With Lord Vallous captured and planned to be wormed, Kafar has still not decided to drop it. He assigned Taurus to kill Vallous for savatoshing the Black Hole Kingdom badly. He agrees to it unconditionally. Meanwhile, in Planet Ruontecu, which has been choosen to be the place where Vallous gets wormed, the lougers discover a history that they didn't know about Taurus. Taurus, was actselly once a beloved fortune teller, who was known for predicting the future, which was the exact power that made him hated in the first place. After trying to warn someone that they would die in a few minutes, he winded up accidentally causing the death, and everyone hated him as a result. Being a victim of prejudice, he decided that he show them how much of a 'monster' he can truly be, he became Taurus the Horrible. With his ability to predict the future, and his unbelievable amount of magic powers, nobody was able to stop him. He became a wicked addition to the Villains Act, and was one of the most successful and dangerous to any rebellion. However, what not even Taurus realised that the prediction sent to him was a fruad, and that he really actselly didn't cause a death. It was actselly a conspiracy commited by the king of Ruontecu, King Ramuslo. He and a wizard adviser savatoshed Taurus because Taurus once refused to predict when Ramuslo would be able to contain a powerful artifact that would make him king of the entire AUU. Taurus was actselly punished for protacting the very universe that shunned him. Also, the guy who was "dead" was a known con artist named Dishonest Gary. However, the adviser wizard, Trulock, is not at all proud of what he did and fears for his life what King Ram would do if he spoke up. But when the Lougers discover this by having discovered Gary who was supposed to be the dead guy, he was forced to reveil to them that Ramuslo ruined Taurus' life for not exposing a powerful artifact that could've made Ramuslo king of the universes. Now, Taurus is going to extremes to destroy both the Kingdom and Vallous as per-orders from Kafar. Now, the lougers and heroes act intend on correcting this injustice with the help of Xerxes' sister and the reality stone to make a great faverable change for Taurus to stop him from ever becoming evil. However, they must also becareful of his predition powers who would warn him of such things. But the Lougers must brave through, or Vallus, AND Ruontecu is toast.

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