the Tweedles bros. have been invited into their family reunion, and are permeted to bring any guests they want, reguardless of number, type, or even sanity levels, and Dum and Dee were more then happy to invite the lougers into meeting the tweedle clan, and meet an asortment of equily or even more crazy family members of the Tweedle bros. there is a problem though, Teen Mang, still being a renigade to the villain leage after what happened during Teen Mang's Betrayal to the Villain leage, breaks out and teams up with old partners Manfred duck and Hank Jr. to make a new attempt at the rebanding of the Dark Order. Teen Mang enlisted them to ruin the family reunion....  Unaware they are in one hell of a week. Meanwhile, Mang, dispite that it's become popularly believed that Teen Mang has forsakened the Dark Spawn, still wishes to make Teen Mang at least still fight for the Leage's beliefs, even if it does look sort'a impossable to atticve them. Cobra goes out of his way to INTENTIONALY actselly save the lougers the actual trouble of dealing with Teen Mang and his jerk friends and rechallnage him into a duel. If Mang wins, Teen Mang will have to return to the leage under the condition that Teen Mang is still allowed to keep his less positive views, if Teen Mang wins, Mang will have to leave him alone forever! The two Mangs would soon have a magic power duel. The least the lougers can do, is keep Junjie, who would never forgive Teen Mang for what he had done, and his allies from lousing up Mang's hope to get back his metathorical son, and the Louger's hopes to keep the Dark Order a disbanned villain team.

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