorous depending upon the species, some can expel their spores, and others require pollination.
  • Tigaaless- A giant fire-colored tree which produces pepper-like fruits which, despite being inedible to sentient beings, makes up a small diet of non-sentient animals. These trees can stand up to 35ft tall, and are often easy to climb for an arboreal species, and it has even been possible to humans and Quygans.
  • Vanimice- A large tree which has several branches each carrying several platform-like canopies, and several long and firmly-attached vines. There are over 96 species of this tree in the TZ, and it was used by ancient Quygans as a shelter checkpoint to get away from terrestrial predators that couldn't reach. The branch canopies are firm and strong enough to carry almost any being.
  • Mirnolia- A giant tree which stands up to 10 meters tall, and is almost related to the Gargaitya tree. They are a good minor tree for many sentient beings to live in, as well as the many artificially-cloned sentient animals. Their leaves are primarily purple or red-violet depending upon the species. They also bare fruits that are mostly inedible to sentient beings.


Tranqulity Zone Map

Tranquility Zone Map

The worlds of this universe go under the same planetary classifications such as the Diameter Tiers, the Atmosphere Type, and the Day Code, or for Orbiting Time for moons. However, this universe has a much larger unigalax, and is split into 10 sectors: the Core Worlds, Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon, Zeta, Eta, Theta, and Iota.

1. Core Worlds

Iboragan System

  • Aarnula- A temperate planet with a massive amount of jungles and wildlife, and there are colorful skies and the magnetosphere is strong enough to allow auroras to occur almost everywhere. This is where the humans met their first intelligent TZ lifeform: Teadr 6 fairy-like mammals called Aars, which were omnivorous creatures that more resemble bats than humans and are considered cute in appearance. When the humans made friends with these creatures, they agreed to keep their cities off the planet and just build Teadr 3 AFT cities in the skies of the planet. The Aars only live inside treehouses inside their jungle homes free from large predators, produces a sweet honey through pollination, and practice various forms of magic. The human cities are known to have large silver and pearly-white buildings with green-blue and yellow lighting, durable glass windows, screen displays and propaganda, a 67% abundance of plants, and have ground vehicles. The planet has 9 continents and 4 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 4; AT: Type I; DC: 25hr:376d
  • Hoolin- A mountainous snowy planet which is known to not only be a TZSC colony, but also a place for Teadr 3 cities to be built inside the mountains of the planet, all of which have the same appearance and architecture as those on Aarnula. The mountains are also home to a variety of alien creatures, and have some AUU animals that were introduced by the HTG Genetic Population Circuit. Some of these aliens have been easily domesticated, and are kept inside military bases found inside the caves. Globex facilities are also found inside these mountains, meant for military research than anything else. The planet has 4 continents and 2 oceans. Moons: None; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: NE:662d

Shloga System

  • Parsoe X- An icy moon belonging to a blue gas giant called Parsoe. This moon has been terraformed in order to melt enough ice to get to soil so that plants can be grown to provide a breathable atmosphere. No indigenous animals are found on this moon, but cloned AUU animals are very prevalent here, and it's good enough to sustain humans and their many Teadr 2 cities which have large pearly white buildings with virtual rooms, red and yellow lighting, underground virtual catacombs that serve as the home of a capitalist syndicates, which are lawful versions of criminal syndicates, and profit from the valuable crystals found in the ground, metro systems, large parks with a 78% abundance of plants, holographic/screen display and propaganda, and flying vehicles. It has 5 small oceans surrounded by icy land. DT: Tier 4; AT: Type I; OT: 401d
  • Olazome- A snowy planet which is so far from it's sun, it is covered entirely of snow, and are ravaged by -57 degree snowstorms. Terraforming this planet didn't do much due to it's distance, so Teadr 2 cities that are identical to those of Parsoe X are only found underground, and there are no domed cities in sight. The planet has life, but most of it tends to keep out of the cold in caves or underground tunnels. The planet is not only a military colony which had been the sight of several Dark Era battles, but Globex facilities are also found here and research chemical and medical technologies. The planet is covered entirely of ice and snow and only a few small lakes are found here. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 40hr:812d

2. Alpha Sector

Allang System

  • Ryze- Originally named Lyxboxyt until the name stuck due to being easier to pronounce, this is a mountainous steppe planet which is known for having a large variety of wildlife that is either from the AUU or the TZ. It also contains forms of megafauna, some of which the humans were capable of domesticating. This is the home planet of a race of militant Teadr 3 thylacine-like beings called the Ryzeans, originally the Lyxboxymes, which the humans heralded for their athleticism, their high-grade technology, their culture, and their alien senses. Thus they introduced them to Cunone technology and taught them how to use them well, declaring it within legal bounds as a Teadr 3 race. Eventually, the Ryzeans became the TZ's finest military powers, and some serve in the TZSC. The planet has various cities which range in Teadr level depending on which race built them. This is also where TZSC supersoldiers are created and trained. The planet has 6 medium-sized lakes surrounded by desert land. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 26hr:413d

Xenklah System

  • Laurus- A dark-red desert planet where a few alien plants are found. The plants were still able to survive even after terraformation, and it became an ideal place for Teadr 2 cities with large gray buildings with holographic windows and rooms, holographic/screen display and propaganda, a 74% abundance of plants, and flying vehicles. This is also a TZSC colony which houses some of their bases and virtual training gyms. While some AUU animals have been introduced here, there are reports that there are other alien species that live here, but none have been found. The planet has 4 oceans surrounded by the dark-red desert land. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 21hr:296d
  • Zincara- A brown desert planet where plant life makes up part of the biosphere as well as a few animals, and the sky is red due to it's small concentration of neon. This planet's rich sources of spices, valuable gems and other rare resources make this planet a part of the TZ Currency Troupe, which trades these resources across the TZ. Teadr 2 cities are identical to those of Laurus, except there are underground catacombs which is where the resources are stored and traded either through banks or capitalist syndicates. The planet has 6 massive continents and 3 oceans. Moons: None; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: NE:344d
  • Asmo- A temperate moon belonging to a Teadr 1 uninhabitable planet called Goruter, which has also been considered a choice of terraformation. Plants and animals can be found almost everywhere on this planet, and Globex facilities are mainly interested in researching Goruter and finding out how to terraform it. Unfortunately, 5 weeks after it's colonizing, Cyrans from Winloa stowed away on spaceships like they did with other spaceships so they could spread annoyance to other worlds, and have since become common on this moon. The Teadr 2 cities are known to have the same architecture and appearance as those of the other inhabited places in this system. The moon has 3 oceans surrounded by land. DT: Tier 4; AT: Type I; OT: 23d

