Though National No-SpongeBob Day is considered an honor to SpongeBob even though it's one that is against him, SpongeBob feels a bit curious as to how they got that up and running, even having to include Patrick, his best friend. Thus, he decides to take some of the Lodgers to do a proper investigation once the next one comes by. Turns out, there is a complete hater of SpongeBob named George Grunt, a Giant grouper and friend to Bubble Bass, and the president of the National No-SpongeBob Day itself, as SpongeBob had been a nuisance to him in terrible and insensitive ways to where he flat-out tricks everyone into agreeing with him, though not by manipulation, but by getting them to get away from the yellow idiot to where they declare it a thing. Though SpongeBob accuses George of doing this to hurt him and he seems innocent at first, he turns out right later on when SpongeBob is tricked into doing something that gets him banished from Bikini Bottom, getting him in a similar situation to Pickles. Thus, the Lodgers must prove that Grunt invented the holiday mostly as an attack to SpongeBob and apart of a diabolical revenge sceame. Will they succeed?


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Barenaked Ladies- One Little Slip (with Lyrics)

Barenaked Ladies- One Little Slip (with Lyrics)

Intro (Bare Naked Ladies- One Little Slip) Coming soon...
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