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Tricorn decided that there should be a UUniversal Olympics, so she decided that anyone can compete as long as they have the skills. Working with the likes of the Equestian Games officials and The Olympian Games and the Greeks of Disney Greece (Minus the rule of the Equestria Games of ponies only being allowed to compete in one event, and even insulting it because of the statistics of what little impact and enjoyment it had for the competitors in the past, easily earning her scorn and hate by the EG officials for a brief time), Tricorn intends to make this an event that makes epic history. She has even been able to invite the Shell Lodge Squad along since she knew that some of them have had achievements such as Team Alex's circus skills, Mr. Krabs' weight-lifting award in the Fry Cook Games, SpongeBob and Patrick for what they accomplished in the Fry Cook Games, Po, Shifu, and the Furious Five for their victories, and so on. She's also invited other heroes such as the Mane 6 who will represent Equestria, The Justic Teens who will represent Kratos, Xandy and half of the Heroes Act who will represent the Alternate UUniverses, even Jak & Daxter, Ratchet and Clank, and the Cooper Gang who will all represent their own PlayStation legacy since they each competed in several gaming seasons (All of them competed in PlayStation Move Heroes). A Common Basilisk Lizard named Bas von Blitzer, a secretary of Tricorn and a Olympic champion, has been chosen to be the game commissioner and representative of these games. The Dragon Realms itself has been deemed the first to be inspected, so the Lodgers must make a good first impression for Bas. However, Icky and Iago mistake another basilisk lizard for Bas, and when Bas does eventually come, he ends up getting publicly humiliated. With the Shell Lodgers on the risk of being kicked out of the Olympics for this, how will it play out?



Ratchet Gladiator VGM Challenge Complete

Intro and Climax Theme (Ratchet: Deadlocked- Challenge Complete) Coming soon...