3. Beta Sector

Gorle System

  • Uxswain- A hot temperate planet which has several large mountainous valleys, geothermal valleys and rock formations, and is one of the many planets in the 56-planet Human Colony Map which didn't require terraformation since it already has a breathable atmosphere and an abundant biosphere. The humans were able to domesticate the animals here, and it's rich amount of raw materials and resources made it a trading planet for the TZ Currency Troupe. It also has Teadr 2 cities with brass and silver buildings with holographic rooms and windows, purple and blue lighting, screen displays and propaganda, a 47% abundance of plant life, and ground vehicles. It has 2 large continents, and a global ocean. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 21hr:305d; Capital City: Iranta Vax
  • Metrone- A semi-ecumenopolis planet which serves as the capital planet of the TZ Currency Troupe, which handles trade routes and currency power across the TZ. There are also Teadr 2 cities which have the same architecture and appearance as those of Uxswain, but they have metro stations and the buildings are made of bronze and copper metals. Having no moon, the planet has no seasons and weather tends to be random. It's also known to house the greatest monuments in the TZ and has large parks with amazing architecture. The planet has 6 continents and 4 oceans. Moons: None; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: NE:396d; Capital City: Radiance City
  • Yarthane- A tundrous planet which has land that is partially frozen, yet life still flourishes here. The skies are yellow due to the atmosphere's 0.5% abundance of sodium, and snowstorms happen once a week. That means that civilizations here can only be found underground and contain black houses with durable glass windows which also function as computer interfaces, screen/hologram displays and propaganda, a 58% abundance of plants, and metro systems. The underground caves are also mined for their energy crystals which are used in the cities' reactor cores which give them power. It is rumored that this planet has a sentient lifeform that has always seemed to elude sight, but no creature like that has been found, and it created the myth of the 'Abgorti' monster. The planet has a massive supercontinent, as well as 25 islands, and a large global ocean. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 1; AT: Type I; DC: 26hr:475d

Betrugon System

  • Damaxus- A quarter-ecumenopolis planet with a colorful sky and massive jungles. This planet has hundreds of Teadr 2 cities which contain brass buildings with durable computer glass windows and yellow, green, and blue lighting, screen displays and propaganda, metro systems, a 74% abundance of plants, underground virtual catacombs, and air and ground vehicles. The catacombs were built during the Dark Era and when the battle was over, the catacombs were made to be the hideaways for capitalist syndicates. This is a planet that the pesky Cyrans have also been able to hitch a ride to. The planet has 5 continents and 2 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 22hr:324d
  • Xathon- A semi-humid temperate planet with tall forests, and a vast abundance of flora. This is the home planet of a race of Teadr 4 centaur-like beings called Xataurs, who have built seven united nations on this planet, all having the same technology, and are ruled by a council and a Headmaster King. The humans at first had a bad reputation due to a misunderstanding, yet they managed to get along and the Xataurs allowed the humans to colonize their home planet and build Teadr 2 cities which are identical to those of Damaxus. This has also been considered a good place for water activities since this world is rich in bodies of water, and has been the home of several Olympic games that are held every year. The planet has 4 continents and 3 oceans. Moons: None; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: NE:397d
  • Ousnade- A coniferous planet which is a Globex colony which was attacked only once during the Dark Era War. Globex facilities here have been producing superweapons that the Zurkulites were successfully able to steal during the one battle. When it was over, the Zurkulites became the colonies' security and helped protect the superweapons that were being created here. A majority of the wildlife on this planet comes from the AUU, and there are very little megalopolis cities found here. The planet has 4 continents and 3 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 25hr:431d

4. Gamma Sector

Bolen System

  • Arlar- A temperate planet similar to Earth or Marbon which is not only the first habitable planet discovered by the AUU humans, but this is the capital of the Human Tranquility Government. It was discovered before the Villains Act came, and when they drove them into the Tranquility Zone, they started building a community here and planned colonizing the other 55 habitable worlds of the TZ. This is where Lord Mandarious and the Human Council resides inside the Raryster Tower in the capital city of New Apex City. There are also other massive Teadr 2 civilizations with large silver and brass buildings with durable glass windows which also function as computer interfaces, screen displays and propaganda, a 67% abundance of plant life, massive monuments, metro systems, and air and ground vehicles. The planet has 6 continents and 3 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 24hr:300d; Capital City: New Apex City
  • Zolnora- A temperate planet which has been the greatest candidate for genetic research due to it's resources which can be used for cryogenics, as well as having oceans filled with primordial oozes that open opportunities for artificial evolution experiments. This is the second planet the humans have terraformed, and this is not only the home of several Teadr 2 cities with the same architecture and appearance as those of Arlar, as well as several Globex facilities which research in genetics and artificial evolution, but it's also the home of the HTG's Genetic Population Circuit, which has the role of cloning, breeding, and preparing AUU animals for colonization of the other colonized humans planets. The oceans are too dangerous to interact with due to the oozes, but they can be researched through collecting samples. The planet's moon, Conar, is the keeping place of the BioCodex. The planet has 3 continents and a large global primordial ooze-filled ocean. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: ; Capital City: Strence

Cryptus System

  • Cryse- A temperate planet with life that is very sustainable under the system's blue star. The sky is noted for being purple due to it's larger concentration of nitrogen, though the planet is still breathable. This world is also distinguished for it's highly-valued rare resources that reside in geothermal and volcanic valleys, and for it's large variety of gems and gemstones which it uses as it's main form of currency. The biosphere is large and contains TZ and AUU animals and plants. The Teadr 2 cities stand several stories high and have black buildings with virtual rooms, holographic/screen displays and propaganda, a 78% abundance of plants, metro systems, large monuments and parks, and flying vehicles. The planet has 5 continents and 2 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 24hr:386d
  • Arxon X- A semi-temperate moon belonging to a blue and green gas giant named Arxon. Colonized by the humans from Cryse, and having identical cities, this moon is known to be a TZSC colony which was the sight of several Dark Era battles and some of the cities were left in ruins by the Zurkulites. This is also where Zurkulite factories have been produced and upgraded during the Dark Ages and later when they reformed. The moon has 3 large continents and 2 oceans. DT: Tier 4; AT: Type I; OT: 406d

