The United Usurpation Force is an Alternate UUniversal Isolated System "Alliance" Faction that is a major reoccurring (If not nessersarly a severe) headache to the Union of Independent Systems, that believes that United Sentient Races Alliance are the true leaders, not UIS, seeing them as menaces that need to be corrected, a real classic case of the UUF not looking itself at a mirror. They consist of select individuals "wronged" by UIS and originating in isolated sectors of each universe and wish to be free of UIS' isolation practices when these practices inadvertently caused them some trouble as the otherwise well-intentioned aim to encourage independence from a far than perfect USRA that faces risk of unreliability at best and corruption at worse, lead to cause constant wrongdoings and penalties that drive the angered such folks to join forces and form the UUF. However, it may have the trimmings of an alliance, but at most they're a faction of individuals that're nothing more than another ho-hum rebellion against UIS, and not even an extremely competent one as they have a ludicrously infamous history of failing to establish their influence outside of Usurpia, the base planet, save for extremely few number of planets that they're slowly losing or had no leg-room in anyway. This group has tried for a long time to look like heroes "Standing up to oppression", but really, they're just another flavor text for mindless UIS haters that often either ended up dooming themselves or became no better than the villains and criminals running amock of the isolated systems.


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Team Cibarron

  • Stryke Cibarron- An Omber whose race, the Ombers, were destroyed due to a powerful conquest warlord using over-kill tactics. He is not out to win political brownie points with USRA loving fanatics, (He even stopped and defeated such people) nor is nessersarly out to actually cause the downfall of UIS. (But it can be noted he won't nessersarly protest the prospect under given instructions). All he wants is his family and fellow endling survivors back, even if it has to be through joining a group that is otherwise just another extreme UIS-hater group. 
  • Click- Stryke's robot friend and a defect ranger bot from Critius.
  • Eps- A Furian who stunted though not halted his people's ascension to UIS by attacking a UIS Agent being betrothed to the daughter of the planet's leader and got outcasted for it.
  • Qoria- A Gametean-turned-robot that failed to realize that her robotification was for quarantine purposes.
  • Beazley- An Empesion with major family issues in that her family are all for UIS while she didn't get the memo that her family are Pro-UIS, becoming a black sheep of the family ever since.
  • Ponder- A Comman and attempted rogue sell-out to the UUF before his brother stopped him and removed his memories.
  • Flick-  The comical OPP Robot, or Omni-Purpose Protocol Robot, assistant for Team Cibarron who has a Launchpad McQuack-style personality and a bad habit of comical crashes. Inspite of his pocessed automatic knowledge, it doesn't make him less of a quirky doofus due to a personality glitch because he was among the types of robots that need routine memory wipes to maintain working order, or else cases like Flick's happen.

Major Players

  • CIC Phelpen Godcaux- The leader of the UUF. He is a Protcean, a lion-like being.
  • Brittany Godchaux- Godchaux's daughter.
  • Captain Charge- The leading figure of the UUF who was orphaned and grew up in a life of freedom. He doesn't believe he was born and only exists to bring justice. He is a human-like being called a Cortan, which is a rare being across the AUU.
  • Shiv Lecon- A Boldan who is a cartoonishly-perfect fighter.
  • Nester Marxwell- A buff and action-happy former tournament champion turned into a proud freedom fighter. He is of a race called the Pouges, bearded dragon tailless saurians.
  • Ray Matter- A Maettan who is the partner of Nester.
  • Zed Forgce- A Rephtean whose skill in machinery is ridiculously simple.
  • Arwin Sphaleron- A Pephan who is a pro-hoverboarder turned hero.
  • Piper Dyscon- A Fightreon female similar to Mira Nova and the youngest of the UUF Rangers to be high-ranked.
  • Marra Portce- An Astelisk who is the intelligence expert of the team along with her mute Wable friend Wade Wetmore.
  • Jadence Rho Meson- A female fighter and one of the most skilled team leaders of the UUF and Stryke's love interest. She is of a race called the Termans that were the original race of Termany before the UIS ruined everything for her.
    • Norton and Gorton- Two Watcher Robots who raised Jadence and are her two trusted companions.

