After having chased away Grogware by complete luck, Algor desides that enough is enough! He and Grotch finally desided the only way to be rid of the ever evolving Grinchgrog is to indirectly prevent Grotch's father from ever agreeing to do his friend a faver. By doing so, it would prevent the great heroes like the Nine and the Titaneers from being wrongfully victimised, and prevent the great shake from being as dishastorious as it was, but still enable certain events like Superior Planet to still occur unchanged to prevent continuincy confusion. While the Amazing Nine and the Titaneers go out to distract Grogware as much as they can, Paradox and The Lougers go forth to the day before the fateful faver was asked to indirectly warn Groth's father to never agree to mate with Grinchgrog's mother as per a faver from a friend, and remembering the events of Paradox Shift, the loophole disables paradoxes as long as the change is not derect. However, what if Grogware becomes aware of this and goes out to have a battle in the past to stop the change? If so, then we're looking at a final battle that'll deside the fate of everything! The Fate of Kratos and Superiors everywhere, good and evil!

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