Intrun System

  • Uispeon- A temperate planet which has large acres of plant-filled deserts and jungles, along with various amounts of indigenous wildlife. There is also a large amount of ship grveyards that belonged to the extinct Teadr 2 Worcusors, which were the last Teadr 2 race behind the Quygans, and several Globex facilities have been built here to research their technology, primarily their artificial intelligence. There are several megalopolis cities here which use the reverse-engineered Worcusor technology to it's advantage, and all are operated particularly by the HTE's most notable unit, ARIS (Artificial Intelligence System), which was created on this very planet, was sold across the TZ, and various units are operated in Teadr 2-3 cities all over. The planet has 4 massive continents, and 1 global ocean. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 23hr:354d ; Capital City: Ceveris City
  • Toranade- A mountainous and coniferous tundra planet with a abundant biosphere and has a deep-gray-blue sky due to the planet's 0.6% abundance of silicon. It has no cities, but instead serves as the capital of the TZSC and TZ Globex. The TZSC colonies of this planet are distinctive and have a Teadr 3 architecture, and they have underground virtual catacombs which serve as training barracks or briefing areas. The Globex colonies are known to be tightly-secured and specialize in military technologies such as cybernetics, robotics, and weaponry. This is not only the birthplace of the Zurkulites, but it's also distinguished for a few Worcursor ruins which serve as military or research grounds. The planet has 7 continents and 3 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 1; AT: Type I; DC: 25hr:390d
  • Aldrum- An icy tundra planet where little life exists, yet plants make up a sustainable population. This was a planet that was abandoned by the Worcusors long ago for it's climate change, and to this day, their city ruins have been unearthed and restored by the humans. Even the Worcusors' mining factories have been restored to mine out the renewable eco-resources that grow in the ground, and are used across the TZ. The cities now rest inside domes, and underground virtual catacombs were built to serve as areas where capitalist societies can profit from the eco-resources. The planet has a large supercontinent and a large global ocean. Moons: None; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 27hr:483d

5. Delta Sector

Rolar System

  • Araben- A lava planet which was colonized for it's vast amounts of valuable spices and metals that are mined from the planet's lava pits. No life is found here since the atmosphere is inhospitable for it's contaminants of carbon monoxide, argon, sulfur, and arsenic, and domed mobile Teadr 2 cities with artificial weather systems, black buildings with red and orange lighting and virtual rooms, holographic display and propaganda, 76% abundance of plants, and flying vehicles that can travel through these cities with their air-tight structures. There are also TZSC colonies on this planet to protect people during a volcanic ravaging. The planet has a planetary ring containing hot rocks and obsidian. Moons: 4; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type III; DC: 21hr:324d
  • Olloe- A desert planet where plants have yet to be planted. Because of this, the atmosphere has no oxygen, no life, and therefore civilizations have to be inside air-filled domes until the atmosphere is prepared. There are underground sanctuaries where life can flourish perfectly which are accessible through these cities, which have the same architecture and appearance as those of Araben, only the buildings are silver. Globex facilities here are meant to prepare the planet for further terraformation phases, and are also responsible for creating chemicals and other fabrics. The planet has no oceans and is surrounded by a planet-wide desert. Moons: None; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type III; DC: 24hr:377d
  • Qoroni- A mountainous desert oasis planet which had been the first planet in it's system to be terraformed. It holds cities which are once again identical to those of Araben, and it's been given an abundance of wildlife transplanted from the AUU by the Genetic Population Circuit. There are a few jungles on this planet that can be found, and there are also gems found under the mountains under the planet that this planet uses as it's main form of currency. The planet has 5 oceans surrounded by desert. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 26hr:406d

Bezin System

  • Thainus- A canyon desert planet which was given AUU life by the humans and because of the vast amount of valuable gems found on the walls of the canyons, this planet became part of the TZ Currency Troupe. The humans also built Teadr 2 cities with bronze buildings with white and yellow lighting and holographic windows, screen display and propaganda, a 57% abundance of plants, and flying vehicles. This is also a place where Worcursor ruins are found, and the still-functioning Teadr 2 cities are run by the humans. The planet has 5 continents and 2 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 4; AT: Type I; DC: 20hr:311d
  • Bafruna- A temperate planet which is known for an eternal day and night, staying in place in the sun's orbit. Because of this, the dark side of the planet is a large uninhabitable icy landscape that is over -60 degrees cold. The light side is habitable, and it's here where humans have been able to live in Teadr 2 cities which are identical to those of Thainus, only with metro systems, silver buildings, underground catacombs, and virtual rooms which provide complete darkness needed for sleep. There is also sparse wildlife where the flora is composed of land corals, and the fauna is very large and abundant. The planet has 12 continents and 6 oceans. Moons: None; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I
  • Neldemon- A sparse jungle planet which is noted for it's atmosphere which contains 0.6% neon, which means an orange sky, and it's incredibly-abundant biosphere containing either TZ life or AUU life. Despite the Cyrans hitching a ride here, the humans that live here were able to live in peace never having a single conflict, even in the Dark Era. The Teadr 2 cities have the same architecture and appearance as those of Bafruna, and this is also a place where Worcursor ruins reside, some being colonized by the humans, only these are much more advanced, having it's own teleportation route system. The planet has 4 continents and 2 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 26hr:474d
  • Ganora- A mountainous tundra planet with a sustainable biosphere and several Globex colonies that research various fields in technology. This is also a mining colony which mines rare eco-resources and spices that are valued across the TZ. Not only have the Globex facilities here produced cybernetic, robotic, vehicular, and weapon technologies, but this is also the home of several neurosciences that have developed augmented reality or virtual reality, particularly in gaming systems. Some of these sciences are kept in underground vaults so they wouldn't be used by the Zurkulites. There are no cities found here. The planet has 9 continents and 3 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 29hr:523d