Other Figures

  • Commander Misikar- A Mirtian leader of Ashken. Died to a Graggarocker attack.
  • Commander Uintold- An AUUian Lizard Species native to the isolated systems and leader of Embaxxus. Assassinated by a hired Klond assassin during a provoked conflict from UUF blundering.
  • Commander Slyvester- A noble UUF Blopeyd commander and leader of Coeston Rax. Assassinated by Cableblade.
  • Commander Wellknown- A Reptinian UUF commander and leader of Agnus. Died to an Aggressor Empire Attack.
  • Commander Novonty- A High Commander of Novon Major. Arrested by UIS and Died in Prison.
  • Maxef Novonty- The successor of Commander Novonty. Captured by UIS, then Stockholm syndrome'd into savatoshing UUF presence of Novon Major. Died in process, but mission still successful in crumbling UUF influence.
  • Maxton Novonty- The other son of Commander Novonty. Killed by own friends for killing Maxaf in being accused as a traitor.
  • Master Ontonus- A Boldan with cybernetically enhancements and leader of Xwhidon. Killed in combat by the Bullabull Commander Massgrant.
  • Admiral Builx- The Android leader of Oquen III. Destroyed during conflict with native resistance that despised the UUF.
  • Professor-General Quincannon- A Ocome combatant genius and leader of Roixx X. Died in lab accsident.
  • General Atomsmash- A Littid General of Toion that forever lives in infamy when he went to resorting to illegal Meteor Missiles, or nuclear missiles that strike with the same force as the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs, of which the general intended to use against UIS planets beyond the Isolated Systems as the ultimate extinction of UIS races UUF would've potaintionally be bearers of the responsibility of, of which even his most loyal followers were morally unsure of, even despite their shared distaste for UIS, but with them helpless and too cowardly to challenge a general netourious for cruel and unusual punishments. Defeated and executed by Atomo.
  • General Duumbaass- An idiotic general of the UUF and occupationer of Temblen. Arrested and executed by UIS for attempted contact with the USRA.
  • General Worsetimer- The ill-fated would've been leader of Walidron Jex. Executed by the Nepolianino forces.
  • Gloromanus- A Testosteron rebel boss netourious for bad calls and leader of Greaton. Died in space battle.
  • Commander F'igure Hied- A UUF commander and would've-been leader of Memulon. Kidnapped by Morladian Pirates and turned into a Figurehead.
  • Leader Killedoff- A UUF figure and would've been leader of Charren Pex. Assumed dead to torture by the Armhor'rorians.
  • LT. Pouchus- UUF Member and would've been leader of Myzilea. Arrested by UIS and executed.
  • Supreme Commander Tyrannzin- An abusive ill-suited tyrant leader of the planet Enrico who treated UUF members like absolute shit, so much so that he even has the gull to openly and unapologetically insult and degrade CIC himself. Tyrannzin cared little about actselly fighting UIS, he even has the nerve to actselly admire what they're doing, which to UUF folks is a personal sin, but the reason he's in the UUF at all, is because he was the brother of a Brass General of the UUF and strings and arms were pulled to let him join. Tyrannzin's true motives for the UUF are penultimately dark, cause he joined the group to be able to be closer to Gloebtoon, so he can be able to harness the power of Globspace, cause the bases he has to defect against the Main UUF forces and rebel to become its own forces, crudely renamed T.Y.R.A.N.T., which began to rampage across the isolated systems here and took them over in Nazi-like fashion and causing atrocious horrors. A gang of heroic beings from Gloebtoon decided to stop T.Y.R.A.N.T. and teamed up with a group of UIS agents that were assigned to take them down, with a Gloebtoon Lizard falling in love with a female Skep agent named V'reonica, to work together and dismantle T.Y.R.A.N.T., with Tyrannzin falling into Globspace and forever condemned to be a toon, in which he was imprisoned with a book litterally closed on him and Tyrannzin trapped as a drawing in the book.
  • Rage McQuit- A Brief UUF Commander and would've-been leader of Plasmar. Raged Quit due to legal brohaha and resigned from the UUF.
  • General Biggus Mistakeus- A UUF figure and leader of Tranidon. Committed Suicide to avoid UIS arrest and left second in command to suffer for his actions.
  • Dr. Kinad- A Top Scientist from the UUF presence in Daed System. Though otherwise one of the more successful colonies, contact has been mysteriously rare and impossible to do, even more than with the standards of UIS' anti-contact systems. UUF forces don't even LIKE talking about Daed due to rumors and speculations in knowing the "Daed Legends".
  • Commander Sepshur- A Greetean UUF member and leader of Tertiom, and one of the extremely few competent or not easily defeatable members. Surrendered to UIS after finally been found in condiction to his forces being unharmed.
  • Lepshur- An ex-UUF Member in due to radical experimentation and questionable ethics. Turned traitor and exposed brother's location, then went obscured afterwords.
  • Commander Securicyzk- A secor commander and attempted leader of Paradxus. Executed by The Teinok Opbots.
  • Tamvy Chryser- A friend of Jadance. Mysteriously disappeared after the death of Securicyzk.
  • Doctor Galantis- The Genius of Botriff and a master bot builder. (Pending).
  • OV- Galantis' "Pride and Joy". (Pending).
  • Cadet Lassity- A Solaraptor from Soltomn. (Pending).
  • Vostok VanHurter- A personal ally of Lassity. (Pending).
  • Sucu Buston- A personal ally of Lassity. (Pending).
  • Torge Sanates- A Personal Ally of Lassity. (Pending).
  • Bostrom Angceda- A personal ally of Lassity. (Pending).
  • Massiter- A personal ally of Lassity. (Pending).
  • Combo- A combat robot friend of Lassity that despite what he's designed for, is surprisingly peaceful and docile for a combat bot and is usually a peacekeeper for Lassity's group that wants to maintain all friendships here and hates inarguing. (Pending).
  • Commander Aquino- UUF Commander and leader of Aque. Currently MIA.
  • Quatos- Former UUF Member. Resigned and became a freelance hero.
  • Chairman Blech- Once UUF scientist turned corporate madman. Died on his destroyed creation planet. 
  • Moebius- A UUF Elite Officer and the guy that was meant to replace Blech in re-establishing UUF influence in Critius. Went AWOL to join King Agamemnon instead in an attempt to score Artificial Magic for the UUF, but never told them about it and was eventually defeated by a then-secret HA operation. Executed by Queen Widowus.
  • General Mous Stache- Moebius' more focused second on command and slightly more moral who got dragged into Moebius escapades with Agamemnon. Executed by Widowus.
  • Volkering- Daughter of a famous UIS Hero that initially was a member till having broke off from ranks due to discovering that her father DIED to the UUF to return to UIS.
  • General Bass Tard- The UUF Commander-General and murderer of Rammsteiner by savatoshing a UIS prototype to dispose of him cause of his capability to take the UUF effortlessly. Slain by Volkerting apawn the smug bastard smugly admitting to friends without knowing she was there that he killed her father, then cowardly tried to say it was a joke when he saw her too late.

(More as they are revealed).

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