The Trouble in Skullian Prime is the 50th Episode of Season 3B of SpongeBob and Friends Adventures Chronicles. Since the Second Cartoonian War, Skullian Prime was known to be a world that was formerly called Skir Prime where Purple Dragons ruled over until it suffered the Great Clensing, and has since been known to be a hellish wasteland that was the prime world of the Darkspawn before their second banishment. But there is still the concern that, before he was banished to Madagascar, Lord Cobra used his Darkspawn medallion to create some more Darkspawn warriors to ravage the dark world. Now, these warriors are starting to become bolder, and have begun creating their own demonic versions of conventional and projectile weaponry under the influence of a possible new Darkspawn Lord. All the blame goes to Junjie and Drago Bludvist, who has finally been found by Junjie, who has ignored the penalty of hiring Drago for the crimes he caused on Berk, and attempts to finally break the Villain League free from the High Council's abuse by getting Drago to join them by seeking an ancient Darkspawn artifact created by the Architect himself called The Spawning Arch to turn Drago into a new Darkspawn so he can command all the Darkspawn warriors and bring back the Villain League's extremist days. How will out heroes deal with this?


Shrek 2 Video Game OST - Walking the Path (3rd Theme) - Extended

Shrek 2 Video Game OST - Walking the Path (3rd Theme) - Extended

Intro and Climax Theme

Intro (Shrek 2 Game-Walking The Path 3rd Theme) Coming soon...
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