6. Epsilon Sector

Trolana System

  • Inoralis- A mountainous humid temperate planet with a large blue sky which is made brighter by it's blue star, and for it's large biosphere. The planet is noted for it's Teadr 2 cities which contain silver and brass buildings with virtual rooms, metro systems, underground virtual catacombs, holographic display and propaganda, 57% abundance of plants and land corals, and it's bustling air and ground traffic. While the cities are extremely beautiful and intricate, there are also energy crystal mines located inside sea caves. The planet has 6 continents, 4 oceans, and a large icy and dusty ring. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 22hr:315d; Capital City: Qroshire
  • Miltuna- A tropical resort planet where most of the planet is covered with water, there is a massive abundance of wildlife, and there are small continents and hundreds of tiny islands. The terraformation of this planet lead to it's polar ice caps melting, and resulting in the planet becoming mostly a water-world filled with Teadr 2 resort cities with the same architecture and appearance as those of Inoralis, but the buildings are made of pearly-white metals, there are computerized windows, no underground catacombs, and the display is mainly screens. The military bases of this planet are only found underwater, as well as Globex facilities and factories which mine the underwater crystals that this planet uses as it's main form of currency. The planet has 3 small continents and 2 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 25hr:384d; Capital City: Cascar Falls

Hollot System

  • Buclite- A tropical resort planet where 90% of the planet is covered in water. The Teadr 2 resort cities can be found on the various islands on the planet, and are designated for their large pearly-white and silver buildings with durable glass windows which also serve as computer interfaces, screen/holographic displays and propaganda, a 79% abundance of plants, and flying vehicles. This is considered a great vacation planet for various water activities. The planet has over 63 islands varying from size, and a large global ocean. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 20hr:374d
  • Vudrolla- A temperate planet which has a massive biosphere, and has massive jungles. This planet is home to many Teadr 2 cities with the same appearance as those of Buclite, only with metro systems and holographic windows. This planet is also home to a number of high-tech ancient ruins belonging to an extinct Teadr 2 race called Worcusors which had colonized over 10 worlds until their home planet of Worcuse was destroyed and they died of starvation and loss of resources. These ruins are home of a massive number of TZSC colonies, as well as a number of Worcusor museums. Some of these ruins were still preserved, and the humans have taken control of them. The planet has 10 continents and 4 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 23hr:469d
  • Glolar- A swampy wetland planet which the Worcusors have also colonized until their extinction. All that remains are their Teadr 2 city ruins which the ones that are in good condition are run by the humans. The humans have also taken the time to build their own cities on this planet which are all identical to those of Vudrolla. Water covers almost every part of the land and a wide variety of wildlife is found here. Globex facilities are also located here to research medical and chemical technologies. The plant has 2 continents and one global ocean. Moons: None; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: NE:516d

7. Zeta Sector

Nuonar System

  • Quirth- A temperate planet which has a ranging climate, has a large biosphere, and has a blue sky consisting of mercury instead of xenon. This is the TZ version of Earth/Marbon, having a similar climate and wildlife, and it has massive cities made up of white buildings of any architecture, and it has amazing sights. This is the home planet of a race of Teadr 2 human-like beings called Quygans, which had a matching society of modern-day humans, and had actually believed the humans to be the 'Dream Beings' that were spoken of in a prophesized legend, and have become the humans' main allies, and co-existed with them. However, the humans had to deal with a lot of problems after meeting them as the result of the beginning of the Dark Era War. No human cities were built here because the humans live in the Quygan cities. The planet has 6 continents and 2 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 23hr:375d
  • Thaynope- A temperate planet which was terraformed by the humans following their meeting with the Quygans. The planet has Teadr 2 cities which have the same architecture and appearance as those of Arlor. The planet also has geothermal valleys which are mined for their rare resources and valuable gems which are the planet's main form of currency. The humans of this planet were briefly forced off due to their banishment from the system after the beginning of the Dark Era, but was re-colonized after the end of the war. The planet has 3 continents, 2 oceans, and a large planetary ring. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 4; AT: Type I; DC: 26hr:430d
  • Cydam- A desert moon belonging to a red-and-orange gas giant called Taygenole. This is a mining colony where valuable resources were mined from the ground and traded across the TZ. It is also home to several Teadr 2 cities with the same architecture and appearance as those of Arlor and Thaynope. The humans were briefly banned from this moon during the beginning of the Dark Era, and were allowed back in during it's end. The moon has 4 small oceans surrounded by land. DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; OT: 264d
  • Riil- A rocky desolate moon belonging to a yellow gas giant called Jalithar. Despite life being apparent here, they are not adaptable to an oxygen atmosphere, and so all Teadr 2 cities are built inside domes and are connected through underground subway systems. The cities are distinguished for their silver and black buildings with red and yellow lighting and holographic windows, large parks and monuments, screen/holographic display and propaganda, a 76% abundance of plants, and ground vehicles. The humans were briefly banned from this moon during the beginning of the Dark Era and were allowed back in afterward. The moon has 7 continents and 3 oceans. DT: Tier 4; AT: Type III; OT: 410d
  • Eol- A lava moon belonging to a black-and-red gas giant called Unjula. Even though it has a barely-breathable atmosphere, it is not only colonized for it's Globex facilities and it's lava refineries which molded lava into precious metals and traded across the TZ, but it was also the home of several robot Olympic-style games where people would earn great rewards for their robots competing. The humans here were briefly banned from their during the beginning of the Dark Era and was allowed back in following the end of the war. DT: Tier 4; AT: Type II; OT: 266d
  • Ubelune- A snowy planet which is a near-Snowball World, having a surface covered entirely of ice, and the temperatures drop to -47 degrees. This was also a world that was colonized by the Worcusors until their extinction and their ruins are still preserved today. The Quygans called this planet 'The Blue Badlands' which they believed was haunted by demons and thus they used it as a banishment site for sinful criminals including an evil warlord that declared war on them long ago. This warlord had a hand in creating the Zurkulites that created a bad reputation between the Quygans and the humans and started the Dark Era War. After the humans and Quygans settled their differences and defeated the overlord, they were allowed to establish penal colonies on the planet and make it a prison planet. Moons: 2; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 30hr:576d

