General GrosvenorLieutenant WenceslasCommander Dartagnan, and Colonel Beacher have kidnapped a magic user from the race that Samantha learned her magic from. Their intention: Reserect Techno Tarold to help the Dark Radicals to be equipt with the highest tecknowagey ever.... but there was a problem: those 4 failed to ecknowleaged that Tarold's soul has long left mortal exsisence, and without a soul, the body is free to be process by a dark spirit demon. it is why reserection is banned in the ways of Magelio. Wenceslas, Dartagnan, and Beacher and Gorosvenor retreated like cowards with the kidnapped magic user in tow when the processed corpse threaten to destroy them! Now, the demon in Tarold's body is free to wreck havoc! It's now up to the Heroes Act and the Shell Lodge Sqaud to stop this unexpected turn of events and capture the 4 overly ambitious idiots for being respondsable for this.

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