The Undergrowth King

Chthon Storm, The Undergrowth King

The Undergrowth King, AKA Chthon Heaven or Chthon Storm, is a satyr-like creature from Equestria. He was a vicious and more serious leader than his brother The Storm King, having the ability to be more competent and menacing than his brother can ever be, even having the same voice actor, but in the more serious tone to his other adult-oriented work. As a result, he is very dangerous, violent, and willing to kill anyone who stands in his way, especially with his Staff of Chthon, which was refastioned as a pickaxe. Since he was disowned by his royal family, he has remained forever embittered and has sworn to be far worse than his brother, by attacking from below, finding a home in a subterranean environment, discovering Equestria long before his brother, and overthrowing the leader of it's molemen inhabitants, and declared war on their native enemies, the Changelings before they became the fearsome monsters of the surface today, fighting Queen Throx the 500th with equally-matched power, killing many changelings, and even recruiting ousted members Larynx and Elytra into his ranks, and even has a Grubber-like assistant named Holesy McDirty. His only drawback, apart from being as fat as a prized statefair pig, is that being isolated from the overworld for so long and having left him out of touch with the surface has rendered him paranoid that his brother would aim to congure him and his subterrian kingdom and thus losing his sense of reason even more then being related to an already bad guy, and like The Red Squirrel, he is sensitive to light, especially that of the sun. He has spells specifically tailored to not just his family weather powers, but learned his trademark power of terrain manipulation, plant manipulation, and he can overpower anyone with his power.


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