Forthos System

  • Morrun- A desert ecumenopolis planet which has an abundant amount of AUU wildlife and organic soil that makes for good agriculture. This not only has a Teadr 2 global cities which only cover a half percentage of the continents and has black and brass buildings with red, yellow, and green lighting and durable computer glass windows, screen displays and propaganda, metro systems, a 60% abundance of plant life, large parks, and flying vehicles, but it also serves as the home of several virtual movie studios, making it the movie capital of the TZ. The planet has 5 continents and 3 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 21hr:315d
  • Spauter- A temperate planet with a deep-gray-blue sky produced by it's 0.7% abundance of silicon, and a massive abundance of wildlife that often hails from the AUU. This planet is noted for having Worcursor ruins that are inhabited by the humans, and the ruins' underground catacombs are the homes of several capitalist syndicates. The planet's soil is also good for agriculture. This is also a world where various gambling matches are made where people would place bets on sports such as robot and mech-wrestling, racing, virtual matches, and so on. The planet has 6 continents and 2 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 24hr:370d
  • Ambrix- A canyon tundra planet which has been known to have Teadr 2 cities with the same architecture as those of Morrun that are inhabited mostly by robots. Ever since the Dark Era, this planet was left in ruins and the people that lived here were mostly wiped out. When the Zurkulites reformed, they colonized this planet and made it their own, and even made peace with the human survivors. This planet was colonized for it's rich amounts or rare resources that are traded across the TZ. The planet has 3 continents and a global ocean. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 4; AT: Type I; DC: 26hr:472d

Ginafa System

  • Traxus- An ocean planet which is covered 95% percent with water. The humans have built Teadr 3 cities with silver buildings with durable glass windows, screen displays and propaganda, metro systems, large parks and monuments, an 80% abundance of plants, and hovercrafts that travel on land and on the surface of the water, on the traces of land and introduced plant life to flourish on them. While humans colonized this planet, it is the home planet of a race of Teadr 4 mermaid-like humanoids called Traxons, which have been the second most advanced race the humans have discovered behind the Ryzeans. While these beings have not discovered space travel, they learned modern-day advancements, have an advanced kingdom, and have introduced to the humans an aquagen chewy pill derived from DNA which granted webbed hands and feet, improved ears for hearing better underwater, and gills that allow underwater breathing, which only lasts 24 hours. Yet these creatures prefer to stay on their home planet. The planet has 1 small continent and several islands. Moons: None; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: NE:306d
  • Gyctaur- A subtropical rainforest wetland planet with a white-blue sky caused by the planet's 0.6% abundance of krypton, and has become an agriculture colony where agricultural corporations trade goods and valuables across the TZ. There are also valuable eco-resources that can be grown by these corporations and could also be traded. The Teadr 3 cities are identical to those of Traxus, only with a 91% abundance of plants, which means most of the ground is covered with grass, and underground catacombs serve as the home of several capitalist societies. The planet has 5 continents and 3 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 25hr:396d

8. Eta Sector

Hubbin System

  • Winloa- A jungle planet where wildlife makes up a lot of the planet, and some animals have been domesticated. This planet was known to have been abandoned by an ancient race due to climate change, yet that didn't stop the humans from building military colonies on it for the Tranquility Zone Space Command. This was a world where several battles were fought during the Dark Era, and it's where several Orbital Defense Stations (ODSs) are located, and the bases are commonly tampered with by the invasive Cyran pests that have been known to be a nuisance across the TZ for their mischievous nature and their annoyances. The planet has 8 continents and 5 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 21hr:303d
  • Ulbithar- A jungle planet which was one of the easiest planets to terraform. All it needed was plants to suck in carbon dioxide and produce air, and in 6 months time, the atmosphere was breathable, and available for Teadr 3 cities to be built. These cities had large pearly white and gray buildings with durable glass windows, screen displays and propaganda, a 72% abundance of plants, underground virtual catacombs for invasion, and flying vehicles. There were also ODSs built and are still orbiting the planet today after it was a victim of the Dark Era. Most of the labor done here are composed of robots and machines. The planet has 4 continents and 2 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 23hr:374d; Capital City: Ocrita City
  • Nodar- A snowy planet which is so far from it's star the temperature goes down to -63 degrees. Because of this, the planet's Teadr 3 cities, which have the same architecture and appearance as those of Ulbithar, have to be built inside temperature-controlled domes or inside underground caves. Military and police bases have to be underground because domed facilities are more vulnerable to attack, and when soldiers come out, they must wear temperature-controlled suits called CelsiSuits or they will freeze to death within 25 minutes. This planet is also known for having heated geothermal fields which make up the only heated areas of the planet. The planet has no oceans. Moons: 3; DT: Tier 1; AT: Type I; DC: 30hr:726d

Poyunus System

  • Ozidia- A temperate planet with a large biosphere, a colorful sky and a strong magnetosphere which creates auroras across the planet. The planet is known for it's renewable eco-resources that are mined by the humans that inhabited the planet, as well as the planet's 2 main species: A non-indigenous race of Teadr 5 semi-arboreal humanoids called Siagans, and an indigenous race of Teadr 5 wolf-like bat humanoids called Twargs. Both races think they are superior to one another since, following the Siagans' arrival on the planet, the two races have had a 1-month war until they called a truce after discovering they were evenly-matched, and this ended up giving them both superiority complexes, and tend to do things out of their league in order to prove their superiority. It didn't take until the humans' arrival to try and regulate the feud with rules and regulations involving treating each other with the respect they deserve. The 2 races own the same technologically-advanced villages that are all derived from leftover Worcusor technology, and the humans built Teadr 2 cities with black buildings with virtual rooms, screen display and propaganda, a 62% abundance of plant life, massive monuments and parks, and ground vehicles. Some humans even prefer to live in the villages. The planet has 6 continents and 2 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 23hr:326d
  • Jisture- A subtropical rainforest planet which the humans have allowed Sgarases who want to be free from the feud to live in, and have given them a Teadr 2 portal which would allow them to travel back to Ozidia if desired. The villages are found in the treetops and go to the wet ground usually for water activities or for visiting the Teadr 2 human cities that are found in open areas, the cities having the same architecture and appearance as those of Ozidia. The planet has a large supercontinent and a large global ocean. Moons: None; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: NE:388d
  • Palthrom- A mountainous tundra planet which the humans have allowed Trafalvens who want to be free from the feud to live in, and have given them a Teadr 2 portal which would allow them to travel back to Ozidia if desired. The villages these creatures live in are found in the open grassy areas of the planet, and Teadr 2 human cities with the same architecture and appearance as those of Ozidia are found underground or inside domes. The planet has 7 continents and 4 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 27hr:441d
  • Cauge- A snowy ice planet which is too cold for cities to be built in. This is a military and Globex colony which was responsible for researching nanotechnology. This was a world that suffered a grey goo disaster during the Dark Era caused by the Zurkulites until a global electromagnetic pulse operation was initiated that destroyed all the rogue nanobots. Because of this, nanorobotic weapons were banned on all worlds in the TZ. The planet has 5 continents and 2 oceans. Moons: None; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: NE:512d

