Moony and Chrysle Ulloy are two Alternate UUniversal Aurla twins from Planet Seurtry. The two were known on their home planet to be trouble-makers that, after being inspired by their friends in the form of the notorious Yardbirds as they both had mothers that were best friends, they eventually gained a bad influence on them and became delinquents themselves. They teased, framed, humiliated, blackmailed, and just did whatever they pleased, and they both hated their hometown for how it's law enforcement treated them. When this inevitably caused them to take it too far when they framed an innocent child for rubbing soap on his mother's face, burning her eyes and getting her sick, and using a cussing incident as an excuse, the two were labelled menaces to society and sent to juvenile hall for good. But the two were able to escape, and the chase lead to them getting exposed to a reactor experiment that gave them both powers beyond belief. They have since done whatever they wanted with these new abilities and continued to be delinquents, doing whatever they wanted as nobody could stop them. However, when the Villains Act wanted them captured by command of the Yardbirds, the twins refused to allow it because they only played by their own rules. Though because of the VA's powerful arsenal, the two have stopped causing ruckus for 12 years before the Villains Act fell. The two have since limited their shenanigans as they fear that The Dark Radicals will do the same. They commonly spent time on Planet Iarranthum living in an old VA Deadlockers arena, which they believed served as a perfect hideout, with all the still-functioning combat robots and security settings serving as perfect henchmen. They treated the arena as their own form of training and entertainment as they either fought themselves or got the pleasure of seeing the robots beat up each other. However, just because their powers had made them invincible, it doesn't mean they're unstoppable. They are like the AUU version of Dragon Ball Z Androids 17 and 18 back when they were villains. While aside of clearly being a duo of punks, fighting against them is not inheredly the right answer outside of obvious reasons, as for once, they need to be met with kindness and respect.


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