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Gazelle The Current Uniter

In times pre-dating the First Cartoonian War, light and darkness were already at great conflict before the High Council's own conflict with the Darkspawn, in the form of Lightflies and Mothrons, two insectiod races that went through extreme radical evolutions that process acknowledgement of Kingdom Hearts. The Lightflies worship the Light of Kingdom Hearts as "Mother Light", while the Mothrons worshipped Kingdom Hearts' Darkness, as "Mother Darkness", of which both are the mothers of both good and evil in mortal, immortal, and deities alike in the United Universes. Naterolly, the Lightflies and Mothrons extreme conflict of interests couldn't be contained, the Lightflies wanting everything to be ruled in balence, while the Mothrons want darkness to be more dominating and have the forces of evil, which the Mothrons dubbed "Minor Servents of Darkness" for lack of any awared and/or willing devotion to darkness, actselly be dedicated to Mother Darkness and not their own various goals not always consistent with each mortal, whether self-serving or miguided well intention, and embrace their true place as true servents of darkness like the Mothrons. As a result, Mothrons have begun to mine the Keyholes of Worlds to collect Darkness Ooze, a powerful, slimy, shadowy reshorce that in powerful hands, can be used to create even more advanced versons of basic Heartless and what have you, like making them sentient or utilise complicated magic in some cases, whereas the vanella ooze itself, if just allowed to fester, will create the basic mindless versons known from the games and are often unruly and disorganised, where as sentient ones can be organised and be greater threats for having awareness if not pasifived and contained, and/or cured. The Lightflies were forced to declair war on the Mothrons' dark ambitions and halt their dangerious mining of World Keyholes. But with Mothrons and Lightflies on even ground, both being immortal and mostly incapable of death unless exiled into Kingdom Hearts itself to become one with the light and darkness of it once again, and that both are two evenly matched that it would risked a history changing war that would shape the universes beyond what it is known today, even if stronger keyblades like even the infamous X-Blade get involved. So the Lightflies needed the ultamate peace-peacekeeper that'll keep the universes united and from falling into Mothron control. Thus, the Lighflies forged a keyblade that topped even the X-Blade in shere power, one capable to allow it's user to be able to have a chance with even forces beyond the universes itself. The Uniter Blade was forged into existence, and is a reckitnesed power of all of the United Universes. Then came the founding of the Uniter Princess line where the purest of female mortals are selected (Lightflies are matriarchal in nature) to become the one choosen to use this blade. It is a position of great power, but also of great danger, as the Mothrons are smart enough to realise that the Uniter Princesses are not absolutely invulerable, thus often an unprotected Uniter or an ill-fit would not last long. Thus, the Uniter Blade became the balencer of the conflict, desided by the one destenined to be the Uniter that lasts longer then first inception.

Uniter Tests

In order to be worthy of the Uniter Blade, the chosen one must pass a number of tests. Thing is, these tests are not consistent from Uniter to Uniter, cause no one Uniter is ever alike. Cause of these inconsistentcies, there's no accreate pinpointed or well recorded bylines of these tests. But the one thing that has remain consisent, is the impourent one: The approval of the Lightflies. This one is as simple as, merely getting a Lightfly to approve of you, whether doing them a favor selflessly, being pleasent and welcoming to be around, kindhearted with no serious limitations, brave at even the darkest of odds, and not held back by the common traits of being vain about looks and vanity and being superfical. Sometimes not all of these things are required, but if a potaintional canadate is at least 90-or-80% there, then they will become a Uniter unamimously and be given the Uniter Necklace that becomes the Uniter Blade when it bonds with the heart and spirit of it's barer.

Noted Uniters.

The Uniter Blade

  • Gazelle- The first modern Uniter in the Longest Time and a successful long-lasting one.
  • Shu Mulan- The Presuccessor of Gazelle and beautiful Asian cat of the world of Dreamworks China, of Gongmen City. She commited self-sacrifice when she had no hope in defeating the Mothron Emperor himself and ensured the Uniter Blade could not be contained.
  • Princess Lee- The daughter of Pre-Demon Lord Strang Lee of a golden kingdom of Alistadar. But Lee's death to Mothron colonists of the planet, lead to a tragic downfall of the planet to Strang's self-corruption as overlord Strangle.
  • The Hero of the Sahara- An Equestrian Gazelle Uniter and once master of Behemus, before she was slain by Vannus Guardsmen, a powerful Vanguard of Mothron forces in Equestria. Her death caused the dark path of Behemus, now Apocrypha, ever since due to his bitter-sweet revenge leading to his corruption into a dark-humored former shell of himself.
  • The Golden Dolphin- The first attempt of an Uniter raised in Spongebob's World. She and subsequent Uniters had fell to a super infamous Super-Villain named Perfect Tartarus, the adopted son of Mohtrons and the perfectly made villain thankfully not seen since baring close exceptions. She's the most famous and beloved of the fallen six cause she was able to be reckitnesed as a Uniter for a bit before finally encountering Perfect Tartarus. She died valiantly in embracing that she would not survive this battle.
  • Toyo- A still living though retired Uniter from Toy Box. She bares great compassion for toys that would suffer abandonment or being outmoded by newer toys and ensures they are kept from forsaking their purpose of objects of childhood as it is part of Toy Box's World Purity of Childhood Joy.
  • Madam Therium- A still-living though retired uniter from Monstropolis, and one of the Birther Race monsters responsible for the biodiversity of its inhabitance. She understood her world's world purity of compassion better than all others that Laughter was stronger than scares, but a Mothron usurper disrupted his fact. Even as a retired Uniter and even being deemed an outcast, Therium still aims to correct the injustice.
  • Lady Corona- A still-living though retired Uniter from the Kingdom of Corona and the greatest prodigy of the world's world purity of healing and restoration, along with being a reckitnesed figure of the world.
  • Schnee- A still-living though retired Uniter from Arendelle and the being capable of controlling season-based powers that help shaped the world's world purity of Prosperity. However, her ex-uniterhood is cause of tragic reasons in developing a crippling phobia of Mothrons after nearly dying to an infamous Mothron Uniter Slayer.
  • Doctress Junsei- A still-living though retired Uniter from San Fransokyo, a world with the most impourent of all the world purities in that of Heroism which balances out the growth of villainy. Junsei though, wasn't exactly the picture of humbleness and treated the position with sensationalism and a symbol of status bling and fame, even treating the Uniter Blade like something to show off. After a very bad encounter with a Mothron Imperial Scientist that utilized these weaknesses against her with up-to-date battle bots of her time, Junsei retired from the position in feeling unworthy of it.