9. Theta Sector

Uarlar System

  • Alscord- A desert planet which is far enough from it's red sun that it can sustain wildlife. It also has Teadr 2 cities which match the architecture and appearance of the Ohrugans of the AUU. It is also where the humans established their first supersoldier projects, building virtual training programs and Globex facilities that produce the augmentation serums from the planet's renewable eco-resource that could be found in the planet's geothermal valleys, as well as valuable gems to trade for the TZ Currency Troupe. The planet's moon, called Zeed, is where the supersoldiers trained for mission in a zero-gravity environment. The planet has 5 continents and 2 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 20hr:309d; Capital City: Nobility
  • Samus IV- A soiled desolate moon belonging to a yellow-and-red gas giant called Samus. While the moon has life, it's not sustainable for humans due to it's atmosphere containing mostly carbon dioxide and thick air. They can live on this moon in air domes, but terraforming it would cause the life that adapted to this atmosphere to die. Each domed Teadr 2 city has an artificial gravity system to keep the inside gravity the same as Marbon or Earth, and they have the same architecture as that of Alscord. The gravity on this planet is weak, allowing animals to glide through the air with grace and agility. The moon has 5 small continents and 3 oceans. DT: Tier 4; AT: Type III; OT: 418d
  • Albarox VIII- A desolate moon that belongs to a green gas giant named Albarox. This is the first moon ever to have been terraformed by the humans. This small moon is home to an abundant collection of AUU life. This moon has been fit to be home for lots of Teadr 2 civilizations with the same architecture as that of Alscord, and military colonies that served well during the TZ's many conflicts and wars. This moon's gravity is 20% weaker than that of Marbon or Earth, allowing more strength for humans, and greater combat advantages. The moon has 2 large oceans surrounded by land. DT: Tier 4; AT: Type I; OT: 326d

Arzinso System

  • Lusollo- An arid desert plateau planet which was known for it's red sky produced by the atmosphere's 0.6% abundance of iron, it's medium abundance of plant life, and for it's small abundance of water which can only be found underground. It was once a Worcusor colony until they were all wiped out during the planet's climate change, and it recently serves as a mining colony for it's rich amounts of valuable gems, spices, and eco-resources which was sold through the TZ Currency Troupe across the TZ. The planet's Worcusor ruins are where the planet's capitalist syndicates reside and profit from these resources. The planet is covered entirely by land and has a planetary ring made of ice, obsidian, and dust. Moons: None; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 19hr:310d
  • Acladon- A semiarid desert planet with a steady amount of jungles, and has the same eco-resources as those of Lusollo. It's planetary rings are also rich in yellow energy crystals which are used in the planet's fusion reactors which power the many Teadr 2 cities that are found here. The cities have bronze buildings with yellow and orange lighting and holographic windows and rooms, hologram/screen displays and propaganda, a 73% abundance of plants, and flying vehicles. The planet has 7 continents, 4 oceans, and a rocky crystalline planetary ring. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 21hr:375d
  • Pluiter- A humid tropical rainforest planet which had once been part of the TZ Currency Troupe for it's rich amount of resources until the Dark Era left it's mines and factories to be taken over by rogue Zurkulite space pirates. When the war ended, the humans decided that this be the space pirate capital of the TZ, and strictly keep the same society as Ardalicron back in the AUU, pillaging from the abusive rich and giving to the tortured poor, or just going on adventures. The planet has 6 continents and 2 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 22hr:420d
  • Talawn- A temperate planet which has Worcusor ruins which were restored and transformed into human civilizations. It's also an entertainment resort where funfairs, casinos, and arenas are located, all using the virtual technology that resided in these Worcusor ruins. All the attractions are located in underground catacombs while the cities were built above ground. The massive businesses mean that the money has to be regulated by the TZ Currency Troupe, and this has often attracted the attention of capitalist syndicates. The planet has 3 continents and a large global ocean. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; DC: 25hr:486d

