Kung-Pow, once again, has escaped from Prison 42 and escaped to Equestia and has managed to rescue the puked out for the upteenth time Mon Capitan Le Rat from being eaten by his snake rival again. Le Rat swears loyalty cause of him not being eaten again and joins Kung-Pow on his new quest for vengence. With Le Rat learning about the lougers adventures through the times Fluttershy and Discord talked about them, Kung Pow learned about Wayne, Crack Jaw, Grey Beardo, Mushroom, Hot Venom, and Phase Omegera. Togather, they formed "The Vengeful 8", and plan to get back at the lougers for ruining their legacys. Kung-Pow has a plan to capture the Main 6 and The Princesses to use as ransom to force the lougers to come to them with little ability to defend themselves or being able to beat them so the creeps can defeat the lougers through unfair bribery. Wayne is the only one less then willing to go through with it, still being a repenting redemption seeking hopeful, but he was forced to swallow it when Kung-Pow offered him something the lougers couldn't: a chance to be a cop again under Kung Pow's "world order", and in added insult to injurity, Kung-Pow malmitulated Wayne's anti-fox hatred mentality and made him more willing! Kung-Pow was to capture both Celestia and Luna, Le Rat is entrusted to capture Fluttershy, Wayne is made to capture Pinkie Pie, Crack-Jaw is entrusted to capture Applejack, Grey beardo is trusted to defeat and capture Twilight Sparkle, Mushroom is made to capture Rainbow Dash, Phase Omegera is trusted to capture Rarity, and Hot Venom is made to capture Spike to have a way to contact the lougers. Can the Lougers be able to have extra help to solve this quickly before it all falls into the villains' hands?

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