The Typhoon King

Ros Storm, AKA The Typhoon King

The Typhoon King, AKA Ros Heaven or Ros Storm, is an Equestrian satyr and a member of The Storm King's clan. He had deviated from the rest of his family by preferring to wield one of the 4 elements. In his case, he uses the power of water, controlling tropical storms, tsumanis, the tides, and anything else to wash away and drown his opponents, through the use of his trident-shaped Staff of Ros which he now calls the Trident of Ros. He had power over any and all things water, could breath underwater, and had fought underwater civilization within the oceans of Equestria, and even partnered with their own enemies, including Squirk. He has been responsible for drowning and sinking many civilizations into the ocean, as he seeks anything that grants him the power to control anything related to water. He has many sea monsters at his disposal, such as an army of Kappas similar to the Storm Guards, much wilder marine bunyips than the one in Pony Point of View, krakens, hydras, Scyllas and Charybdises, the constellation creature Pisces, among others. He has a grindylow assistant named Grimer, and a bounty hunter female Capricorn named Apolune Tide, who is a broken result of an endling-rendered attempt to defeat Squirk and left to have magic through his power in exchange for loyalty. However, while his power is nothing to scoff back, his great drawback is that, as his clan commented, his sense of hindsight and forword thinking (And planning) is considered "Wetter then a wet blanket", implying that the glass that is his head is on the half-empty side of things.


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