10. Iota Sector

Shanil System

  • Raflost- A temperate ecumenopolis planet which is covered 71% by a Teadr 2 city with black, brass, and silver buildings with virtual rooms, purple, blue, and yellow lighting, metro systems, screen/hologram display and propaganda, a 75% abundance of plants and land corals, and air/ground vehicles. This planet has the biggest population in the TZ Human Colony Map. This is where human scientists who work for Globex are helping raise young clones of their AUU alien allies so they can learn to make a living in the TZ, though they don't have other members of them to make it easier. The planet has 2 oceans surrounded by the large global city. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 1; AT: Type I; DC: 23hr:315d
  • Baroutune- An ocean planet where underwater domed Teadr 2 cities which are identical to those of Raflost are found. The skies of the planet are yellow due to the small abundance of sulfur in the sky, the waters are abundant with large and beautiful coral reefs. There are a few military colonies here which are meant to keep these cities safe, while Globex facilities are meant to research aquavehicle and aquasuit designs. This is also where loads of energy crystals can be mined from underwater caves to provide power for these cities. Moons: None; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: NE:386d
  • Porgus- A temperate planet which is known for it's orange sky, and it's massive biosphere. This is a TZSC colony where most of it's soldiers are composed of robots, and it's where Globex facilities research cybernetics and robotics. There are no cities here since the Dark Era Wars have destroyed them all and left them in ruins, and nobody considered repopulating them since the cities have been overrun by hostile alien creatures. This is a prime area where gladiator hunting is a grand yet dangerous sport for capitalist societies to profit from. The planet has 4 large continents, and 3 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 26hr:411d
  • Juliu VII- A barren desert moon belonging to a red gas giant named Juliu. This moon has a few Teadr 2 cities which have the same architecture and appearance as those of Raflost. But it is mainly a Globex colony for weapons research and had been attacked many times by the Zurkulites for stealing the many weapons that are stored in the underground vaults. The moon has 6 oceans surrounded by dry desert land. DT: Tier 4; AT: Type I; OT: 431d
  • Thiaxer- A snowy planet which isn't that cold in the planet's Equator areas, but colder at the poles. The temperature is so low, that Teadr 2 cities which are identical to those of Raflost are easy to build. While the cities make up the equator, TZSC bases take up the poles of the planet. This planet not only has underground capitalist syndicates which profit from the many valuable underground eco-resources and gems that serve as this planet's main form of currency, but it has also been the site of several Dark Era Battles. The planet has 6 continents and 3 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 28hr:475d

Pequoia System

  • Endola- A temperate ecumenopolis planet which has a global Teadr 3 city that covers over 65% of the planet. This city contains large silver buildings with computerized glass windows, screen displays and propaganda, a 68% abundance of plants, and ground vehicles. Only 35% of the planet has wildlife ecosystems for animals that are either TZ Indigenous or being from the AUU. This world has had a few conflicts in the past that was easily taken care of, and most of it's labor is handled by robots. The planet has 4 oceans. Moons: 1; DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; DC: 19hr:293d
  • Sagurn- A terrestrial jungle planet with a purple sky and an abundant array of wildlife. Teadr 3 cities can only be found underground on this planet due to the hostile dinosaur-like creatures that thrive on the surface. These cities have the same architecture and appearance as those of Endola, and there are also Globex facilities which research cybernetic technologies for the floating military bases that fly above the planet's surface. The military on this planet has learned how to ride the dinosaurs of this planet, and avoid them through their GravWing-10 Wing Packs. The planet has 5 continents, 3 oceans, and a large planetary ring containing ice, dust, and rock. Moons: None; DT: Tier 1; AT: Type I; DC: 22hr:368d
  • Inyx- A rocky desert moon belonging to the purple gas giant Notirica. This moon is known for being a mining colony for precious and rare resources which are used across the TZ, and in it's Teadr 3 cities which have the same architecture and appearance as those of Endola. It's geothermal wastelands are rich in rare metals and gems that could be traded through the TZ Currency Troupe by banks. The moon has 3 oceans surrounded by dry desert land. DT: Tier 2; AT: Type I; OT: 279d
  • Aji- A temperate moon also belonging to Notirica. This moon is capable of sustaining a wide variety of plant and animal life, and the Teadr 3 cities are once again identical to those of Endola. The life here can be beautiful except for the nasty Flav'neers that are found burrowing inside houses and flying through the cities. These dragon-like rats are considered pests on this moon for their disease and the damage they cause. Aside from them, the cities are peaceful and have a rich economy provided to them by the TZ Currency Troupe. The moon has 7 continents and 4 oceans. DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; OT: 322d
  • Otyque- An icy moon also belonging to Notirica. The moon is extremely cold, and snowstorms occur almost every week. Some alien life can survive in this harsh environment, but humans can't, and have to live in underground Teadr 3 cities with the same appearance and architecture as the underground cities of Sagurn. This is also a military colony for Globex facilities to research cybernetic technology like the ones on Sagurn. The moon has no oceans. DT: Tier 3; AT: Type I; OT: 395d

Space Cities

Space cities in the Tranquility Zone are like the ones in the AUU, but with a few modifications. They retain the same requirements of a space city such as photosynthetic systems, an oxygen-filled atmosphere, artificial gravity to shield from the health effects of weightlessness, artificial weather systems to nourish the life that flourishes in these cities, mobile systems for travelling across space, AI units that control the entire platform and city, a steady supply of fauna, and buildings that are assembled through buildpads. But the differences in these space cities include more-advanced designs, and the AI has limited control over the platform, the rest of it being controlled by robots. There are also backup systems for each function in case the original fails or breaks down. The buildpads are also modified to molecularly assemble the building instead of the old robotic assembly system which takes much longer to complete.

