Honest Joe and Truthful Bill are back, now they are funfair owners. They managed to win everyone in Equestia over by saying they'll make up for it by creating the funfair! everyone loved the idea, and Joe and Bill are in good graces again. problem is, the funfair is being build over sweet apple acres after Granny smith misplaced the deed, and Joe and Bill somehow have it. could it be possable they hired a thief to get the deed, and who could this theif be? that's what the lougers, the mane 6, and Axle, intents to find out. Axle so happens to be involved because a very talented flea thief by the name of El Pipsqueak suddenly vanished from flea jail, and Axle thinks that theres a link between Joe and Bill getting the deed, and El Pipsqueak escape.

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