The Tribe of Xenophobes is the 49th Episode of Season 3B of the SpongeBob and Friends Adventures Chronicles series. The Lodgers, during a trip to the Alternate UUniverses after agreeing to help find heroes for the slow progress of the now unrestricted Heroes Act, thanks to Icky show-boating, the gang has crashed onto a planet called Bakuldo. While wandering this murky and swampy planet, they are kidnapped by a species of small primitive midget-sized crocodilians called Bakudans, which are known for their Indian-like intelligence, and excellent hunting strategies. They have developed domestication, animal riding, agriculture, and a religion which makes them think that spaceships constantly appearing on their planets are demonic monsters. Now the Lodgers are violently accused of being demonic spawn of the van by the tribe called the Mawhonx. While they are forbidden to leave under threat of execution, they discover that the Bakudan race is fearful of spacecrafts because of the dominate tribe of the mountians called the Sauziki, guided by a long-living ultra-religious witch doctor Bakudan named Crack-Jaw, who is deemed as the wisest of beings, when in reality, he's a xenophobic crackpot who hates outsiders because of the fact that they seem to look intimidating (and not much else), and he is jealous of their more-advanced capabilities and made up a religion that ships are 'demons' to spite them, but disguising it as a means to 'just to warn his race of the possible dangers they might cause', but as years passed by, the various spaceships that showed up and caused nothing thanks to a strict law against mistreating lesser races and species, but he still thinks spaceships are threatening. The only ones who believe otherwise are his daughter, Princess Sweet-Jaw, and her would-be fiancé, the prince and son of the chieftain of the Mawhonx who bows to the religion cause his family was once threatened by Crack Jaw, Prince Kind-Krok. Sweet-Jaw discovered this truth first some odd years ago when they encounterd such a 'demon' ship that was a vessel of Yuruns, one of the USRA races, and not once did neither the ship or the visitors did any harmful things like horrible curses or world-ending plagues or anything of the like, but she warned them to escape before the truly-crazy Crack-Jaw attacked, causing Crack-Jaw to forbid Sweet-Jaw from ever doing such a thing again just for her safety, even when nothing happened whatsoever. When they try to warn the Mawhonx, Crack-Jaw accused them of heresy, and are soon to be sentenced to death. That seriously proves that Crack Jaw is nothing but a tribal lunatic that should never have been given power over anyone. How will they prove Crack-Jaw's deception to religious crocodilians that worship him as a messiah, and refuse to believe anything negative about him? Simple, show them that ships do kind things.

Material Used

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Chapter 1: Planet Bakuldo

Chapter 2: The Mawhonx Tribe

Chapter 3: Crack-Jaw's Lies and Xenophobia

Chapter 4: Sweet-Jaw's Warning

Chapter 5: A Tribal Princess and Prince Accused of Heresy

Chapter 6: Crack-Jaw's Betrayal Revealed

Chapter 7: The End of Xenophobia in Bakudans


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