In Eureka Corp, two known unicorn geniuses known as Dr. Egad and Professor Gadsoots are reknown for trying to introduse the first robot ponies into Equestia to take it into the future. After many hilariously but concerning failures, they have finally perfected the machine known as Unicans, the first robot capable to produce magic and with uncanny equestian pony-like appearence, which dwarfs even the Celestia family, asentually being robotic alicorns. The Unicans are designed to become the next evolution of safe guarding ponies as the Unicans are buildt for combat and also buildt to cater and serve ponies and any that is it's owner. In throey, the Unicans will replace the Equestian Guard, Wonderbolts, and other protection forces, even the Element Barers and the Princesses as protectors of Equestia as the Unicans are made with mixture and hybridisation of Futurasian, Kratosian, AUUian, and even Galactic Fedian tec to be the ultamate robot protection. However, the idea of it being a replacement to all current protecters proved too sour for ponies as they protested against the idea, prefering "Organic Living Things over Souless Machines" and perfer to have actual ponies and not machines. Though while Celestia, Luna, their parents, Cadence and Twilight have no complaints against the Unicans, asided with the protesters in having their own concerns that machines can be corrupted and use against Equestia, taking great heed of the times machines went rouge. As such, Whooves and the Eureka Corp Board admited defeat and rejected by demand of the public opinion. The protests seemed to have been caused by Rainbow Dash, cause her wonderbolt career was on the line, Applejack, out of being traditional and couldn't trust the idea of machine protecters, Rarity, because of finding the idea of robots protecting Equestia instead of ponies with real hearts and souls to be ricky, dangerious and the path of a dystopian future if something went wrong and is worried that the machines would be too perfect, as well as the fact that Egad and Gagsoots are infamous for inventions that end poorly reguardless of best intentions, and even Fluttershy, mainly because of the factories that would risk the evioment and the homes of animals. Cause of the protests success, Pinkie throws a big "Succeeded in stopping the Unicans' creation and mass production" party held at the Canterlot Gala Ballroom. Hurt and Broken, the vengeful Egad and Gadsoots desided to punish Equestia by sending their only Unican to prove it's power indeed by defeating all of the element barers and the Alicorns with all of it's power. Even the likes of Discord and his family, Ember and the dragon spector, the cristal heart, even the elements of peace, could not defeat a threat of strong magic resistence and extremely magic-proof metal. However, Unican ends up going Ultron on Egad and Gadsoots by trying to enslave Equestia under his "protection" and trapped all defiers and anything a threat in carbinite Star Wars sytile and enslave Equestia into a futuristic dark dystopian kingdom. The reckless duo only served to prove the legit danger of Unican. Can the Lougers, Gazelle, and the aide of the best heroes of Futurasia, Kratos, and the AUU be able to free the Main 7 and the others and overwealm what is assentually Ultron as a robotic alicorn?

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