  • Astrosite- A 503ft spherical space city created on Planet Endola. It looks like an atom in appearance, and it is more like a space station than a city. In fact, it used to be a space station that was converted into a space city with 6 levels that are accessible through a series of elevator traffic tubes that carry several vehicles, and the middle of each level consists of a waterfall system, large circular parks, and a body of water on the lower level surrounded by a beach. It is controlled by an AI unit named Arlenna.
  • Glanayos- A 400ft domed space city created on Planet Alscord. It was formerly a planetary city that was revolutionized into a space city that has a city with the same architecture and appearance as those of Alscord, is propelled by fusion thrusters, has a deflector shield surrounding it's massive dome, contains large amounts of wildlife, and has a beach and an ocean. It also has a subway system and it is powered by a fusion reactor built underneath the platform that is regulated by robots. It is controlled by an AI unit named Ginna.
  • Solaros I- A 405ft rectangular space city created on Planet Morrun. It was created during a revolutionary period where Morrun was making 4 space cities which were the first to be powered by colossal solar sails which could harness energy from even the farthest of stars called the Solaris SC series. Being the first of it's kind, it is powered by 2 80ft-long solar sails which powered built-in ion thrusters, and has a city with the same architecture and appearance as those of Morrun. It also contains 2 oceans, several parks, a wide array of plants and animals, and a virtual sky and sun display surrounding the entire dome of the city. Controlled by an AI unit named Helios.
  • Solaros II- A 405ft rectangular space city created on Planet Morrun. It is the second in the Solaros SC series, only with a few small differences. While it retains the solar sails and solar-powered ion thrusters and the same identical cities, it has only one ocean with a waterfall system, sustainable wildlife, and the city is much bigger in appearance. It is controlled by an AI unit named Helios II.
  • Solaros III- A 450ft rectangular space city created on Planet Morrun. It is the third in the Solaros SC series, and it has a few differences from the last model. It has the same solar sails and ion thrusters, but it contains a mountain called Mt. Solvius, has a smaller city than that of the last two models, has a waterfall-fed ocean, several large parks and monuments, and has a subway system. It is controlled by an AI unit named Helios III.
  • Solaros IV- A 450ft space city created on Planet Morrun. It is the fourth and final model in the Solaros SC series, and it has a much larger city than the other 3 models. It has much larger solar sails and larger ion thrusters, it has two waterfall-fed oceans and beaches, holographic displays and propaganda, and a deflector shield around it's hull. It is controlled by an AI unit named Helios IV.
  • Eve City- A 384ft rectangular space city created on Planet Talawn. It's city is located in the middle of the space city and have the same virtual technology, architecture and appearance that it's home planet retained, and not only has several underground funfairs and casinos, but it also contains 3 waterfall-fed lakes and a large ocean, and has a steady supply of fauna and flora. It also has a mountain called Mt. Eveno, and robots make up 90% of the space city's services. It is propelled through ion thrusters and adjustable wings, and is controlled by an AI unit named Eleane.
  • Kenovia- A 477ft cylindrical space city created on Planet Toranade. It was formerly the first and only city built on Toranade before it became the capital of the TZSC. Being the capital of a space force meant the risk of attack so the city was converted into a space city with one large ocean next to one large park, as well as a cliff with 6 floor levels called the Kenoois Cliff. It's Teadr 2 city has black and silver buildings with durable computer glass windows, holographic display and propaganda, a 55% abundance of plants, metro systems, and ground vehicles. It is controlled by an AI unit named Kirk.
  • Micago Eni- A 399ft domed space city created on Planet Glolar. It's name is Naroudian for 'Hovering City'. It started out as a regular city until it was revolutionized and turned into a space city. The city has the same architecture and appearance as those of Glolar, and is surrounded on all sides by an ocean that flourishes with undersea life. It is propelled by electric thrusters, and is powered by a cold-fusion core that resides under the city. It is controlled by an AI unit named Minny.
  • Tromir- A 586ft black rectangular city created on Planet Talawn. Unlike it's cousin Eve City, it started out as a city on the planet until it was revolutionized and turned into a space city. This city has a similar architecture and appearance as those of Talawn, and it also has underground catacombs where virtual Olympic-style games are held. It is a large city with over 508 buildings and skyscrapers. It carries a fair amount of plant life and parks, and is surrounded by a large virtual dome which is automatically controlled by it's AI unit, Treyvon.
  • Xyiladia- A 550ft circular UFO-like space city created on Planet Thaynope. It started out as a planetary city until the humans decided to show the Quygans how they built a space city out of a basic city, and turned it into exactly that. The dome is not made of durable glass, but it's instead made of a durable metal which serves as a virtual interface. It's city is identical to those of it's home planet, and it maintains a steady amount of wildlife, and it is propelled through cold fusion thrusters, and is controlled by an AI unit named Xylon.
  • Sim Mino- A 600ft island-shaped space city created on Planet Xathon. It's name being Xathonian for 'Space Isle', this city was made out of an actual island that was rooted out of the ground through terrain technology, and it has a central waterfall-fed ocean where the Xathoroes can live, and the surrounding city has the same architecture and appearance as the human cities of Xathon. It also has a steady amount of plants and land corals. It is controlled by an AI named Seer.
  • Zake Kassan- A 450ft rectangular space city created on Planet Damaxus. It's name is Yuruese for 'Jet City' for it's similarities to a personal jet, being propelled through twin ion thrusters on two adjustable wings, and is powered by a large reactor housed in the front of the structure. The city has the same architecture and appearance as the cities of Damaxus, has over 8 transparent metal domes, 12 small lakes, a large amount of plants, parks, and monuments, and a mountain named Mt. Zakeus which houses a national park on the top. It is controlled by an AI unit named Zaeka.
  • Invilade- A 300ft space city created on Planet Laurus. Because of it's large bodies of water that take up most of the city, it is considered a good place for swimming. The city has a steady amount of plants and land corals, and has massive subway systems. There are also underground catacombs which serve as both the sewer system, or as a home for several capitalist syndicates which profit from the city's many arena games that are held every month. It is controlled by an AI unit named Isarill.
  • New Solaria- A 600ft domed space city created on Planet Cryse. It has a similar design to the Old Solaria in the AUU, using thrusters, and also started off as a city that looked similar to Solaria, and as a result, it was turned into a space city. The dome is made of durable metal instead of durable glass, and it produces a virtual display of the same colorful artificial sky in the AUU, and distinguishable sunlight. It is entirely powered by an underground fusion reactor, and is controlled by an AI unit named Sovene.
  • Torque City- A 560ft rectangular space city created on Planet Raflost. It started out as a small city that was revolutionized and turned into a space city, and where it stood on the planet is now turned into a park called Torque Park. It's walls are virtual interfaces, and it's ceiling is made of durable glass and has a view of space. It's city has the same architecture and appearance as the cities of Raflost, and it has a beach and waterfall-fed ocean. It is controlled by an AI unit named Tora.
  • Cubolius- A 300ft cube-shaped space city created on Planet Gyctaur. It has 5 levels that are accessible through elevator traffic tubes, and the cities are all identical to those of Gyctaur. It has one massive lake on the bottom level that is waterfall-fed, and the cities have a few parks and monuments. It is controlled by an AI unit named Ceela.
  • Domar I- A 440ft domed space city built on Planet Ulbithar. It was created during the same revolutionary period as the Solaros SC series, and was the first space city built in the TZ. Being the first of the Domar SC series, it has it's recognizable atomic thrusters and has cities that are identical to those of it's birth planet, and is powered by a cold-fusion reactor residing below the city. It has no oceans, but keeps a steady amount of plants and.bodies of water. It is controlled by an AI unit named Daylas.
  • Domar II-
  • Domar III-
  • Domar IV-
  • Domar V-
  • Domar VI-
  • New Ryze City-


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